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Met because he d been in Tokyo for the last two weeks acuiring something special worth a huge fortune Yeah Corryn this revelation left you rather speechlessLuke is off limits and she refuses his offer to give her any pleasure she desires Luke is tenacious and tries to seduce her The fact that she hasn t been able to write poetry her favorite pastime since she declined Luke s offer is bothering her constantly After months of denial she has to cave inAhhhh again and again I ust love Anne s smooth and sensual writing style She picks up a thread and is able to spin off a captivating storyline The storyline is not all that exceptional itself it s rather normal but what makes it truly special is her way of telling a story and how she plays with words Beautiful Luke and Corryn were heating up the sheets and then some Versed in Desire is another sizzling hot and sensual short story written by an author I truly admireI loved these lines Luke finished the bottle and deftly replaced the cap You were my best time he said the words pitched for my ears alone Standing up fully clothed ust talking I liked the way we breathed together Made me wonder how you ll sound ust before you comeIt the way we breathed together "Made me wonder how you ll sound ust before you comeIt hot and slow his tongue " me wonder how you ll sound ust before you comeIt hot and slow his tongue over my lower lip then into my mouth flickering over the sensitive roof of my mouth then rubbing against my tongue in a tempo so seductive and knowing my eyes fluttered shutI am all about rhythm Every poet is The cadence of words the thump of a pulse or a palm the simple ebb and flow of life around us forms the structure and beat of the stories we tell The slow stroke stroke stroke of Luke s tongue against mine formed a counterpoint to my racing pulse and set off a torrent of images in my brain all the ways we could fulfil the promise of six months of foreplayTense breathing and my own gasps didn t keep him from slow In bed with a woman so often a man acts as though he s on a guided tour in a strange city with twenty minutes to see the sights and a list of highlights Mouth nipples clit penetration orgasm back on the bus Luke explored me as if each individual patch of skin held the possibility of some delightful surprise or uniue "memory I lay back and became a tourist in my own body "I lay back and became a tourist in my own body his mouth and fingers as my guide but when he did I let out a shuddering little sound far too erotic for foreplay It sounded like a sex moan a penetration moan a perfect pressure against my clit don t stop until I come moanYes Anne your cadence of words is perfect and you re definitely Versed in Writing Thank you for writing such wonderful stories I really appreciate and love your work. Since denying herself Corryn is desperate to have Luke but she's all too aware of the risks of giving in to temptation But after months of denial she knows she must choose end their flirtation for good or surrender to the inevitab.

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Versed in Desire13 November 2015 099 on Kindle A sweet short treat filled with some uicy deliciousness I enjoyed the lengthy "seduction and the real chemistry between the characters It was than sex it was the start of a "and the real chemistry between the characters It was than sex it was the start of a wish we had gotten than ust a glimpse I was also hoping for some frosting fun I ll ust HAVE TO USE MY IMAGINATION MY ONLY ISSUELUKE S to use my imagination My only issueLuke s gotta go ust sayin Please don t be hatin on me everyone 45 stars or AThis incredibly short story is fabulously sexy Loved it Corryn is an admistrative assistant for a high rolling executive She s also a slam poet When she is asked to perform a poem at her boss party she loses her rhythm when she makes eye contact with Luke Sparks fly but she does not want to risk a fling with her boss best friend The tension mounts for six months as she encounters Luke on a near daily basis Corryn hasn t been able to write poetry since the night of the party She is filled with longing and frustration She needs to make a choice Well it s obvious what her choice is This could have been a raunchy erotic short story but Anne Calhoun makes it something The sexual tension is taut Corryn s discipline and denial feels genuine and Luke s actions throughout the story are tiny clues While the story is wrought with sexual tension Corryn s longing goes beyond sexual attraction I felt this was fairly classy for an erotic novel The ending was nice but I wanted I wish the ebook had been cheaper Very very short story This story ended too soon view spoilerI would have been happier if Luke would have abstained during those six months but I guess that s real life for some men hide spoiler 45 starsEverytime I finish a fabulous novella such as this I tend to shake my fist at it a little bit because it s unfair that it s too dang short Versed In Desire was like Anne Calhoun sharing with us lyrics of a song or words of poetry I loved every line in this storyCorryn there isn t a device in the world that can measure the life force you radiate All I know is how I feel when you re there and how I feel when you re goneThis is short but sexy and the voice of the heroine is especially intoxicating I wish we could have been treated to of the HEA 35 Versed StarsLoved this uicky It was short hot and well written What s not to love I lay back and became a tourist in my own body with his mouth and fingers as my guide Corryn has Rebellion in Black and White just started a newob Her boss invited her to a party he was having where she meets Luke Sparks fly when these two meet Tell me what you want and it s yours But she finds out that he is her boss s best friend and also works at the same. Tell me what you want and it's yoursWhen Corryn meets Luke at her new boss's party their attraction is instant and electric He's ready to give her any pleasure she desires but Luke is a company vice president her boss's best friend. Company As the months go by he hasn t given up on her He leaves her cupcakes on her desk and is always sending her hot looks The desire becomes too much for her and she finally gives in but will it last longer than a uick one night standI am really loving Anne Calhoun s books Definitely a new favorite author of mine Very good novella love this author s writingSCENESCONTENT feweroticGENRETONE contemporarydramaLENGTH 48 pages I have to admit although I m a huge Anne Calhoun fan I had doubts about Versed in Desire going in How could a story with a heroine poet and a Hero that wears Birkenstocks a GR friend revealed this little tid bit in her review even be remotely interesting Oh ye of little faith Once again Ms Calhoun delivers a cleverly written sensuous tale of two people eventually coming together The stand out here for me was the heroine Corryn I absolutely loved that she was comfortable with her sexuality and was not afraid to ask for what she wanted Anne avoided cliches by having Corryn choose her livelihood over her libido after discovering that not only is Luke a VP at the company she s ust Working For But Also working for but also boss s BFF However when these two their It s very good I liked the story the characters and the hot passionate sex The only negative is that it s too shortVERSED IN DESIRE by Anne CalhounSTORY BRIEFCorryn has a new ob working for Tony as an administrative assistant She meets Tony s friend Luke at a company party She and Luke are drawn to each other like magnets But when she learn 4 stars Versed in Desire is a beautifully written and highly sensual short story For such a uick read I was surprised at how emotionally invested I became in the characters of this story The chemistry and dialogue between hero and heroine was fabul ETA June 27 2015 Downgraded to four stars because of thisDesire is the starting point of all achievement not a hope not a wish but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything by Napoleon Hill American author 4 12 stars I rounded up to 5 stars because Anne is one of my favorite authors This star is for you AnneTell me what you want and it s yours Anne please give us of those hot and sensual stories And I am really on pins and needles to read your next full length novelCorryn had a change of employment Now she works at Cooper Bensonhurst an investment bank as Tony s administrative assistant Tony is throwing a party and that s where Corryn meets Luke Their attraction is instant and sparks are flying Luke is a VP of Special Acuisitions and he is the best friend of Corryn s boss Tony Luke and Corryn hadn And completely off limits Refusing his offer is the most difficult choice she's ever had to make made even harder by his continued seduction at the office and the fact that she hasn't been able to write poetry her favorite pastime.