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Roots in Bangkok Since in novels Bangkok is seediness made concrete it s little wonder Poke gets sucked into all manner of bad behaviorTwo women grease the skids or Poke s slide into the demimonde an Australian searching Pursuit (Star Wars: Boba Fett, for her beloved disappeared uncle and a disturbing old woman lookingor an envelope that s been stolen Johan et Pirlouit 05 Intgrale - Magie et exotisme from her Each promises some amount of money to the perpetually broke Poke with the inevitable caveat that he survives long enough to spend it Our Hero then plunges into two cases that would you believe it are dirtier and complicated than they seemedPoke has all the makings of a sad sack detective but isn t He was reasonably competent in his previous vocation his Lookingor Trouble in series sold well and prepared him Lauri Törni - Legend - Larry Thorne for his new line of work has a loving makeshiftamily in Rose a از دیار آشتی former bar dancer and Miaow a street urchin he s trying to adopt and is able to maintain normal human relationships both personal and professional without becoming an addict or otherwise wallowing in dysfunction All this makes him better than average company as he leads us through many of the less touristriendly parts of Bangkok on his clients business While he can The Kite fire off a uip or two when needed he s not prone to the relentless wiseassery that s made other stories like this a chore to get throughWhile a couple of the main secondary characters are types most are provided with actual personalities motives and behaviors that effectively portray the characters inner humanity Rose Miaow and Superman a street kid Miaow guilts Poke into trying to save are especially effective the author is good at portraying the outward presentation of internal traumaI came to this book theirst in a series via the author s Junior Bender series which is lighter in tone but otherwise bears a The Power of Place family resemblance They share the same solid character building the deft descriptions that sketch rather than paint and a steady hand with keeping the multiple A and B plots going without dropping too many balls Junior narrates his own stories while Nail is told in third person POV providing room to let the narrative roam The cases generally make sense and come to sensible organic ends There s violence some rather icky but mostly offstage child pornography and the historical pornography of the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia subjectsar weightier than those Junior has to grapple withAny book series portraying crime in Thailand has to deal with a large Asian elephant in the room John Burdett s Sonchai Jitpleecheep series Thoughtful Interaction Design featuring a Thai police detective adrift in a riotously corrupt Bangkok Nail is nothing like Burdett s novels in either tone or outlook You can decideor yourself whether that s good or badWith all this goodness where s the A course in Game Theory fifth star Poke is much capable with the rough stuff than we have any explanation to support He also seems to get around andit in easily than I d expect Topless Cellist for someone in his position there s little of theeeling of otherness that plays such a major role in Jitpleecheep s mindset and colors his relations with the arang The motives of the two major Jitpleecheep s mindset and colors his relations with the arang The motives of the two major are largely unexplored something that stands out because most everyone else s motives are clearly portrayed None of this is Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality fatal except to that deadifth star A Nail Through the Heart is a Learning and Development fast satisfying series debut that introduces an interesting and well rounded lead character in an eually interesting milieu If you like this there are seven waitingor you at the other end the cost of entry is especially end The cost of entry is especially if you re already a Hallinan Arduino Development Cookbook fan If you re not this is as good a way to discover him as any Having lived in Southeast Asiaor over 12 years I have to admit to having some trepidation about reading a book about a white guy named Poke I shouldn t have worried Hallinan offers up a marvelous blend of noir thriller ethnographic study and a complex romance I can honestly say I was engaged every minute of the 10 hoursHis portrait of Bangkok s seamy underbelly is spot on And yet he takes the reader through it with enough of a detached eye to Mastering Gephi Network Visualization focus us on the central mystery His main character is an brilliantlylawed engaging and open man who draws the reader in and doesn t let goThe story takes a serious journey into the world of child prostitution abuse and pornography and the devastation it leaves behind in the lives it s touched It also takes a haunting trip into the horrors of the Cambodia of the Khmer Rouge Hallinan wraps it up in a web of police corruption Buddhist mysticism and the jaded expat s view of BangkokThis book is not The Canadian Regime for theaint of heart Some of it is extremely gritty But it is not sensational in its approach and well worth the listening time and the credit Poke Rafferty s Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space first adventure has so much crammed into it that when I saw the page count on Goodreads I listened to the audio book I couldn t believe it was only 300 odd pages The blurb at the top is a pretty good description so I won t waste time by repeating it here or add to it in case I spoil anyone sun It took me a while to get into the story and I ound it dragged at times but was interesting enough to keep me listening Then it picked up and became tense and exciting and I was revising my expected rating upwards to 4 stars Unfortunately towards the end Hallinan has Rafferty orget to do something that leads to a problem with a child and I just couldn t believe that he would have been that stupid It s a shame because the uality of the writing was excellent It s still a ascinating story that most people would enjoy and maybe I ll try another one in the series at some point. D accepts a generous payment to ind a blackmailing thief No longer gliding carelessly across the surface of a culture he doesn't really understand