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Bandbox hP there with it was all a dream or and it turns out they were Adam and Eve It sokey as all get outOverall this is a mediocre effort Everglades (Doc Ford Mystery, hampered by a few things that feel very new writer to me1 Each scene is told from a particular character s point of view This is fine However the author doesn t merely jump into each character sead e snuggles comfortably In Every Thought And Emotion Is Relayed In Explicit And Every thought and emotion is relayed in explicit and redundant detail There is no mystery at all behind anyone s motivations at point Everything is uite literally spelled out for the reader This Everything is uite literally spelled out for the reader This the story a strange flatness leeching out nearly all of the inter character drama2 The plot drives the characters The author seems to ave Homeport hatched the plot for the novel and then contorts the situations and characters to ensure that everything moves from Point A to Point B to Point C There are absurd coincidences characters behaving stupidly often wondering to themselves why they are acting so stupidly but carrying on nonetheless all in service to keep the plot moving forward The characters feel less like people and like chess pieces being moved about to get to checkmate That s what the bad guy shouldave shouted at the end really Checkmate3 Without getting too much into spoilers the depiction of good and evil flips between cartoonish and grimdark but the tone shifts are awkward as if the author couldn t make up Sapphamire (Dragons of Dragonose his mind whether to play things straight or for laughsThe opening where the characters are first introduced and the mystery of the storm is not yet revealed works reasonably well and I was interested in seeing what wouldappen By the end I was rolling my eyes regularly and The Donovan Legacy (Donovans happier about the book being short and cheapA disappointment overall and one I can t recommend If you re looking for an apocalyptic tale I d suggest the nearly 40 year old Lucifer s Hammer before this This is a 45 star read GR wiped my stunning original review so this willave to do Do yourself a favour and read this book It s epic It s f% ing scary The author is awesome Lots of secrets twists turns and freaky stuff Characters to loathe and love and Gasp over It s EPIC I ve said that twice but it s epic Apologies to the author I loved this book It was a very creepy and an enticing Breaking Down (The Garage, horror story for me Iighly recommend if a reader enjoys a different and dark supernatural story that takes place in the midst of a freezing blizzard Great read Our setting for this tale is a warm inviting English pub on a cold dark snowy winter evening The snow came out of nowhere baffling weatherman the world over This storm encompasses the world and it doesn t seem there is an end in sightIt isn t often that a book makes me feel like I am watching a orror movie Final Winter as just that effect the orror seeps off of the page Well done Iain Rob Wright I don t want to give anything away so I will stop ere but if you are looking for a great atmospheric read you Passionate Kisses Boxed Set have come to the right place You can t go wrong with a book by Iain Rob Wright A genuine 5 star read After an exceptionallyard winter in the UK and my Destiny and Power husband s oft stated desire to be snowed in in a pub this book sounded like a good read for me Something very strange is going on News channels are reporting that it is snowing in every country of the world That night in old English pub The Trumpet a small group of locals gather debating the cause of this odd occurrence But as the night goes on things get stranger and the group grows as other take refuge from both the snow storm and sinister characters outside As events unfold it appears someone in their group may be the cause of it all The book is described as an apocalypticorror and while it starts in a way that provokes thoughts about climate change and doesn t appear to be setting up a orror story as the evening goes on members of the group witness terrible things Although some of the action takes place outside and in shops nearby most of the evening is covered from within the pub in close uarters which feels uite claustrophobic and adds to the atmosphere The tone starts as uite conversational and there are moments of umour which lightened the book and made it less dark than I was expecting while still containing some terrible moments Will the group fre The beginning was entertaining but then the story begins to drag the reveal is totally unexpected and not in a good way The anti christian attitude is overpowering It begins as a The Café Book horror story and suddenly turns into a comedy I actually thought of giving up The ending is abrupt everything wraps up too uickly and is cheesier than Gouda Skip this readis A Z of Horror instead it s great. LBy the end of the night not everyone will make it and those that do may wish they adn’tBONUS Also includes the disgusting short story The Peeling of Samuel Lloyd Collins. The Final WinterThis one was frustrating It was a really cool premise a group of people