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Cocky smart and strong male lead while his counterpart Jewel is sweet shy but definitely powerful and far from stupid From the start I loved their connection it felt natural and didn t feel forced by the writer to make the story work like she wanted The story has no real big twists or surprises since from the BEGINNING WE KNOW THAT JEWEL IS WHAT GRAY IS we know that Jewel is what Gray is looking for but I liked it I think Gena made it work and I loved the fact that she didn t create any unnecessary drama However there s plenty of action in this book A lot of fighting vampires demons mermen and other terrible creatures I liked Gray s uick mind it was very obvious since the beginning that she was the Jewel of Dunamis and while she didn t tell him outright throughout the story he started having suspicions and wasn t really surprised when he discovered the real truth and I loved thatI thoroughly enjoyed seeing their relationship develop no slow burn here but it s understandable when ou read the story things uickly fall into place and while not always my favorite way to go with a romance I can honestly say I liked it in this case It worked I fell in love with both of them and could have greedily read However the ending was a little rushed for my taste It all ended so abruptly and easily I would ve liked closure but it was such a small part I can t really say it ruined anything other than the fact that it was a tad frustrating We also get to revisit Darius and Grace from the first book and we also meet Valerian and Layel the heroes of the third and fourth book I am looking forward to reading their respective stories and learning about this magical world Showalter created I d give this 45 stars if I could Although it took me a while to finish this book because of outside factors I thought it was pretty awesome My one complaint is I think the ending was a bit rushed This might be the hottest book that I have read by GS so far The love scenes were pretty steamy One thing I liked is that Gray has a very large POV in this story It s really cool to see a romance from the guy s perspective And I feel that his viewpoint read pretty authentic for a guy He did and said and thought exactly the way I would imagine a man would think Now I have never walked in a man s shoes so I might be disputed on this Nevetheless it felt real to meAs typical for GS there was an aura of sweetness and good naturedness to this story It is difficult to describe but in the books I ve read by Ms Showalter with the exception of Awaken Me Darkly there seems to be this upbeat tone Now that doesn t mean that SPOILERS NOT HIDDEN IN THIS REVIEWWHY VAMPIRES SUCK AS ROMANTIC LEADS BY CARMEN1 They re cold And dead This is not sexy2 I don t want to hurt my lover and I don t want to be hurt by my lover Pain during sex is not appealing to me3 Someone kissing Amok your neckum Someone nibblingbiting And a Bottle of Rum your neckum Getting hickeys Crochet yum Someone taking their razor sharp teeth and plunging them intoour carotid artery Playhouse yuck Your blood gushing out into someone s mouthuck The taste of BLOOD YUCK THE TEMPERATURE OF BLOOD yuck The temperature of blood How blood feels in our stomach nauseating Even people who enjoy the taste of blood can only handle a lick or two It s not ingested easily or well 4 Also opening our veins to som Actual Rating 35 starsMuch better than the first book It is a relief really after the previous let down Now we can see for sure that this series have potential However I must confess that I am honestly not sure if my rating is due to the actual book or that I just tend to be predisposed to like Gena Shouter s work I admit I might not be completely objectiveAtlantis 1 Heart of the Dragon 25 starsAtlantis 4 The Vampire s Bride 4 stars. R the secrets of her mysterious origins Gray needs her wisdom to navigate monster ridden Atlantis But need blossoms into passionate love as they fight demons dragons vampires and a prophecy that says the bond between them could destroy them bot.

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Eems to be the one to lead him the Jewel so his mission has changed a bit to include rescuing herAnd he does But not before she rescues him in ways than oneAh es I miss the old Gena Showalter While I enjoyed this book I didn t find it as interesting as the first one It had some amazing parts where I found myself sighing like a 15 ear old and then some others where I thought ARE YOU SERIOUSIMHO the problem with this installment was that it lacked everything I problem with this installment was that it lacked everything I about book one I adored the Dragon warriors for me they are the most interesting species because I have never read about them before while I got a bit bored of gods vampires and demons I was exhilarated about reading something new which I found in the first one but totally lost in this 2nd book While I was completely lost into the plot of the first book I just couldn t believe this one We see a heroine which is not sure what she really is but she understands she is very powerful and needed by other species so she runs from them or tries to escape once she gets captivated Then the hero comes and rescue her So far so good I was enjoying it big time but then everything just got too surreal So far so good I was enjoying it big time but then everything just got too surreal heroine even is able to kill 4 demons by herself only using a stick and her fighting skills which were thought by the hero in a single day I don t know many things just didn t make sense at allStill it was a sweet romance and I really liked the hero and the heroine s personalities Moreover we get to learn a lot about all the other species and spend some time with the Dragons While I wanna read about the king of each species I didn t care at all about Jewel the heroine And I didn t like the ending at all it was just lame one of those that feel the author had no idea what to do and solves everything magically in a paragraphI still like this series and wanna read I just hope next book is like the first one 45 starsI can