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If one is interested in the banking related fiction go for this The Way Banks Take way banks take decisions in spite of the rules and regulations one really come across these issues in day to day life Good one on banking This book had been recommended to me by the distinguished reader Ms Laly Basu whose several earlier recommendations had enabled me to derive that exuisite joy of reading that only an unputdownable read can provide Armed with this fact as I began this book I was reasonably certain that I would like the book And I did like it but not as much as I would have loved to Why Read on please1 The book deals with the world of banking especially its inner cogs wheels that remain hidden behind the shiny fa ade of fancy buildings and huge amounts of others money being handled Unfortunately the picture that the author paints is distinctly coloured by the post Lehmann Broth I didn t think that I would finish this book as fast as I did but then the book was racy and un putdown able that I had to finish it in a couple of sittings Maybe this had something to do with the fact that I have spent a few years in the banking industry and could relate to the malicious co workers the politicking and scams that this book is all about Even if yo. Till it all changed one day when Ronald McCain CEO of GB2 is hurriedly pulled out of his morning team huddle and summoned by the RBI Governor What ensued thereon was something Ronald was least prepared for How could something as catastrophic transpire in an organization considered to be the Mecca of banking Ronald has no answers And when the CBI lands up at Deepak Sarups doors trailing the scent of a the same scandal Ronald decides to distance the bank lea. U don t come from the industry the story is Fairly Relatable To Most Working People Who Have Had The relatable to most working people who have had the of working with politicking scheming ambitious co workers during some part of their career Ravi tells it like it really is and there is no doubt about thatPlot wise I thought that the scope and the canvas of this book was much wider compared to the last Ravi Subramanian book that I read Devil In Pinstripes Though I have heard of something similar happening in one of the banks a long time backon a much smaller scale the story that Ravi weaves is exhilarating and fresh Character wise I don t think I liked anyone including the goody goody Karan as much of the story revolves around the exploits of the slimy Deepak The writing isn t spectacular but is competent and does not act as a hindrance to the flow of the story I did find the dialogues and conversations a tad trite and somewhat amateurish in a few places but that doesn t really affect the spirit of the book I also remember feeling that the editing was somewhat tauter compared to the last book The story flits between incidents that span over several years and "That Helps Keep Up " helps eep up mystery factor Infact initially I wondered what connection there was to some naxal leade. Ving Deepak a senior executive to fight his own battles Will Karan Deepak's one time adversary and now a Journo bail him out Will Savitha his girlfriend stand by him And will his family the CBI and importantly the country believe what he says With the media and CBI in hot pursuit Ronald can't help but wonder what his fate has in store for him an intriguing tale of love politics unbridled aggression and money laundering The Incredible Banker is the last in. ,

R to a tale about banking scam Well
is the element that makes all the un putdownable However almost halfway into the book so many clues have been provided that it becomes easy for us to guess what really happened clues have been provided that it becomes easy for us to guess what really happened that made me get a little impatient In effect you figure out things even before the person investigating the scam figures it out and this is definitely a damper The plot should have been tweaked in such a way that the reader learns about what really has happened along with the person investigating in a book Anyway the best part of the book is the ending When you think everything is over Ravi brings in a new twist tying up a lot of things neatly in the end I must confess that I didn t expect the ending one bit and liked it a lot Overall it s a breezy fun read that I ll recommend to anyone who likes reading good contemporary workplace fiction revolving around a scam I am giving it 355 It is a thrilling novel based on the world of corporate banking uite unusually right Well the author worked in top foreign banks in India HSBC and Citibank and is an IIM Bangalore alumnus so the novel is insightful of this sometimes dirty world It would be of interest to those who work in the banking and financial sector. The trilogy of banking chronicles Sometimes future can only be seen in fiction The Incredible Banker a tale of corporate politics deceit relationships frauds and money laundering releases in August 2011 raises some interesting and some worrying aspects of living life the foreign bank way A crucial uestion to answer which the reader will have to navigate his way through this 300 page blockbuster is what does the embedded red in The Incredible Banker signify. The Incredible Banker

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