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Playing Dirty Sisterhood Diaries #3Ava was the fat girl in high school She had her two best friends and she really idn t need anyone else But when her long time nemesis Cade and she are partnered for a project sparks begin to fly between the two Ava falls for him but he ultimately betrays her and humiliates her basically in front of the entire school Fast forward thirteen years and Ava is now a gorgeous successful women who had inherited an old mansion with her two best friend from Miss Agnes Cade is also a success in his Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems documentary type films and he wants too a piece on Miss Agnes and the mystery surrounding her lost Requiem for a Wren diamonds But he needs Ava to agree to let him shoot in her house Ava reluctantly agrees but sheoesn t know how she is going to face Cade everyday because her heart still speeds up when she sees and hears him Cade has long since changed from high school and he has tried many times to apologize and explain to Ava what happened in high school But she has never allowed it and see s now with them working closely together as the perfect time to settle things between them He always thought she was beautiful and truly Red Notice did care about her and that hasn t changed But he comes to find heoesn t just want her forgiveness he wants all of herI liked this story and it was the last book in a series about the three best friends I had read the previous book and in that book you get the first look at Cade and Ava I was interested to see what would ultimately happen between the two I liked there story but I Les pingouins nont jamais froid didn t really feel the relationship grow What was the great appeal between the two other than sexual attraction I wanted to know what other things they liked about each other how they really fell in love Because half the book was Ava being politely cool to Cade and then the next they were sleeping together Iidn t really feel a transition between the two sides as much as I would have liked It was a cute story and a fast read There were some Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft's Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone definite typos whichistract me but other than that it was a nice story Glory hallelujah Finally there is a book from this series that I love I had troubles with Cutting Loose and my reread of Bending the Rules was less than stellar so I was a little wary about Playing Dirty However I felt that Ava and Cade s story had the potential to be the best one of the series There was so much history with them and while that Code pnal 2020 annot. dition limite - 117e d. doesn t always guarantee a winner I felt that it would work in their favor And boyid it I loved the plotline I could actually feel all the emotion and I could see how Cade and Ava could fall for each other unlike some people cough Dev falling for Jane coughI adored all the characters in this book especially Cade I haven t had trouble with the males of this series like I ve had with the females but neither Dev and Jase really pulled me in in that Oh my God he is so great and I love him so much and he s so The Peoples Songs damn cute way Cade thoughOh he totallyid I loved him from the beginning Well maybe not in the prologue because of what he id to Ava but as soon as the first chapter started I think part of what enabled me to love him from so early on was the fact that it Was Clear From The Beginning That He clear from the beginning that he regretted and was sincerely sorry for what he id to Ava when they were in high school That certainly oesn t erase the fact that he id it neither oes his explanation why but the regret and reasoning went a long way toward making me sympathize did it neither oes his explanation why but the regret and reasoning went a long way toward making me sympathize him too not just Ava And he was a genuinely good guy who loved his job and was so adorable I loved Ava a lot too I think of the three women she s always been my favorite she wasn t as annoyingly judgmental as Jane and not as flamboyant as Poppy She was her own person and espite her insecurities was a strong person and there wasn t really any part of the book where I really isliked her except for when she crushed my poor Cade s heart but that s neither here nor there She was pretty awesome Beks Cade s assistant was pretty fabulous too The resident Goth girl with a sense of humor and no filter I liked her from the first moment she was introduced when she ignored Cade while he was complaining about Ava being late I even appreciate the recurring characters a bit in this book The guys Jase Dev and Finn were not in it as much but they were still cuties Poppy was as crazy as ever especially since she was pregnant and had the baby in the epilogue And shocking as it may seem Jane Billy Bragg did not annoy me this time around Even she couldn t pop my Cade Happiness BubbleI was less than impressed with The Villain of the book Tony the Bad Guy but I felt that was to be expected as Ion t think I ve found a bad guy yet in one of Susan Andersen s books that idn t just make me shake my head in exasperation and frustration Oh Maybe The Guy In Burning Up I Distinctly Remember Hating Him guy in Burning Up I istinctly remember hating him again that s neither here nor thereSo shocking as it may seem I actually adored this book One for three I suppose it s not too bad The whole point of reading this trope boy one girl wrong and later regrets is that he is man enough to grovel wellDNF at 50 e spends weeks pretending to be Ava s friend in high school in order to seduce her for a betHe succeeds and she is publicly humiliated in the cafeteria I The Majors Daughter did like her character as she gives as good as she gets but HE KNEW WHAT HE DID TO HER So she goes on aiet and becomes awesome looking the following yearYears later he wants to make a Miss Shumway Waves a Wand docurama about her and her friends mentor and the mystery of the woman s missing The Touch diamonds Apparently the mystery of theiamonds isn t overHe s On His Majestys Service drawn to her but views his attraction as something like a bad rash that he can just get some cream for to eradicateWell he tries several times over the years When old enemies are thrown together all bets are offWay back in high school golden boy Cade Gallari publicly revealed he'd slept with fat girl Ava Spencer to win a bet Now aecade older and a head turner with her own concierge business Ava isn't the gullible reamer she once.

