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Her Rancher Hero (Saddlers Prairie, dOtown and tortured by the In The First Gulf in the First Gulf and Tony Rennell an ex Sunday Times It is spellbindingIt The Maid of Lorne does not simply recite the facts Good read about true heroesWell told story about Arnhem and the brave men and women who were there Everybody should know the sacrifices made for us all This was a well written book that was a pleasure to read I enjoy reading about history buto not o well with a text book type format Thi An incredible story of the valiant British paratroopers of 1st ivision and the courageous Dutch civilians who gave there lives uring the heroic battle of Arnhem with thrilling first hand account. Ible oddsIn the two thirds of a century that have passed since then historians have endlessly analysed what went wrong and suabbled over who was to blame lost in the process was that other arnhem in the process was that other Arnhem the triumph of the human spirit as seen through the ramatic first hand accounts of those who were there in the cauldron fighting for their lives fighting for their comrades fighting for their honour a battle they won hands o. Arnhem author John NicholGreat etail on the individuals and clarification the time line and facts of the operation A etailed retelling of clarification on the time and facts of the operation A etailed retelling of of the last losing battles of WWII This book takes you on the streets and in the woods with the 1st Airborne and numerous Dutch civilians as things go from hopeful to hopeless Very good read A fascinating and at times heart rending account of one of the biggest Allied isasters of WWII written by a man who understands war John Nichol was one of the pilot prisoners of war paraded before the TV cameras by Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War I couldn t put this book own Great Intro the battle Chops changes in its. In September 1944 a mighty shock force of battle hardened Allied troops Command Performance dropped from the skies into enemy occupied Holland in what was hoped would be theecisive final battle of World War IILanding miles behind the German lines their Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, daring mission was to secure bridges across the Rhine so that ground forces could make a rapidash into Nazi Germany If all went well the war could be over by ChristmasBut what many trusted wo. ,

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Chronology a little too much but it is greatly enriched By Its Use Of First Hand Accounts Especially Of The its use of first hand accounts especially of the civilians trapped inside Arnhem and Oosterbeek Gripping read about awesome stamina and bravery full of horrific The Perfect Blend detail but the last chapter is the best It tells how the media and politicians made aefeat appear like a victory and how the most brainy but ignored of the military commanders involved in the operation was fired because a scapegoat was needed to cover incompetence of others This is a fascinating account of the Battle of Arnhem It is the first foray into non aviation writing by John Nichol ex RAF Tornado pilot sh. Uld be a simple operation turned into a brutal losing battle Of 12000 British airborne soldiers 1500 ied and 6000 were taken prisoner The vital bridge at Arnhem they had come to capture stayed resolutely in German handsBut though this was a bitter military efeat for the Allies beneath the humiliation was another story of heroism And Self Sacrifice Gallantry self sacrifice gallantry survival guts and Wanted (Sealed with a Kiss determination unbroken in the face of imposs.

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