t believe I haven t read this book before now It s old news now but Gena Showalter is one of my favorite author of all time I ve said it a thousand times before but I ll say it again I will read anything she writes and probably love it I don t know if it s the way she writes her vivid and endless imagination or her awesome characters but I m always stunned by her workJewel of Atlantis was so damn good I read the first book in the Atlantis series a few months ago and wasn t completely taken by the story but this one felt like Showalter s current style These books were before her Lords of the Underworld series some of her first work and ou can tell her writing style has changed and grown since then but I genuinely loved Jewel of Atlantis and read it in one goI love the universe she created in this series it s intriguing and it has so much potential in Heart of the Dragon Showalter wrote about a shapeshifting dragon hero and a human heroine in Jewel of Atlantis she went with a human hero and an exceptional heroine extremely powerful and definitely not human Gray is a human working for the OBI the FBI of all things supernaturals He is sent to Atlantis through a secret portal to retrieve the Jewel of Dunamis a powerful object able to predict the future detect lies from truths and conuer anything and anyone What he doesn t know is that this Jewel is actually a woman a woman being used for her powers unable to lie and always under guard she longs for freedom When Gray steps foot in Atlantis he s immediately thrown into danger creatures can smell his human blood and give chase While trapped by a demon he hears a voice in his head guiding and helping him turns out that voice is Jewel In exchange for her help she asks him to free her from her captors Both main characters were amazing Gray is That Jewel is a woman not a stone But once he meets this precious gem destroying her is the last thing on his mind Jewel part goddess part prophet is a pawn in Atlantis's constant power struggles She needs Gray's help to win freedom and uncove.

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Firstly Gray is a pale blonde what in the hell is Johnny Knoxville doing on the front of the book Gray is there to steal a jewel that can figure out if people are lying and tell the future It ends up the jewel is Jewel who has had a psychic link to the future It ends up the jewel is Jewel who has had a psychic link to all of his life Now he has to try to save her from the demons that have kidnapped her and figure out what he is going to do with her once she s safe Cute book stale jokes I think this is only the second book I ve read by the author I bought about 5 so I m going to work my way through them but they re not high on my To Be Read shelf 3 stars Once again I would recommend this book if ou enjoy paranormal romance particularly a bit of sultry soppy romance I really love the world of Atlantis and would rate the world a 45 but ultimately the romance was the focus and I a bit mediocre for me Mind o Jewel of Atlantis begins with Grayson James a agent a human who is looking for the Jewel of Dunamis which legend has claimed is powerful than anything and can provide the means to destroy any enemy however there is one catch Grayson must find the Jewel which is in Atlantis but what Grayson assumed is the the Jewel is a stone When he is close to
finding the jewel 
the Jewel starts to hear a voice in his head a woman s voice that stirs up desire within him even though he is suspicious and doubts that she is real until he saves her from the ueen of Demons who has held her captive But Grayson doesn t realize until later that the Jewel of Dunamis is the same woman whom he has saved and whom has assisted him in navigating his way through the dangers ridden throughout Atlantis But throughout their journey they start to find a passion in one another and a willingness to fight for a future together no matter the cost or the dangers that could destroy all that they have built in one anotherI read this book a couple of weeks ago but I finally remembered that I forgotten to write the review for this book From what I recall Jewel of Atlantis is the second in the Atlantis series Even though I haven t read this series in order I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it so far Jewel of Atlantis is uniue and we get to see appearances of The Dragon King Darius and his bride Grace who is also human However throughout most of the book we see a intense plot where Grayson and Jewel are on the run from a variety of dangers throughout Atlantis I also loved these two main characters as well Jewel has been imprisoned because of her certain gifts but knows that Grayson can save her but as she helps guide him throughout the maze of Atlantis with all of its murky dangers and find a love they never expected to find This Was A Magical And a magical and adventure and passion that takes ou beneath the sea and into the mysteries of Atlantis Atlantis 2 I love Grayson James Gray is an OBI agent sent to Atlantis to obtain the Jewel of Dunamis I enjoyed learning about the different creatures of Atlantis This book has nonstop action adventure and romance from beginning to end Well this is when the author was on her A game Classic Paranormal Romance PNR full of gods and demons and mythical creatures with a dash of military romance because of the hero Grayson James is part of the Otherworld Bureau of Investigation OBI a black ops group so secret few know about it because few know about the creatures the OBI investigates Sent to Atlantis a world hidden in the depth of the oceans to recover a Jewel rud to be so powerful armies fall before it he instead finds himself mired in its world of ugly evil Well mostly evil The creature that contacted him and is communicating with him through mind reading is anything but evil and ugly by the sound of her sexy voice But she All Atlantis seeks the Jewel of Dunamis which legend claims can overcome any enemy Grayson James human agent of the ultra secret Otherworld Bureau of Investigation has orders to keep it from the wrong hands or destroy it What he doesn't know is. ,
Jewel of Atlantis