taking shelter in a British pub from a blizzard that was sweeping the world And something group of people taking shelter in a British pub from a blizzard that was sweeping the world And something lurked outside in the snow Then 23 s of the way in the reveal came and for me it just fell off a cliff The mystery of what was outside was a lot intriguing than the reveal itself Had great potential at the start but couldn t deliverThis started out great and I d settled myself itself Had great potential at the start but couldn t deliverThis started out great and I d Settled Myself For A Fast myself for a fast in one sitting read Sufficient gore and tense situations that kept me second guessing who the real good guysbad guys were Reminded me a lot of Stephen King s The Mist to be onest But then we it about the three uarters mark and I literally went WTH Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies happened The story slipped into silly mode and I found myself totally turned off I don t know maybe I expected too much from an apocalypticorror story but I felt this could ave been so much than what it turned out to be Comedy is not what I search for when choosing a orror story but comedy is what it morphed into It s like the author did this bang up job of setting up this dark tale and then totally dropped the ball I might try a second novel by Iain Rob Wright just because I liked the set up of the first Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, half in The Final Winter but right now it s a mighty big IF The talent is there to produce a goodorror He certainly caught my attention at the start But I think this one got pushed through while still in need of a lot work in the developmental editing part of the writing process Had potential but didn t deliver I should probably Scruples Two have given it one star but decided to go with two only because of the good beginning For the author because I feel youave a lot of talent as a writer I d pull this one and rework it before any damage is done For potential readers probably not going to be the story you What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, hoped for when glancing through the blurb and those beginning pages This book was a nearly perfect apocalyptic tale where the end comes in the form of a worldwide snowstormIf the fact that it is snowing on every country in the world isn t freaky enough for you wait until you catch a glimpse of what else the stormas conjuredI really liked this book Once Wright introduced all of the players I didn t want to stop reading until I knew all of their fates So I read it in two sittingsDefinitely going to check out some of the author s work First published in May of 2011 British author Iain Rob Wright s debut novel The Final Winter found itself falling snugly into the recently popularised post apocalyptic revival that Carl Hiaasen Collection had seen a sudden resurgence of similarly end of the world themed talesDLS SynopsisEver since Harry Jobson s wife and sonad died at the wheels of a convicted drink driver Harry s life Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command had been a constant and purposeful descent into misery and drunken despair Night after night the unemployed thirty one year old spendsis life drowning Explosive Acts his sorrows in alcohol atis local The Trumpet And tonight was no exception The usual faces were in the pub with Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, him each drinking alone passing theours with just their pints for company The only thing that was different from every other night was the weather The snow was falling Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria heavier than anyone could ever remember itaving done And not just where they werebut across the entire worldWhen the power cuts out the pub and the rest of the snow covered street is left in complete darkness The pub s longstanding barmaid Steph is the first to jump into action gathering together candles for some form of light The sudden arrival of Lucas a charismatic Irishman that strangely none of the locals ad ever laid eyes on before uickly brings the group together Those taking shelter from the unrelenting blizzard outside are far from a solid knit of personalities Old Graham the local old drinker Nigel the long distance lorry driver and Damien the young drug dealing thug together with Harry Lucas and Steph make up the entirety of the groupWith the snow falling eavily and the temperature steadily dropping drastic measures are certainly needed And Lucas seems to be the man to bring them all together in this desperate time of need But the snow and the dropping temperature suddenly becomes just one in a long line of life threatening problems that face the group Everything suddenly becomes a Two Reels And A Crank hell of a lot worse when the mutilated body of the Polish supermarket employee Peter comes crashing through the pub window And carved into the flesh ofis chest is the message Send out the sinner Suddenly this is Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, hell on earth Outside beastlyounds from ell are roaming the surreal white landscape where visibility is near impossible Others from nearby shops On the night where it begins snowing in every country of the world a group of ordinary people gather at an old English pub At first they assume the weather is just a random. ,

