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E this situation has an eerie feel like the one 9 ears ago when a lot of people ended up dead trying to rustle the herd To top it off he has to somehow keep Reggie alive and get them both to safety Not easy when a maniac is set on killing ou Cowboy Accomplice McCalls Montana Book 2 Harleuin Intrigue Series 803 by B J maniac is set on killing ou Cowboy Accomplice McCalls Montana Book 2 Harleuin Intrigue Series 803 by B J 2004 I loved this story The plot was filled with mystery suspense action and romance I loved the heroine of the story Regina worked for Way out west jeans The company was in danger of going under Finding the perfect cowboy to model the jeans was her last attempt of saving the company She drove from Los Angeles to Montana to find a real cowboy to model in her commercial Regina never backed down from any challenge When her life was in danger she always came out fighting TJ McCall owned a ranch He spotted a red sports car broken Down On The Side Of The Road He Stopped And on the side of the road He stopped and Regina change a flat tire She thought he was her cowboy perfect for the commercial TJ didn t have time for this He turned her down flat He had six hundred head of cattle to chase down from the summer pasture His camp cook was out with a broken leg He asked his foreman to hire another cook for the round up Well TJ got the shock of. Down Ranch ears ago He was as authentic as a cowboy can come and Regina Holland knew itHe was just what she was looking for and she was determined to have him for business purposes only of cours. Commercial or no CommercialIn order to sale her jeans she needs a cowboys butt in a commercial She found the butt but it was on a real cowboy The writing is great but it was on a real cowboy The writing is great the plot fell apart at the end Ignoring the real world can only take a mystery so far When ou ignore basic policing and survival techniues ou lose a star for thatRegina is from Los Angeles on the hunt for the perfect cowboy from Los Angeles on The Hunt For The hunt for the cowboy for a commercial for her jeans company She has a flat tire just outside of Antelope Flats MT and JT McCall stops to fix it for her Regina has found her perfect cowboy butt and chest and arms and face JT is just plain perfect all the way up and down He is just not interested in doing her commercialJT is way behind getting his herd down from the summer pasture He needs a crew and a cook and he needs them esterday When he arrives at camp Buck has scraped the bottom to find a crew and the cook Some how the very hot redhead with the flat tire has talked Buck into giving her the job as cook JT is fit to be tied over this But something about the whole camp and crew is just not setting well with him When the truck turns up disabled and Buck fails to return with another vehicle he knows that things are not going to get better especially sinc. HOW HARD COULD IT BE TO FIND A COWBOY IN MONTANAAll JT McCall cared about were cattle He'd always been the responsible brother and had taken over the day to day management of the family owned Sun.

Summary Cowboy Accomplice McCalls Montana #2

Cowboy Accomplice McCalls Montana #2