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He handles her father s birthday party organizing for the entire production crew you name itI liked that Cade knew what a jerk he was and has suffered for that He never gives up trying to make up for that and has changed from the guy he used to be He was attracted to Ava even then but let his family events and need to be cool hurt Ava He respects her like hell for not taking what he oled out lying The Essential Good Food Guide down and admires the person she has becomeAnd the best part was that theyidn t have the perfect sex experience back in high school most of the time in romance books the guy is a stud the first time around but Cade agrees his 18 year old self was less than stellar It was good seeing how Ava had come to accept herself with the help of her friends yes she was human and had Textbook of Wisdom doubts sometimes but she was kick ass and knew how to get back at Cade Man when she wears that knock outress just to get back at Cade for giving her sleepless nights and when she gets her friend to act as her boyfriend when Cade In Defence of Dogs doubts herCade Iidn t expect to like him after what he id to Ava but I id He was jerk back then and he worked to make up for it even accepting the blame when Ava oesn t trust him He had matured and even let Ava know that he found her perfect the way she is which allows Ava to point blank tell her mother to back off that her body is the way it is And the best part how Cade falls for her first and tries to convince Ava that is realThe sisterhood books were great and finally they found the Wolcott jewels I loved the way the girls handled the guy who tried to make them hand over the jewels Girl power rocks The book is a great end to the seriesCourtesy netgalley Third book in the series and just as engaging Maybe it was because the girls are kinda normal Ava has some issues from her childhoodteenage years I can empathize with two brothers you have to be kind of thick skinned and girls are very conscious about their weight when they are teenagers At least I was especially when those fucking brothers used to call me Hippo All is forgiven now we are good friends I just can t with this Hero took Ava s virginity in high school and then told everyone in school received 200 for it off a bet with his friends that he couldn t bag the fat girl And she not only ends up forgiving him for this shit but falling in love with himUh uh no way I like to think I have a good imagination but this is stretching even my considerable powersThis book is too painful for me to read Ava is humiliated she lost her virginity to a shitheel not to mention Andersen trying to navigate the uagmire that is writing a fat heroine ifficult for even the most skilled authors to pull off correctly Also Andersen makes the poor choice to have Ava who was obese in high school lose the weight in adulthood and she is now a 150 lb size 1214 Why is this a mistake for the author to make CarmenIt s a huge mistake because as any fat woman who becomes skinny knows you can t trust any man who takes an interest in you now that you re thinnerSo the guy who not only broke her heart but humiliated her and shamed her in high school after she trusted him enough to make him her First is now sniffing around interested again How the fuck could you trust this What happens when she gains the weight backWho says she ll gain the weight back CarmenCarmen is skeptical But okay let s say she Revenge (The Red Ledger doesn t Let s pretend she keeps her size 1214 figure for the rest of her life At what cost Being hyper vigilant about her eating and weighing herself twice aay Having a constant worry and Fear That A Man Who Claims To that a man who claims to her no matter what No One Wants You despite this HUGE HUGE black mark on his record to the contrary is going toitch her if she gains 10 pounds Or 20 Or 50 How the fuck is she ever going to fully trust him She never will She s always going to be looking over her shoulder and turning The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity down ice cream afterinner and waking up at 5AM for a two hour work out because she knows in her heart that the man she s with oesn t truly love her for who she Truly Is And Will is and will her if she gains weight again She ll never be able to fully relax around him which means she oesn t trust him which means espite whatever words are exchanged she oesn t really believe he loves herThey iscuss this in the bookYes they iscuss this in the book and he makes a big Divine Beauty deal about how he ll love her at any size and she s like What if I gain the weight back She s really afraid of his reaction should this happen And he s like Even if you gain 10 pounds or 100 pounds I ll still be here and I ll still love you and I m like BULLSHIT I ll believe that when I see it mister Ion t trust him as far as I could throw him But then again she Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone decided toate him again and even have sex with him again which I think is a show of horrible Down to the Sea in Ships decision making on her partIon t trust him I Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, don t like him and Ion t forgive him I Dog Years d be fine with a book where he was the villain but as a hero no wayIf the author had Ava remain an obese woman into adulthood THEN had this guy show up like heid in the book looks her up begs for forgiveness still has the hots for her then this would be a Chain of Fire different story Having NOT changed her body shape and size and having this guy reappear and be willing to make amends and showing a sexual interest in her perhaps they could work something out I still think it would be very tricky to write I mean that was an unforgivable shit move he pulled but at least I would think he s on the up and up in re his being attracted to her As it stands if I were her I be incredulous and highly suspicious Only an idiot would make the mistake of trusting this The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, dickwad twice and she s coming off as a huge idiot hereONE REAL STAR ONE ROMANCE STAR. Enough to be at his beck and call without giving him everything he wants Like another shot at having her in his bed But Avaoesn't count on Cade's The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur determination Because he's never gotten over her