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Henry and June From The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs NinWhile eading this I was thinking that Anais is a narcissistic bitch which I don t eally necessarily hold against her I m sure it makes eading her journals interesting than it would be otherwise On one hand she comes off as so egotistical spending the majority of "her pages on how wonderful other people think " pages on how wonderful other people IS OH YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE SO Oh you are so beautiful you are so I love you than I could ever love another woman you are everything to me So on and so forth On the other hand she is incredibly insecure She even admits she is constantly striking poses Considering there are no other hands you see both sides of her are obsessed over the same thing herself I sense this even when she is aving about Henry andor June She s cheating on her poor husband who we are told worships her with Henry who we are also told worships her and there are a few other men who also worship her of course and she is so worried about her own feelings over all this that she nonchalantly professes how innocent she feels when writing about her infidelities even while just a few feet away from her unsuspecting or ather self blinding husband She must be overestimating the promiscuity of others if she sill thinks she s got much sexual awakening to do But like I said all this does help make her journals interestingShe is a good writer though a bit dramatic and tends to over analyze things She seems open sincere and honest but sometimes seems hindered because she does not know what she truly feels Reading this I can t help but think I know women like her and this is a great introspective view of what drives them I ve ead Delta of Venus and Little Birds which I enjoyed but until I ead this I had not ealized what an incredible writer Nin is I also thought it was eally interesting to see Henry Miller through her eyes I have ead Miller s Tropic of Cancer which i eally enjoyed which is very harsh and honest but this sort of gives you a different perspective of him I truly think she is a brilliant writer and am looking forward to ead. Taken from the original uncensored journals of Anaïs Nin Henry and June spans a single year in Nin's life when she discovers love and torment in one insatiable couple From late 1931 to the end of 1932 Nin falls in love with Henry Miller's writing. .

Summary Henry and June From The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin

Ing of her work Anais Nin has been an idol of mine for a long time There are few women of literary stature which I find elatable As a young eader I cherished Judy Bloom As An Adult Woman I Was Thrilled an adult woman I was thrilled ead Anais Nin Intelligent witty and sexually provocative I admire her supreme linguistic talent Her writing in whtever form always maintains witty and sexually provocative I admire her supreme linguistic talent Her writing in whtever form always maintains powerful poetic lexicon She made love most fervently when she held the pen in her hand This excerpt
From Her Personal Journal Is 
her personal journal is very intimate flux with sexuality but you feel her grace and delicate vulnerability Something deeply personal left for us eadersI also admire Nin because she was an uninhibited sexual being long before it was socially acceptable Is it even acceptable today Sensuality is a secret power in my body someday it will show healthy and ample Wait a while Her thoughts and feelings are confident as she expresses herself an empowering embodiment of feminism even by today s standards Her confidence becomes emboldened with lovers Nin is the epitome of unbridled lust for life Henry and June is the type of journal that makes me want to highlight passage after passagesince journals so often have the types of personal eflections that are hard to achieve in pure fiction I did get bored with it fast though Maybe because after the first few instances of lust jealousy psychoanalysis and then lust jealousy and psychoanalysis it was pretty much the same events and observations epeating themselves in different forms But then again journals aren t supposed to be designed to engage the eader they e designed to be self fulfilling So it s kinda hard to complain about a journal from a eader s standpoint Which brings me to wonder something about these writings Nin shared her journal with several people actually most of the men in her life who she writes about ead her journal at some point with her permission So I m curious about how honestly she eally wrote knowing it could potentially be ead by her subjects It seemed honestraw but do we And his wife June's striking beauty When June leaves Paris for New York Henry and Anaïs begin a fiery affair that liberates her sexually and morally but also undermines her marriage and eventually leads her into psychoanalysis As she grapples with. ,
Ailor things to the eyes of those will be Reading It The Same Way We Might Be Inclined To it The same way might be inclined to fiction according to a workshop we e in or which publisher we e aiming for Nin says at one point in her journal that she no longer wants to write about her husband because she can t do so honestly that it s like writing about God You exalt someone and create a distance between yourself and that person not wanting to say anything bad about them for fear of being blasphemous In this case it seemed to be Nin being attentive to her husband s sensitivity and the tenderness she felt for him even though her physical passion was found through Henry At one point in the journal her psychiatrist said to her You do not want weak men but until they have become weak in your hands you are not satisfied Though he tended to make annoying generalizations I think he eally nailed that one I was wondering if her passions were so intense toward Henry only because she couldn t possess him completely It seems so common especially if you broaden it to everyday greed Because of her greed Nin s husband also nailed it when he said this to her Beware of being trapped in your own imaginings You instill sparks in others you charge them with your illusions and when they burst forth into illuminations you are taken in Dear Ana s You think too much You need to act your age Get a job Honor your marriage vows or get a divorce You e like a teenager with a tattered doodled spiral bound notebook and a Starbucks prepaid account app Or like one of our modern day hipsters a trustafarian thinking you e so edgy in your agged velvet dress with the holes in the elbows going against convention in dive caf s and being bicurious with the friend du jour in the elbows going against convention in dive caf s and being bicurious with the friend du jour e not deep Or avant garde You e just self indulgent inconstant and annoying You e not sucking the marrow out of life you e just sucking Grow up Get out in the world Take on some esponsibility Then you ll have something eal to write about Sincerely A Twenty first Century Woman. Her own conscience a single uestion dominates her thoughts What will happen when June eturns to Paris An intimate account of one woman's sexual awakening Henry and June exposes the pain and pleasure felt by a single person trapped between two lov. ,