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One Con Glory eAlly as I was torn between the two sides of the story It is an innovative and intelligent storyline full ofmotion that will stay with you long after you finish the book The film was just out at my local but I didn t want to spoil my readingof the book so I gave the film a missI ve just put the book down in a flood of tears as I turned into the lastfew pagesTears for goodness sakeOh but such Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows emotion such a pulling in one direction and then another you can feel for all sides the crushing pain andmptiness of irretrievablelossA child lost a child found A simple uation that will strip your thoughtwaves and dare you to choose which way you Re Going To Lean And Asit All Comes To The going to lean and asit all comes to the gut wrenching finale you can feel the motionof it all as it suddenly bitesAnd those final pagesIf you re teetering on the Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, edge by this point if those tear ducts are weighingit all up these final pages will simply open up the floodgatesAnd the storyJust about a silly old Lighthouse in the middle of nowhere and crashing wavesand a boat that washes up ashore with a baby girl aboardAnd if you believe it s all as simple as thatThink again Such a great and compelling storynfolded by the A Fairly Honourable Defeat exuisite art of truly beautifulxpression Couldn t put it down Only two slight moments where this storyteller fell in a not uite nough research hole rasps are not used on metal although the word is probably satisfying to a wordsmith than files and finches ARE native to Western Australia Other than that a book I ll never forget Very interesting book presenting multiple thical dilemmas The book opens with the return of a highly decorated World War One soldier who just seeks solitude He does not feel himself a hero and the isolation of the light house with its routines helps him to recover He falls in love with a young local girl who returns to the rock with him and so the stage is set Very well written I couldn t put it down Beautifully written gentle and Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue easy yo read Characters well developed and real they became friends and were thought of often when doing other chores throughout the day Anmotional story with the reader understanding and seeing the view points of all charactersA great read I was very keen to read this book specially having read so many positive reviews from professional reviewers and readers alike Unfortunately I *Feel The Book Was Cut Short Could *the book was cut short could asily gone for a further 100 200 pages and as such I didn t feel the story developed as comprehensively and thoroughly as it could have I was disappointed with the rushed nding so many avenues that the author could have xplored and developedOverall 3 stars I had never before thought of what life would be like for a lighthouse keeper and his family Intermingled with a passionate story about love intrigue and deception is this EXPERIENCE OF LIVING THE LIFE OF of living the life of in The Light Between Oceans I Gone (Gone, enjoyed the book it s a good light read and is a perfect accompaniment on holidays particularly near the beach It is poignant and soul searching and many times I wondered what I would have done in that situation The recipe for disaster. What happens next will break yours1926 Tom Sherbourne is a young lighthouse keeper on a remote island off Western Australia The only inhabitants of Janus Rock he and his wife Isabel live a uiet life cocooned from the rest of the worldThen one April morning a boat washes ashore carrying a dead man and a crying infant and the path of the couples lives hits an unth. Watched the movie years agowhich moved me deeply as someone who has been a deeply depressed motherThe book is somehow grief stricken With so many ways to grieve and be healed by different ways of loving Not just the love between man and wife but that between mother and baby then mother and child because it does change and develop with the child s growth father and baby then child too is slightly different again then the understanding between sisters it goes onThis book has real depth if you open your heart to it but beware It will break it into tiny pieces only to heal it again anewBe forgiving it s motives are pure This is such a hard book to review asach chapter left me conflicted Threads Of The Shroud each sentance changed my thoughts my idea of right and wrong andven after the final word I m at a loss to where I stand morally on this Welcome to the fictional Janus Island Off The Western Coast Of Australia Where The Lighthouse Beams the western coast of Australia where the lighthouse beams night providing a clear passage for sailors the light is the only clear part of this book This would make a great book club book as there s a ton of discussion points Recommended and I would definitely now watch *the film A simple idyll boy meets girl they marry and live on a remote *film A simple idyll boy meets girl they marry and live on a remote lighthouse island where the two are bonnily happy but not for All Seated on the Ground ever after Just as the lighthouse lamp continues to revolve stealing its beam of glorious light Tom and Isabel s happiness is also swept swiftly and brutally away Their lives implode around three miscarriagesstillbirths and the misery thatntails for their present and their future loss of family Howeve just as day follows night a beam of light sweeps into their lives with the unexpected and totally inexplicable arrival of a rowing boat with a dead body and a young baby in it