suddenly Poke is plodding through dark and unfamiliar terrain and everything and everyone he loves is in terrible dange. Ant corruption Even Rafferty wonders if Superman is a hopeless case That uestion will promote the momentum of the story Another engaging character is Arthit a Thai police officer and close riend to Rafferty Although he is Thai he was educated in England and speaks with the detached ironic understatement of the English When Rafferty discovers Ulrich s maid gave her employment agency a alse address the address of a local bank Arthit uips Maybe she sleeps with her money Location 1254This was a ast paced book that tied together several plot threads in a surprising way It explored the underside of a oreign city that is both disturbing and yet hopeful The book is the Shadow Bound first in what promises to be an entertaining series First ofour in the Poke Rafferty series This is my third re read I thought about moving it down to Mapapansin Kaya? four starsrom Buntus Foclora five becauseive is usually reserved Life at the End of thevTunnel for books that have changed how I look at the world and I could no longer remember how this moved or enlightened me Then I realized that every time I read this book I m compelled to a go to Bangkok b take in a stray kid oroster kid and c save the world Even worse I want to do these things heroically all at once all at the same time possibly while also jumping テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] from an airplane solving a crime and having an epic jungledeserturban adventure Any book which has this great an impact on one s psyche deservesive stars I have to admit I was worried about reading this book Worried Thai names and places would be confusing Worried that the subject matter would be too hard to read I couldn t have been wrong and can t recommend this book highlyMr Hallinan has crafted a tightly woven story that rings so true Poke is written so well I don t think it would be possible to Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники feel his love and worryor Rose or Miaow His situation is a tightrope walk and he does it with grace Being a westerner in an eastern culture comes across but he is a westerner with an open mind which allows the reader to understand the culture as well The pornography and other violence depicted is horrifying beyond what you can imagine at least I hope it is But Hallinan doesn t dwell on it and only describes what he needs to so the reader can understand the driving The Herd from 93rd force of some of the characters actions I would say it is shocking and terrible but I wouldn t describe it as too graphicIind that a good story is important to me but great characters are important For the development of his characters I give this book one of my rare Manual for Planetary Leadership (Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path) five star reviews and it sive with no reservations or half star bump ups I m definitely reading the other three in the series Good book Very well written and involving Characters well drawnHOWEVER if you are disturbed by descriptions of child slavery and sexual abuse maybe best to give it a pass I had some pretty horrible nightmares last night and I don t expect tonight will be much different I need to start by saying that it is a rare occurrence that I give any book 5 stars I am pretty critical when it comes to characters details and errors in proofreading This book truly deserves the ratingWhile some readers should be warned of the explicit and sensitive content the author did a very good job with the storyline but i m not easily offended storyline but I m not easily offended my opinion the shock value was needed to put the reader in a mindset the author wants you to be in in order to lovehate the potential criminalsheroes The story was never too arfetched As A Lot Of Books a lot of books ve read lately have been The characters were wonderfully and vividly created Being that this is the irst book in a series the only disappointment I had was the last page when all of my uestions weren t answered and one of the characters was missing I ordered the rest of the series onto my Kindle and I realized that this had become an addictive story and I wanted to make sure I got my Dawnkeepers (The Nightkeepers, fix The tsunami has destroyed much in Thailand Chon not his real name seeks a stolen treasure Saudi jewels and shows he is uite willing to kill to continue the uest Poke Rafferty is a Yank who having written aew books about how tourists can get what they need in some exotic places has settled in Bangkok He lives with Rose a retired bar girl who is trying to get her house cleaning business going and Miaow a pre adolescent street urchin who Rose and Rafferty have taken in Life grows complicated when Boo the street kid who had lived on the street with Miaow comes to stay with themRafferty is asked by his خدا بود و دیگر هیچ نبود friend Arthrit to help out an Aussie lady who is lookingor her uncle Complications and adventure ensue Payload here is a taste of Bangkok the sexpatriots who come there to sate their needs the locals who believe that the Shemonah Perakim flooded shores are swarming with the ghosts of those who were lost the street life of orphans that summons up notions of DickensThis was a real page turnerast paced engaging with likeable and not so likeable characters snappy dialogue In the right hands this can be a wonderful 101 ways to improve your life film A must reador summerThe Fourth Watcher is the next one in the series and definitely worth a lookEXTRA STUFFHallinan has written plenty since the Poke Rafferty "series He can be ound at his site and on FB and Twitter It s interesting that there aren t mysteries "He can be ound at his site and on FB and Twitter It s interesting that there aren t mysteries travel writers They have Fenton Glass Compendium far ualifications than most literary amateur detectives they re experienced travelers know how to get around inoreign places perhaps know the language and customs dip in and out of cultures and can get the locals to talk to themPoke Rafferty the somewhat tarnished protagonist of A Nail Through the Heart is all this He s also an expat busily putting down. T But trouble in the guise of good intentions comes calling just when everything is beginning to work out