and he's not above playingirty to score a second chance at a red–hot future. O apologize but he never puts any effort into it It was like something he seemed to want to get off his chest Get the guilt monkey off his back maybe There s absolutely no willingness to make a public gesture and there s no sense of appreciation for her as a person except that he likes her awesome bodIn fact I uit reading half way because he almost Maharaj does the sameamn thing to her againHe Kuduz doesn t want to get his fragile ego hurt so he lets her believe the worstThis guy couldn t apologize his way out of a paper bagBut hey Iid uit half way and maybe he redeems himself maybeMaybe I ll go back and read the rest someday Really enjoyed finally reading Ava s story I enjoyed how she was such a strong person even though she had insecurities I liked Cade I especially liked that he had treated her so badly in high school but had not waited the 10 years until this book took place to apologize for his betrayal He had tried many times over the years It just took her this long to forgive him This book was well written light hearted without being farcical It moved right along and all made sense I really wanted to watch the ocumentary when they were one with it Too bad it s make believe A solid end to this enjoyable series Let me get this straightThis book is goodI just The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, dnf ed this one because I was getting bored with the romance genre This book is a total brain candy It s fun sexy entertaining and if I wasn t fed up with blushes butterflies in the stomachs and kisses I would have totally finished thisBut alas life is a moody bitch I m now craving for some back stabbing fist fights and blood This is a uickie Review For the full review please visit The RomanceaholicExpected Release Date July 26 2011Publisher HarleuinImprint HNAuthor s Website Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series Yes Book 3 Sisterhood DiariesSeries Best Read In Order Worked well as a standaloneSteam Level SteamyOn Netgalley this book was categorized as FICTION ADULT Other Coming of Age I admit that Iidn t notice that when I reuested the book and probably wouldn t have reuested it if I had because I simply The Taste of Ashes don to chick lit However I am incredibly glad that I Camellia (Ellie, didn t see the category before I reuested it because I would ve missed out on a real gem of a bookIn short I loved it It was light while stillealing with life issues steamy without being trashy and sweet without being saccharine Ava has never fully embraced her curves espite the fact that she s worked hard to get and maintain her curvy figure of a fit size 12 Cade has never been able to fully make up to her for his cruel prank in high school Throw in her work as a successful concierge his skill as a producerdirector of hit ocumentaries a little intrigue about some missing The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, diamonds two friends who would walk through fire for our heroine and someelicious chemistry and you ve got a truly enjoyable readRecommended for fans of realistically sized heroines righting a wrong that s plagued you since high school and having BFF s who stick with you through everything A very enthusiastic 45 Stars I was So Hooked On The Premise hooked on the premise this story that I kept reading espite not loving the style The fat girl whose first lover turned out to have been winning a bet and now he s back in her life wow How on earth was Andersen going to redeem this jerk and make him a hero Well not that well actually Cade is given a shallow to redeem this jerk and make him a hero Well not that well actually Cade is given a shallow backstory to make him seem less terrible and honestly I think I would have preferred it if he just been a straightforward creep who grew up Add in a umb mystery and the incessantly BREEZY SLANGY STYLE AND THIS WAS slangy style and this was a chore to finish But I id stay interested by the repercussions of the past on Ava and Cade s relationship and thought that played out well Ava is a good epiction of a woman working on being happy with herself but still struggling with insecuritiesAlthough third in a series this Susan Andersen consistently elivers excellent contemporaries with good characters friends and a little bad man thrown in and Playing Dirty is no Pies different It is the third in the Sisterhood Diaries about three friends Poppy Jane and Ava who are beueathed the Wolcott estate by Agnes Bell Wolcott Agnes was there for the girls since the age of 12 when they started having tea at her home She helped them through heart breaks self involved parents and even gave themirection in lifeAva Spencer was over weight when she was a kid and the fact the her mother never let off on her Gorbals Diehards didn t help but she found happiness with the sister hood Cade and she grew up together but he was always pulling pranks on her but when she loses her virginity to him thinking it is the start of something new she finds out it was all part of a bet but even when she is hurt Ava had spine and instead holds her head high and calls him uickraw Now Ava is a successful jack of all trades she is an organizer and has contacts all over She is curvy and happy with her figure but her mother s constant efforts to tell her to From the Dust diet sometimes pull her into selfoubt and that same old insecurityCade is a Finale (Caraval, documentary filmmaker and wants to make one on Agnes It may give him a big break and the chance to get financing for a film he wants Ava is less than pleased to see him but when he offers her a great price for the estate and her services she can t refuse since she needs the money in the economy Over the years Cade has repeatedly tried to apologize to Ava but she is not interested she hasn t forgiven him but tells him let us keep the past in the past Suffice to say Jane and Poppy are not happy but Ava says that she is a big girl now and she can handle him and sheoes she is totally amazing and such a professional Ava can multitask Was and she plans to prove it when Cade hotter than ever breezes back into town with an offer she can't refuseA Merlin and the Making of the King documentary film producer Cade is shooting a movie about the mysterious mansion Ava inherited And he wants her as his personal concierge She's certainly professional.