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A difficult presentation is still worth the effort My drawings have jumped in dimension after studying this book I have applied the big ideas of gesture tube structure and the two value system These three ideas have moved my drawings into dynamic three dimensional images My use of core shadow separating the light and dark planes has
increased the depth 
the depth my drawings This one new skill is worth the price of the bookI have also applied a number of observations such as the whistle notch a method of noting the eye socket from the side and 34 back position I now also use the sail head schema for the layout of the head for side views This head layout is the most direct that I have seen and has the advantage of easily providing a correct placement of the ear Michael Hampton s Figure Drawing Design and Invention has another useful schema for drawing the headUnfortunately eading this text is frustrating The book needed a "Strong Editor Many Of The Examples Seem Obscure Because They "editor Many of the examples seem obscure because they difficult to connect with the drawings Moreover most of the diagrams are apparently made on a computer screen give the effect of following a mathematical proof while the text itself is collouial and seems to have been The Kaya-Girl recorded from a live lecture Terms such as wiggly digits p158 and wobbly surface variations p 39 are among those not explained The freuent use of pronouns such as this make the presentation hard *to follow Editing would haveeplaced these pronouns with nouns improving eader comprehensionFreuently the labels on the drawings *follow Editing would have eplaced these pronouns with nouns improving eader comprehensionFreuently the labels on the drawings difficult to connect with the text In one place the labels are completely left out of the diagram On page 178 the letters mentioned in the text do not label the drawing making the discussion very hard to follow Other times the discussion is not followed by a summation drawing For example the presentation of perspective of the human form p 59 65 goes on for seven pages of careful description and diagrams but the summat. What is art It could take this whole book to answer that uestion In fact it could take a whole libraryand does Critic. ,
Ion drawing is of a giant Roman column not of a human figureA figure similar as the one at the very beginning of the discussion of perspective page 62 could have been used as a summation drawing for the section A figure drawn with wrapping lines would have shown the depth that he was describing *MAKING IT CLEAR TO THE READER HOW TO APPLY *it clear to the eader how to apply theory to an actual figure drawing At key points such this he misses the obviously necessary explanationThe book is worth studying because it presents some drawing ideas that I have not found anywhere else How disappointing that the lack of strong editing makes important ideas unclear Writing a book on figure drawing and presenting #Only Few Of The Authors Completed Drawings Is A Total #few of the authors completed drawings is a total is publishers huge mistake that this book is not oriented towards Steve Huston artwork but on general tutorial on drawing human body which otherwise is already presented in so many booksExcept of few valuable tipsyou cannot find nothing new in this bookEveryone who bought this book bought it because of Steve Huston a Graeco-Egyptian Magick remarkable artistand everyone is feeling slightly cheated finding so little of authors work This is probably the most concise treatise on figure drawing that I ve come across and teaches a direct and simple method for approaching the subject It conveys the key concepts without bogging down theeader with extra specific anatomical information and focuses on structural Easy ead with some great exercises I had only hoped to see of Steve s personal work in this
book this is 
This is for students of figure drawing who perhaps are a little nervous about learning all those bones and muscles and basically want to get on with drawing the body itself Most books of this type provide some useful information for the student of drawing and this one is no different in that espectI found Steve Huston s book to be somewhat uirky in approach some topics are dealt with fairly well I found some of the. S and theorists continuously add to the canon exploring and explaining art Their essays are thought provoking in many. ,

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Information on tone useful but there are a few gaps in instruction which will stump beginners the three uarter view of the head for example a difficult topic to describe and not altogether clearly explained hereIt is a well illustrated volume with a lot of diagrammatic drawings and finished examples by the author together with master drawingspaintings for the student to analyse copy or emulateI found it moderately helpful but I m an experienced professional my interest in this book was to provide examples and ideas for my own drawing class I m not convinced that this book alone will provide adeuate instruction "To Students Who Don "students who don have the support of a class or tutorIt is certainly a volume that is worth having used in conjunction with other instruction books or with access to an art class it could prove useful but I d be wary of ecommending it as one s only guide to figure drawing3 Stars I have so many books on life and figure drawing that it looks like an books on life and figure drawing that it looks like an This wonderful book by Steve Huston measures oughly 22 x 25 cm and contains 192 pages Huston is a consummate draughtsman and his drawings are exuisite Like many books there s an emphasis on *the basics anatomy perspective light gesture etc The seuence is logical and his method of drawing superb There are lots *basics anatomy perspective light gesture etc The seuence is logical and his method of drawing superb There are lots exercises in the book and eference to old master drawings to demonstrate certain points The final section in the book is called Five Minutes and efers to a daily practice outine Huston points out that the artist Anders Zorn practiced for 12 hours a day but that is impossible for most people so just try and do five minutes It s good advice This is a well written generous and wonderful book Steve has a down to earth delivery with beautiful clarity and an humour that everberates throughout His methods drawing on the practices of the old masters are explained and demonstrated with great expertise A must have for anyone aspiring to drawing the human figure. Ways but their theories dont turn us into better artists Their theories dont coax the pencil into making better mark. ,

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