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One of the things that the novel Has That I Love To Find Is that I love to find is the good guys are caught between the cops and the bad guysI don t want to give away any of the plot but it has many twists and turns and surprises The nding is the biggest surprise of all and I Enjoyable ReadI Enjoyed This Book readI A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, enjoyed this book ot A few things were a bit reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code but notnough to disturb the reader This was my first book from this author and I Willtry Another Characters willtry another Characters good and the descriptions not overdon. Rucifix Daniel draws upon his My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, engineering skills as September draws her weapon to protect them as they unravel the Threads of the Shroud Critical acclaim for THREADS OF THE SHROUD by thriller author James Paddock Larry LaVoie's novel Threads of the Shroud opens with a murder and a cryptic message written in blood and then we are sent on a journey of suspense and intrigue revolving around the well known Shroud of Turin the Poor Clare Nuns of Chambery France and the Crucifix de Chapelle Chambery Portland Oregon homicide detective September Gale a wonderful name indeed and small townngineer and grandson of the murdered old man Daniel Tate team up to solve the murder and the puzzle behind the bloody and cryptic message We meet the Assassin and the Grand Master and for a time drop back 60 years to visit D Day over France as 82nd Airborne troops jettison from the belly of a C 47 The race is to find the crucifix the secrets of which send the Assassin on a killing spree from France to Oregon Larry LaVoie continues to draw us in from chapter to chapter and then tops it off with a truly surprising nding A fast read and full of action Threads of the Shroud is certainly worth picking up and putting on your to be read soon lis.

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Amazing read written beautifully that takes readers to the BEAUTIFUL BUT SOMETIMES HARSH LIFE IN THE PHILIPPINE S but sometimes harsh life in the Philippine s father was stationed here during world war II so I found this great read ven compelling The author has combined fiction and fact in an amazing combination with characters that jump off the page as the reader s are lucky enough to follow the journey The author knows how to tell an amazing tale and readers will want to read to follow the journey The author knows how to tell an amazing tale and readers will want to read well written book over and over again I never thought I woul. This murder mystery thriller is filled with action and adventure that takes young female detective September Gale face to face with a foreign assassin hired to retrieve a priceless artifact that went missing in the waning days of WWII September Gale joins the ranks of women sleuths female detectives and rookie cops as she dives headlong into one of the most intriguing international mysteries ver to fall within the jurisdiction of the Portland Oregon Police The Shroud of Turin is tangled up in a modern day murder a puzzler that September Gale must solve Being an attractive young female detective has its drawbacks and September purposefully dresses down leaves off makeup and Keeps Her Hair Short her hair short to be taken seriously on the job September is not the only female detective in the PPD but she is the youngest in homicide and on call this holiday morning The rookie detective is called to the scene of a brutal murder Not fond of traditional holiday gatherings she welcomes the xcuse to pass up Thanksgiving Dinner When she arrives at the murder scene she is presented with an array of meaningless images scrawled in blood next to a lifeless old man From this moment on September is caught up in a uagmire of riddles that wil. D spend this for an Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose e book but I had read several others by this author and they were allxcellent When I read the by this author and they were all Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., excellent When I read the of this one I knew I had to read it I was definitely not disappointed Why this author is not yet a best selling author is beyond meThe book moves along at a good pace the characters are strong and believable I learned a lot which I like about the Catholic church and about this shroud of Jesus Apparently this really doesxist The story was very spiritual not just religious. L soon threaten her Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, existence Mechanicalngineer Daniel Tait the grandson of the murder victim is the last known person to see the victim alive He is ruggedly handsome with his short trimmed beard dark yes and lean football player’s build Daniel is perplexed by an Email he receives from his girlfriend It appears she has chosen this day to dump him and will not be showing up for dinner with his family Being jilted by his girlfriend is perhaps the best thing that will happen to Daniel for several weeks He is called in for uestioning From the moment he first sees September he is mesmerized by her natural beauty but he has bigger problems his beloved grandfather is dead and he is a suspect Gale against the advice of her boss needs Daniel’s help to sort through the bizarre riddles knowing full well Daniel may be the murderer The clues lead to a small town in France and an ancient organization dating back to the Knights Templar and the Assassin who does its bidding The stakes are raised when they discover the Assassin is searching for an ancient hand carved crucifix the same one they think is the central clue in solving the murder but the object is missing September and Daniel are in a race against time to find the ,

Threads Of The Shroud

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