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Remnants of that original perfume would be unc I am so disappointed I used to love Katie Fforde s books Her plots were interesting and funny the characters were engaging and they were a cut above most books in this genre However this is no longer true For the past few years the plots have been becoming derivative the characters cardboard cutouts This last one is the worst There are far too many coincidences and the characters are not strong enough to sustain the weaknesses in the plot Problems are immediately overcome even if it means a character has to change radically because she gets a young if improbable loverWhat has to change radically because she gets a young if improbable loverWhat happened Is it ust the strain of having to produce a book a year I would prefer fewer better books and publishers please note if the books returned to their former standard the income stream would probably not suffer Reading Katie Fforde never disappoints You can T Wait To Get To The End Of The Story wait to get to the end of the story find out what happens but feel really sad that it s over when you do Scottish life even though it rains a lot there sounds amazing A beautiful country with warm friendly people who come to life in Fforde s books Another great book from Katie I always enjoy all the different people and places that are a part of the story in her books This is classic Katie Fforde I always love her boy meets girl girl falls in love eventually everything works out boy and girl together A slight twist on the above theme man and women togetherDelightful read Three and a half star. The ueen of uplifting feel good romance AJ PEARCE.

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This is classic Katie Fforde contemporary romance albeit the heroine Caro is 41 years oldSet partly in a Scottish castle partly on a barge in London and partly in a French chateau we see Caro take on the temporary role as companion to an irascible Scottish laird act in loco parentis to a fey young woman hell bent on seeing London and the rest of the world and hobnobbing with a famous Hollywood director and his delightful fianceOf course there were niggles typical Katie Fforde features like Caro having an uncanny understanding of smells she can even smell things she sees on TV FFS also caro s romantic interest spends at 80% Caro s romantic interest spends at 80% the novel apparently disinterested in her until he declares his undying love of course And the villain of the piece is clearly signalled from a great distance But overall I really enjoyed this these were only minor niggles and I REALLY LIKED ALL THE CHARACTERS IT WAS A FUN liked all the characters it was a fun humorous read perfect for a holiday This was really bad Katie Fforde used to write witty and romantic reads with characters you really rooted for It s through a sense of loyalty that I keep reading her latest books even though they are mostly terrible All the usual Katie Fforde clich s are here a barge a Scottish estate some teenagers and some random Americans but there s no depth or warmth If you like great romantic fiction some random Americans but there s no depth or warmth If you like great romantic fiction try Rachael Lucas or Harriet Evans Even her editors couldn t be bothered to read this one it s full of typos and mistakes After reading every book writte. Thank goodness for Katie Fforde the perfect author. N by Katie this will be my last I have never cared less about a bunch of dull caricatures Whatever love that is supposed to exist between the main characters is so unbelievable and poorly developed that you couldn t care less whether they get together or not And as for the writing itself Horrendous Never has the word smell been so overused or so many clunky clumsy pointless details been thrown together Save yourself Don t buy it and re read one of her earlier novels instead I think the earlier Fforde books are a bit better original less formulaic but even so
this was a 
was a read I love all of Katie FForde s books One thing that I like in particular is that her heroines are often of all ages I was very disappointed in this book As at least one other reviewer noted the plot was contrived the characters shallow and the dialogue reviewer noted the plot was contrived the characters shallow and the dialogue at all witty or amusing I too had waited for Another Book By The Author Having Collected Most Of Her book by the author having collected most of her novels but this was a disappointment and seemingly out of character with the others in terms of plot writing style interesting characters in a sense everything Another great read I enjoyed it Talking to Your Kids About Sex just as much as ALL the other books JF has a gentle hand with her plots a twisty and uncertain romance a range of enjoyable supporting characters and touch ofeopardy Each story rotates around a core theme here it s the recreation of a personalised fragrance once created for a 1930 s Hollywood star the recipe was thought destroyed I found the idea that. To bring comfort in difficult times She really is. A Rose Petal Summer: The #1 Sunday Times bestseller