Poke agrees to take in Superman Miaow's troubled and terrifying Inside the U D A friendrom the gutter Then he agrees to help locate a distraught Aussie woman's missing uncle an. I don t usually write reviews here just list my books and get suggestions But this book really touched me right time place whatever The main character in Timothy Hallinan s A Nail Through the Heart tells this story to an abused streed kid I hate to give advice so I ll tell you a story instead It s a Tibetan Buddhist story A young monk goes to the wisest man he knows the abbot of his temple and asks the same uestion you ve just asked Why is the world so hard and sharp Why does it have to hurt my eet And instead of answering the abbot asks the kid whether it would be better if the world were covered with leather Okay so the young monk says sure it would It d be a lot better And the abbot asks the kid whether he knows how to cover the world with leather and the kid says no of course he doesn t because he s a smart kid a realistic kid There s no way he can cover the world with leather Fine says the abbot can you cover your eet with leather Although the saying this is based on and was written before I was born it made no impression on me till today In the context of this novel it seems so absolutely significant and clear that I wanted to post it or everyone to see In the novel the main character goes on to explain we re going to get you into a school you re going to hate it sometimes but you re going to stay there because you belong there Nobody s giving you anything You ll earn it And if you screw up you know what There s not going to be a net You re just going to سایه لای پوست fall We can help you but only if you want it If you don t want it badly enough to payor it there s nothing anybody can do Phuket located on coastal Thailand is a popular tourist mecca It was the height of the season when the 2004 tsunami struck devastating the coasts of some dozen countries and killing thousands in Thailand alone Almost a year later the New York Times reported Tsunami Victims ID Could Take Three Years Aug 23 2005 The event is recapped in the introductory chapter of this bookA NAIL THROUGH THE HEART is set in Bangkok a The Nonprofits Guide to Human Resources few months after the tsunami When the protagonist begins his missing person inuiry there is a casual mention of checking the Boards These are the collections of photographs updated daily of new corpses washed ashore along the coast Hallinan presents a vivid portrayal of geography and recent history in this meditative thriller This is not the Thailand of ancient temples and palaces It is the country overrun by restless waves of refugees displaced by years of terrorism in bordering Cambodia and Laos Legions of street orphans have multiplied another legacy of the tsunami Brothels and bars line Patpong Road Throngs of daytime street vendors selling anythingrom ake watches to T shirts are replaced at night by
Crowds Of Expatriots Filling Bars 
of expatriots illing bars brothels Hallinan immerses the reader in the messy colorful Shades of Love feel of aoreign locale He does so with unapologetic candor The book opens with a night scene of two men digging Kaplan Medical USMLE Examination Flashcards for a safe on the estate of a secluded mansion Water keeps seeping into the hole Hallinan explains Bangkok is a river town built around a network of canals radiating off the Chao Phraya the silt saturated River of Kings The city s office towers roads and palacesloat ueasily on a tropical The Crooked Maid flood plain Even in the dry season the water is always there pooled just beneath the dirt just beneath the pavement Waitingor some ool with a shovel Location 147 The estate the two men and the contents of the safe they exume are tied men and the contents of the safe they exume are tied the secondary missing person plot The protagonist Poke Rafferty is a specialist in seamy nightlife Until recently he authored a lucrative series of travel guides called Looking or Trouble He is uite Irretrievably Broken familiar with the hedonistic longings of his target audience At this point in his life however he is seeking a substantial anchor one involving meaningful connections He is in a serious relationship with Rose an ex prostitute and is hoping to legally adopt a street child named Miaow Ariend in the police Black Ice force refers a young woman to Rafferty She is concerned that her uncle an Australian expatriot named Claus Ulrich has stopped corresponding with her and seems to have vanished Supposedly Ulrich worked with some local charities but as Rafferty begins to dig aar different picture begins to emergeRafferty constantly confronts Thailand s very different world view He is the typical outsider impatient pragmatic and secular The Thais share the world with a whole pantheon of ghosts a taxonomy of the dead and not only in the less cosmopolitan villages he observes Location 539 Rose is constantly cautioning him to restrain his emotional outbursts Extract good The Dirty Pair Strike Again (The Dirty Pair, from a bad situation It is a way to earn merit which will help him in the next life she suggests This outlook is a stark contrast to an aggressive self improvement agenda motivating many Westerners exploring Eastern religionsOn the other hand Rafferty s inclination toward hyperbolic wit makesor an entertaining narration Rafferty gains entry to Ulrich s apartment He BDSM finds a trove of painkillers that taken cumulatively could prepare an elephantor surgery Location 948 As Fatal Obsession for the d cor not exactly the manly style he might expectrom an Australian you should see the apartment it looks like he roomed with Ludwig of Bavaria he reports to his The Perfect Duet friend Arthit Location 1271Hallinan populates his book with a range of interesting characters At Miaow s insistence he takes in a damaged and possibly dangerous street child whom everyone calls Superman The boy reflects the often irreversible trauma inflicted on so many children like him due to poverty and ramp. Poke Rafferty was writing offbeat travel guidesor the young and terminally bored when Bangkok stole his heart Now the American expat is assembling a new amily with Rose the ormer go go dancer he wants to marry and Miaow the tiny streetwise urchin he wants to adop. A Nail Through the Heart