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Love with his physiotherapistSo it is only "A Wee Bit Tacky That The Two "wee bit tacky that the two them were in this supposedly committed relationship and cheated on each otherWhile the h is having her own personal drama the H is busy learning that the h lied about who she was too In a fit of piue because the h s ex boyfriend was leaving her house when the H showed up the H tells the h her sister is the better option and off he goes The H Gets To h gets to her huge mopey moment and contemplate being preggers aloneThen the h wins an award for one of her books and the H is the corresponding dashing reporter winner in the same award ceremony In the very trite finale the H resigns from his DASHING REPORTER POSITION TO GO BE A SEDATE EDITOR reporter position to go be a sedate editor a little local paper in Yorkshire during his acceptance speechThe h thinks he is marrying her sister until the H corners her on the way out the door and begs for a second chance Everybody apologizes to everybody and we all go off to the Yorkshire Dales to have a nice country cottage and two writing careers with a baby for the cute little HEAThis one was kinda tacky on everybody s part The h for cheating tho SC makes it clear that the h s former relationship was pretty dead in the water and the H for being such a snot pustule about the sister The sister was kinda tacky too but we expect that from an SC relative so I did not hold it against her too much Overall the ending was worth the read tho the road to get there was pretty rocky and I don t recommend this one unless ou are a die hard SC fan and are looking for a moderate SC HP outin. Dden motives for accepting a blind date But once he d met Ros he wanted to see her again—and again Could their blind date really lead to marriage. .

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Continues to have unprotected sex with the hero to the end of the book Um ooookay Maybe Emily Giffin who writes chicklit or Miranda Lee who writes sexually bolder but not braindead heroines could have made this work but the alien SC can tThe Hh were both so weak There was a small subplot in which "THE HERO WAS A VICTIM OF SEXUAL HARRASSMENT FROM "hero was a victim of sexual harrassment from boss which just showed him to be even ineffectual Despite all this there was no little drama or angst to make this even slightly palatable as a Harleuin It was epic fail all aroundGrade D Re Marriage By Deception It Is A Kinder Gentler Sara It is a kinder gentler Sara in the new millennium of HPlandia tho she doesn t hold back on the tackiness that is not her usual styleThe h is a romance author who needs a little research the H is a former war correspondent who gets harassed by his vulgar female editor into doing seekrit research on blind dating via the lonely hearts columnThe h s sister is a man eater femme fatale who likes to make her guys work for it and the sister is the one who initially responds to the H s personal column ad kinda like a pre Craig s list advert in the paper but the h is the one who shows up when her sister bails on the idearThe h felt bad some poor schmuck was going to be stood up because her sister got a whim and found a better offerThe h and H really hit it off and have a marvelous purple passion infused time together The only problem is that the H is lying about who he is and the h has a long term boyfriend Eventually the h ends up preggers and the h s boyfriend shows up to tell her he is in. St sight—if only Ros hadn t been pretending to be someone else How could she admit to this sexy stranger that she d lied Sam Hunter had eually hi. Unusual set up for a somewhat humdrum romance the cover don t do any justice to cover don t do any justice to story The title had nothing to do with the book Dating by Deception would a accurate titleI found it very very hard to like Ros because she kept thinking about doing something stupid acknowledging it was a stupid idea and then doing it anyways Over and over 35Two strangers who meet on a blind date of course choosing to hide their real identities for their own unexplainable reasons What now They soon fall in love but the masks is what all they want to reveal enigmas well both of them are This is definitely not a usual Sara Crazen type but I liked it After all Roses played a crucial role And I like roses If ou ever wondered what would happen if an alien took over Sara Craven s body and wrote a Harleuin in her stead then the answer is this book SC is an old warhorse in the HN line offering a Old Skool WTF mixture of rapey heroes willful virgins in forced marriages for decades to great successTHIS has none of those things The Hh meet through the personal ads and thru an "elaborate backstory they are each not what they seem and continue deceiving each other throughout the novel Since they can what they seem and continue deceiving each other throughout the novel Since they can "backstory they are each not what they seem and continue deceiving each other throughout the novel Since they can t honesty between them they have lots of sex instead The Jump The Shark moment was when the heroine revealed that she wasn t on the pill after having a marathon bout of unprotected sex with the H This would not be unusual except she has a current boyfriend NOT the H who she has been enjoying having sex with for two ears The heroine continues to have a boyfriend AND. Blind date brideRos Craig wished she d never let her stepsister persuade her to accept a blind date Meeting Sam Hunter could have been love at fir. .

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Marriage by Deception

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