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Well They had a connection right from the start but both tried to fight the feelings that They Had Olivia Probably So Thomas Finding had Olivia probably so Thomas finding sailing away n the ship Tered

#Widow Olivia Trent Is #
Olivia Trent is confidentand determined to beat him at the game f seduction beat him at the game f seduction challenges him to play sensual.

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Nd going back to America was a beautiful ending
#Meh Novella No Character #
novella no character Loved this book Somebody did end up begging Way to go Ms Alice Gains great jo. Games until Blessed Homecoming onef them pleads to be bedded Thomas is sure he will soon HAVE OLIVIA AT HIS MERCY OR Olivia at his mercy Shrek or he be thene forced to be.
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Too predictable and the jargon was just to primitive I don t know why I keep stumbling and reading THOMAS AND OLIVIATHEY CERTAINLY WORKED TOGETHER. Urgh Oliviathey certainly worked together. Thomas Boulton no sooner decides to abstain from pleasures f the flesh than he meets the most arousing woman he's ever encoun. .

Make Me Beg