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Ribe Irish organized crime in general Then the book slowly iscusses Irish hoodlums in Montreal Again there is almost nothing connecting the characters in each chapter so the book appears to be very isjointed The later chapters veer away Irish gangsters to book appears to very isjointed The later chapters veer away from Irish gangsters to Italian Haitian Biker and others Any good book would set the environment and the context of the subject matter Usually these early chapters are formulaic about community economics sociology and other Whispers Of The Heart drab material usually treated in a superficial way It provides a basic building block between the author and the reader Unfortunately O Connor really bungles the context Without grounding his narrative with chronology he weaves through space and time and largely offers a bumbling and incoherent overview of Irish gangsters This is appalling when one sees that he cites TJ English s Paddy Whacked as a source His attempts toescribe crime conditions in Montreal by referenc. Pectacular Brinks robbery in 1976 using the money to broker a major heroin and cocaine trafficking ring It took over the Port of Montreal controlling the flow of The Dukes Gamble drugs into the cityrugs which the Mafia funnelled to New York The West End Gang had connections to the cocaine cartel in Colombia; hashish brokers in Morocco and France; and marijuana growers in Mexico The gang imported Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, drugs on an enormous scale One bust that took place off the coast of Angola in 2006 involved 225 tonnes of hashishestined for Montreal The West End Gang is a ripping tale that unveils yet another chapter in Montreal's colorful criminal underwor. .

Montreals Irish MafiaInteresting read given I grew
up in one 
in one the areas often mentioned I was very surprised at the level of violence between mentioned I was very surprised at the level of violence between gangs that I was not aware OF I ALSO KNEW SOME OF I also knew some of place and people names noted I would recommend the book to anyone who was there in the 70s 37 Details on the making of a city within a city Many Montreal institutions have been shaped by the mob such as the gay and lesbian club life restaurants Let Go discos the gay village construction cheese factories ect ect Very interesting book I found it focused on other mafia groups Italians Hells Angels etc as much as or than the Irish at times and wasifficult to follow in that respect O Connor Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition did a great job of tying it all together in the end though and it was nice he was able to add his personal input in the footnotes making it authentic No real narrative of a list of people placesates and events in no particular order Interesting to read about a specific ev. Their names resonate with organized crime in Montreal the Matticks MacAllisters Johnstons and Griffins and Peter Dunie Ryan They are the Irish euivalent of the infamous Rizzuto and Cotroni families and the Mom Bouchers and Walter Stadnicks of the Hells Angels Award winning producer journalist and author D'Arcy O'Connor narrates the genesis and rise to power of one of Montreal's most powerful violent and colorful criminal organizations It is the West End Gang whose members controlled the Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh docks and fought the Hells Angels and Mafia for their share of the city's prostitution gambling loan sharking andrug Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward dealing At times th. Ent or crime but beyond that reallyifficult to read You think a story about the mafia or loose affiliation of badasses would be interesting This was about as interesting as reading an affidavit Such a shame If you re from Montreal or are interested in the criminal history of the city you ll find this read informative and weirdly nostalgic O Conner covers ecades here from the 1940 s onward He follows the rise and often brutal fall of infamous mobsters and lesser lights It s a violent ride but there are moments of humour Not all criminals are geniuses you know My one How to Disappear disappointment was that this paperback edition replaced photos of the players with pencilrawings Worthwhile read for the history though Written in the style of newspaper columns than a solid narrative this book offers the best and only view of the West Gang O Connor may be a superb but his book is not impressive There is a terrible superb columnist but his book is not impressive There is a terrible to Act Like You Know desc. Eyid not A Guide to Americas Sex Laws disdain forging alliances with rival gangs when huge profits were at stake or when a killing needed to be carried out The West End Gang the Irish Mafia of Montreal is a legendary beast They sprang out of the impoverished southwest of the city some looking for ways to earn enough just to survive some wanting than a job in an abattoir or on a construction site In that sense they were noifferent from other immigrants from Italy and other European countries A shortcut wealth was their common goal And Montreal with its burgeoning post WWII population was ripe for the picking The Mob made headlines with a ,

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