The Untitled. ensuing dilemma and actions are all driven by love but with oscillating conseuences of lightness and dark I can t tell you any without ruining the plot but I loved this book it demanded late night page turning and whilst the darkest moments of plot meant I finished it through a veil of tears there with still a beam of light returning to lift your soul right at the bitternd Go buy it Tom and Isabel live a happy but solitary life on Janus Island where Tom is the lighthouse keeper The only blight on their xistence is Isabel s desperation for a baby When one morning a boat washes up on the on their xistence is Isabel s desperation for a baby When one morning a boat washes up on the with a dead man but a living baby Isabel and Tom make a decision that will have conseuences not only for them but for Isabel s family in Partaguese and Hannah the baby s real motherThis is a novel of decisions conseuences and human nature It is an Against All Odds emotional tale of love loss and the blurred lines between right and wrongThe writing is very atmospheric and the characters well rounded There is a lot of attention to detail in the authors description of both people and places I really like thee historical detail of the lighthouses and how they were run in thearly twentieth century The character really do attract the reader s Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage empathy to the situation they find themselves in I found it made me think what I would do in their situationspeci. This mesmerizing Australian novel has been a bestselling book around the world and Hollywood movie rights were recently snapped up by Dreamworks with David HeymanHarry Potter set to produce It is the winner of three prestigious ABIA awards including their Book of the Year and also won the Indie Awards Book of the YearThey break the rules and follow their hearts. .

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Was vident from page one and the writing and the intrigue were skillfully worked throughThank you for many hours of reading pleasure It s a long time since I ve read a book with such depth Most of the time it s impossible to put down yet at other times one needs to take a break and come up for airAll the way through there was the threat of heartbreak and disaster which I kept praying wouldn t happenLife on Janus Island working with the lighthouse was all so visual I which I kept praying wouldn t happenLife on Janus Island working with the lighthouse was all so visual I I was returning to familiar surroundingsNot a book to take lightly and many of us will recognise the depths to which it leads us The story line and the strikingly memorable characters make this a must read for anyone interested in background stories of post WW1 the decisions made by a young couple desperate for children the decisions made by a young couple desperate for children the subseuent implications of their decisions made under normous stress are a recipe for an unforgettable story all which is set in the South West of Western Australia A real page turner well written Wow I was really late to the party with this one like I m pretty much late to Against All Odds everythingI absolutely devoured this story in 2 nights staying up so late last night I couldn t get to sleep for thinking about the book so I should have just sat on the couch and finished the last 10%I don t know why but for some reason I was convinced that in this story the little girl goes blind I kept waiting for her to be blinded by the light in the lighthouse which is what I felt was going to happen When she s digging potatoes in the garden with her mamma and sand gets in heryes I thought that was the moment There must be some virus in the sand Any time she rubbed her Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism eyes because she was tired I was sure it was the start of this new affliction Isn t it funny what preconceptions get in your headAnd of course nothing like that happens so relaxverybody Nobody goes blindOnce I realised there was uite Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils enough drama without anyone going blind all was okayEvery motivation forvery character felt perfect in this story They were all flawed Their actions were all understandable I Payment Due ended up angriest at the people of the town and at Frank s storyline for all the heartache that set in motion for HannahThe writing style felt literary to me but very approachable and some of the phrasing is just beautifulWhat workedven for me is that the south west of Western Australia and the karri forests and the history of timber milling in this area is home for me Augusta Point Parteguese is just down the road and so the descriptions of the place where two oceans meet was xtremely vivid and pertinent for meOne other weird thing for me with this book I was so sure the author was a man and I have since found she s a woman I intend to read some of her interviews about this book because I d love to know how she set about researching lighthouse keeping rules and regulations from the period The research of the attitudes and customs for the time felt spot on to meMy mother loved this book and talked about it and I ve had it on kindle for uite some time I m really glad I ve read it I feel the story will stay with me a very long tim. Inkable crossroadsOnly years later do they discover the devastating conseuences of the decision they made that day as the babys real story unfolds Winner of three ABIA awards for Best Literary Novel Best Newcomer and Book of the YearWinner of two India Awards for Best Debut and Book of the YearRecently voted Historical Novel of 2012 by GoodReads reading communit. The Light Between Oceans