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William Tuning s Fuzzy Bones was written as the third installment of the Fuzzy series and published three years before Piper s own third volume was discovered in a trunk in Pennsylvania This must have been disconcerting for Tuning perhaps as much as it is for the reader Tuning really ot down with his subject and came up with a lot of interesting additions to the Fuzzy story but ultimately falls a little flat His writing style differs significantly from Piper s in that Tuning s writing is dense and involved There is a buoyancy missing from Fuzzy Bones that is present in Little Fuzzy and Fuzzy Sapiens If you read the first two followed by Piper s own Fuzzies And Other People then proceed to Fuzzy Bones or reverse the order of the two third volumes the story ets a bit confusing Things happened that didn volumes the story ets a bit confusing Things happened that didn happen What s oing on here Regardless this is a ood book and Tuning did a hell of a job picking up where Piper left off A very ood seuel to Piper s first two books published before his manuscript for the third book was found Mr Tuning did his homework well when reading this book it is easy to forget that it wasn t written by the same author as the other Fuzzy Books Tuning has captured Pipers style and his charaters and placed them in a story that is a worthy seuel to the beloved sci fi classicsThis book does lack one thing though Fans of the origanal Piper Books will notice the lack of courtroom drama the made the origanals so engaging Tuning doeshowever make up for it by providing the reader iwth one startling Fuzzy revealation after another This is a story that blends well with the original Fuzzy stories by H Beam Piper In this timeline Fuzzies have an agrarian. Decent men everywhere rejoiced in the Pendarvis Decision which declared the species Fuzzy sapiens to be a sentient race entitled to all the rights and privileges of man But of course that was only the beginning Men had a long way to o before they would et over the habit of thinking of Fuzzies as adorable pets and begin to accept them. Fuzzy BonesUe or that he had a second non public life likely that he didn t Care To Share Or Perhaps to share Or perhaps was just eccentric Tuning s recreation of the original atmosphere of the stories was superb He either studied it closely Or Loved The Originals Or Both The Tale Itself Was loved the originals or both The tale itself was particularly in the absence of a third Piper penned novel After that Ace managed to turn up a Piper seuel which it claimed had mysteriously emerged from Piper s papers I wonder where those papers have been hiding since 1964 Written before the discovery of the Fuzzies and Other People manuscript tuning took the world Piper had created for the Fuzzies and added a substantial background to it Longer than the two original novels combined but still short by today s doorstop standards Tuning does a reat job of fleshing out the story of the inhabitants of Zarathustra I wonder how he reacted when Piper s third book was discovered I read it years after reading the first 2 Fuzzy novels And I did not enjoy it The entire space faring possibility I felt was way off the original intentions of Piper s story Actually the 3rd manuscript discovered some 20 years after his death proves that my feelings were right This was so disappointing to me that for years afterwards I pretended there were only 2 books in the series I ve probably read those books 20 times This one I was sorry to have read once Ace books contracted William Tuning to write a wrap up to the Fuzzy series as Piper s third Fuzzy manuscript had not been discovered or published yet Tuning is not up to the task and writes a much sexist book with far too many storylines oing on and some out of character actions for characters established in Piper s books. Tentially dangerous to the Fuzzies and to all who cared about themH BEAM PIPER ENDEARED HIMSELF TO MILLIONS OF READERS WITH LITTLE FUZZY AND FUZZY SAPIENS NOW AT LAST THE STORY CONTINUES WILLIAM TUNING HAS MADE AN EXHAUSTIVE STUDY OF PIPER'S CREATION AND HAS HIMSELF CREATED A LABOR OF LOVE A TRIBUTE TO ALL THAT PIPER STOOD FOR FUZZY BON. ,

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Lifestyle and there is a spaceship underneath the round nearby This spaceship appears to be leaching titanium into the soil which was helping to produce healthy Fuzzies until the local weather patterns had been disrupted But where did this spaceship come from and when and does this mean Fuzzies may not be native to Zarathustra Follows in Piper s footsteps and does a ood job of not changing the world too much The only thing that seemed slightly out of place were love interests although I did enjoy themSince the real third Fuzzy book was discovered after this was published there are amusing inconsistencies But iven there was thought to be nothing to continue the story Tuning does a decent job Before they discovered PIPER S FINAL NOTES FOR A s final notes for a fuzzy book Tuning was authorized to pen a third work It s not bad was authorized to pen a third work It s not bad it does lack a little of the charm Piper brought to his world EXCELLENT READ AND WORTH THE EFFORT You don t need to read the predecessors to understand it The first two volumes Little Fuzzy and The Other Human Race were out of print for decades See separate reviews This is the third book in The Fuzzy series though not by the original hand This utterly charming original duo was first published in 1962 Little Fuzzy and 1964 The Other Human Race was the original title This story presented Tuning s best estimate of what happened next and was published a ood 20 years after the first two and about three years before Ace s mysterious discovery of a third Piper penned volume in a trunk in Pennsylvania Not much has emerged about Tuning to this date so little in fact that you might imagine he was invented by the publisher as cover for a committee untr. As euals in the universeThe study of Fuzzies as a species had begun immediately and some puzzling uestions emerged Where did Puzzles come from What was their anthropology Why did they seem such oddities in many small but significant biological ways on the planet where men found them The answers that began to appear were startling and po.
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