characters The Final Winter

Re seeking rescue when the first of the savage attacks occur There s a ell of a lot out there than just snowDLS ReviewWright starts off the tale setting down a nicely localised post apocalyptic scenario that ReviewWright starts off the tale setting down a nicely localised post apocalyptic scenario that a very British setting with a The Camping Cookbook handful of well developed characters bringing together a very character driven storyline The tale itself stands firmly with its very British roots throughout playing with the clashing personalities of the realistically portrayed characters from within this very small localeThe novel unashamedlyomes in on just this very small location within a much expansive and grander apocalyptic premise Drawing together a religiously themed premise from the likes of Stuart Vowell s Lucifer Wars 2005 or indeed John Prescott s Pray 2010 Wright zeros in on Absalom, Absalom! how one small group of individuals battle against all odds in order toopefully survive the long perilous night Very much in the similar vein as one of Ian Woodhead s apocalyptic scenarios such as with is tale Shades Of Green 2010 the reader finds themselves watching a very close knit reaction to these monumentally devastating events somewhat diminishing the otherwise epic scale of the scenarioJust when the reader begins to think that they ave an understanding of where the tale is going Wright throws in a whole new twist to the tale s direction nicely throwing the reader off guard once again As piece by piece the novel gradually and I really mean gradually begins to take form Wright pumps up the pace with sporadic splatters of action bringing the novel to a dramatic and compelling finale This final showdown nope I won t give away with whom is slightly clumsy with its actual execution but remains satisfying with its broad wrapping up of the tale The Black Stone handful of additional subplots that constantly run alongside the main thrust of the tale are what really make the novel what it is Ok so the religious apocalypse backdrop is by far and away the main thrust for the tale but the Richard Laymon esue gritty substories breathe a much needed energy into the otherwise struggling plotThe novel reads very much like a debut with the author s writing style not really found At times the pace does begin to show signs of sagging with a touch too much empathise on the interaction between the characters rather than slinging down another impactful scene of action andorror However Wright On Liberty has still achieved aell of a lot with the novel pulling together an enjoyable and uite light No Way Down hearted apocalyptic rompThe publication also includes the following bonus short storyThe Peeling of Samuel Lloyd Collins 9 PagesAlready 90% of Europeas been affected by the disease popularly dubbed The Peeling Like its named suggests the symptoms that ultimately result in the infected person s death are a slow disintegration of the body Flesh falls off piece by piece Toe nails slip off Pulled Thread Embroidery hands rot away and pus filled sores drop from all across the body And one man sits there recordingis and the entire world s downfall One
man who wants 
who wants one answer Who s responsibleGloriously gory from the outset this miniature end of the world scenario wallows in the splatterpunk sickness of the short tale feasting on the first person perspective of the English Humour for Beginners human deterioration offered by the writings from our narrator s diary Very much in the same grotesue vein as Phil Smith s The Incredible Melting Man 1978 Guy N Smith s The Festering 1989 or indeed David Cronenberg s film The Fly 1986 the short delights in the repulsive elements of the narrator s collapsing body until a final almost by this time irrelevant twist ending concludes the twisted little taleThe book as a whole runs for a total of 262 pages I bought this on for three reasons1 It was short and I wasn t in the mood for a 1000 page epic2 It was cheap Cheap is always a good price3 I m a sucker for apocalypse stories especially ones that aren t the start of a 20 volume series3a I like to give a few untried authors a shot every year The Final Winter or as I like to call it The Final Winter Where Every Character Shares Every Thought They Have with the Reader starts out with some measure of promise A small assortment of people are effectively trapped in an English pub as an apocalyptic snowstorm rages not only outside but all across the world Shortly into the story all phone service goes down and the power flicks off leaving the group of people completely isolatedA few others from a nearby supermarket and video store make their way over and the rest of the short novel chronicles the group trying to survive the storm and each other because most of them are miserable wretchesThe ending is right Occurrence but as the night goes on and weird thingsappen they start to realise something far sinister is occurring And that someone amongst them may be the cause of it al. ,