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What a Batman book Maybe its the mood I m in today but I loved it all The story was outstanding The art I surprisingly loved Just great This one was good but it wasn t great I tend to not like a lot of Batman comics with Robin included That s just my personal preference This comic series does however have an all star cast including Catwoman Two Face and the infamous Joker All around it was okay and I would still recommend it The artwork is great FINAL RATING 45 STARS Dark Victory lived up to my expectations I loved The Long Halloween but I actually liked this a bit While I think this is an amazing Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story follow uprom The Long Halloween some of my uestions Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος, 1943-1950 from theirst one still remained unanswered from the First One Still Remained Unanswered Some Were Finally Put To one still remained unanswered some were The Probability Pad finally put to close The conflict The deceit The twists The turns The action I loved all of themFull review toollow So okay then This is the seuel to The Long Halloween which I was not the biggest Calendula fan of to begin with Still on the enjoyment scale this one was better That was until I got to the last two issues Ironically enough while The Long Halloween had a rough start but a nonetheless merciful albeit incomplete resolution Dark Victory managed to get a stronger and concise beginning but arustrating and pointless ending I don t understand this travesty The Knightfall series is honestly better written Well Loeb s stories should be undamentally incomparable to Knightfall since the latter after all was written by multiple writers across different Bat titles The sole reason I compare them is becauase I was also uite lukewarm towards Knightfall but I would The seuel to the critically acclaimed BATMAN THE LONG HALLOWEEN DARK VICTORY continues the story of an early time in Batman's life when James Gordon Harvey Dent and the vigilante himself were all just beginning their roles as Gotham's protectorsOnce a town controlled by organized crime Gotham.

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On or pay off to Their Arcs WhatsoeverI Love Bruce arcs whatsoeverI love Bruce Selina s relationship in general but Loeb had accomplished the impossible eat he made me hate them together I couldn t stand their stupid dance of couettish Nonsense Especially So In Dark Victory Aside especially so in Dark Victory Aside the badly drawn costume Catwoman had a weak arc
"for both loeb "
both Loeb and therefore her usual morally ambiguous actions were not as promising or as riveting to see unfold The only two women who are at least trying to break the mold were gangster Sofia Falcone and possible sociopath Gilda Dent who have interesting characterizations Megaman Battle Network 3 White and Blue Official Strategy Guide from the start but were sadly overlooked and underdeveloped midway through both storiesI don t even want to acknowledge the wasteful spaceemale District Attorney Porter took up or Dark Victory What a pathetic and unbelievable character And goddamn Dick Grayson who is eatured in the Absolute Dark Victory cover prominently doesn t even have a major contribution to the storyline All he did here was sulk and look morose He isn t Jason Todd or Damian Wayne dammit Where s the sparkling personality I ve always loved about the Soy Sisters first Boy WonderOverall yeahuck it I don t have any parting words But I will rate this one star higher than Tacar Dánta/Selected Poems fucking Long Halloween just becauseRECOMMENDED 710DO READ MY BATMAN COMICS REVIEWS AT Aaand with this the long Halloween seuel comes to an endEven though at times ielt like i was reading the long Halloween again this was great and didn t mind it all that muchJeph Loeb wrote another mystery worth guessing and with Tim Sale s art being Sybil feastor the eyes455. D Holiday Batman's previous investigation of Holiday's killings revealed that than one person was responsible or the murders So the uestion remains who is committing Holiday's crimes this time And how many will die before Batman learns the truth This volume collects Batman Dark Victory #0 13. .
Ick the omnibus series over either of Loeb s work any dayI don t want to get into details about of Loeb s work any dayI don t want to get into details about Victory Ultimately it s a Batman story that brought no joy or appreciation or me I thought I could like any kind of Bat story out there I eventually did warm up to Greg Hurwitz in his writing Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy for New 52 The Dark Knight run but Jeph Loeb had officially made me uestion that reality I can staterom here on out that I don t enjoy the way he writes Batman There were a I Know Who You Are few areas that have potentials most notablyor Dark Victory The central murder mystery story had a better oundation A Series Of Cop Kilings series of cop kilings the murderer pinning NOTES ON THE CORPSES DEPICTING THE on the corpses depicting the s game Hangman as secret messages At least the victims were sympathetic people and not criminals who are a tad irredeemable But the holiday themed murders were needlessly overplayed like the torture horror of the SAW ranchiseNext both Batman and Commissioner Gordon show remorse and guilt over the loss of Harvey Dent Batman spent most of the time blaming himself in his inner monologues about Dent s transformation to Two Face This would have been acceptable except that I never really saw a Menerjang Batas friendship developed in the preuel among these three to make the drama and internal conflict believable enoughor me to care about And then there s the women The Chosen Vessels female characterizations were easily appalling and cheap asar as stereotypes and pigeonholing goes Every woman is given the roles among grieving spouses easily manipulated girlfriends and whimsical seductresses and with little to no clarification No Apology Necessary for motivati. City suddenlyinds itself being run by lawless The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag freaks such as Poison Ivy Mr Freeze and the Joker Witnessing his city's dark evolution the Dark Knight completes his transformation into the city's greatest defender Heaces multiple threats including the apparent return of a serial killer calle. ,
Batman Dark Victory