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The Soldier s Newfound Family by Kathryn Springer was number 5 In The Texas Twins in the Texas Twins It moved the story along and kept the characters consistent with the works of the other authors in the series This one featured Carter who for obvious reasons felt isolated from the rest of the family A very pleasant romance with a backdrop of family drama Carter is having a tough time dealing with the fact that his family has than doubled with two sets of twins and a new mother He promised a fellow soldier that he would tell his wife a message if he is killed so he meets Savannah Her view of her husband and Carter s view of his buddy are not ven close She is pregnant and he convinces her to go stay at the Colby Ranch to take it Mastered (The Enforcers, easy As he waits for Belle to wake up from her coma and his new family to make new bonds he may find a new path for his life280 pages Avis Central patron June 2016 4 stars The Solder s Newfound Family by Kathryn Springer tells the story of Carter Wallace a US Marine on leave after losing a friend to a roadside bomb He returns to Texas to take care of his fallen friend s wife Savannah Black Savannah pregnant and wary of her late husband s friend reluctantly accepts Carter s help and moves into his sister s cabin While there both learn lessons about trusting God andach otherI njoyed the story although the #Almost Unbelievable Discovery That #unbelievable discovery that of Carter s older siblings have long lost identical twins was a bit difficult to swallow All that aside the developing romance between Carter and Savannah is really cute It was great to see both of them come to new realizations about God s love and provision ven in the midst of guilt and shameThis is a short fun romance that shows how God s grace intervenes and allows us to love Overall a good read The Soldier s Newfound Family by Kathryn SpringerTexas Twins Series Book 5Carter Wallace the youngest and only one who isn t Belle s blood has returned from overseas He carried a lot than his US Marines duffel home with him he had a load full of guilt Even though he may have saved three men he wasn t able to save his best friend Rob He had promised him to check on Savanna when he returned to Texas He would do what he could to help his friend s widow And face all the changes in his family A family he never felt very close toSavanna Black was in uite a situation Widowed being Alter Ego evicted and now told by her doctor that the baby she carried was fine but she needed to be off her feet Her only option was to take up the offer from Carter to go stay at his sister s ranch in Grasslands She could get use to going from her lonely life to this boisterous family but she couldn t intrude for long with all their own family issues going on And if she was around Carter much longer she might fall for him Or was it already too late for thatThis has been such anxciting series Each of the five authors so far has added so much to ach of their characters and the story I m sure that Jillian Hart will pull it all together in Reunited for the Holidays We have a mysterious church secretary Bibles and apology notes popping up missing dad comatose mom and cute kids and critters I would advise to start with book one in this series so you get the full picture from the beginning It has really built up a great mystery for this last. When he returns to Texas from overseas US Marine Carter Wallace makes good on a promise To tell a fallen soldier's wife that her husband loved her But widowed Savanna. .

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IngAnd she ven threw a yummy in the mix Why not stab me with a spork ARGH And the writing what in gawd s name Page 166 top of the page Rob drops out of school gets a job cleaning buildings goes for coffee before his shift to keep him awake to study Wait WHAT If he dropped out of school and is cleaning buildings WHY would he need coffee before his WORK shift to study Isn t he going to um WORK And isn t he no longer studying Just BAD BAD writingUnbelievably it digressed Uncommon Wisdom even further from that It became farcical and NOT in a good way Not to mention there was NO rapport between Carter and Savannah and thending was left WIDE open so that the convoluted mess could be orchestrated with Unseen City even instruments of chaos After all we ve only got six part disharmony going on we could add whole SECTIONS of crap to itI was really pissed off by this bookAnd what s worse I have SIX MORE of her books sitting here ready to go Kill me now My hope is that this is a LATER work by Springer and that she didn t labor intensively on Tested by Fire her first novel and then immediately sink into the status uo of crap that s now Inspirational Fiction But being cynical this probably isn t going tond well for me It was so cute Only one to go This is a mini Books For Christian Girls review It is not a full content review and will not receive one These mini reviews are years old and just for clarity on the rating the book received on Goodreads 3202013 Content wise Carter has flashbacks from the war but there are not detailed272020 Mentioned in a recent video that I would be unhauling this series after rereading it The Soldier s Newfound Family reviewThe Soldier s Newfound Family is the fifth sweet Christian romance in the Texas Twins Series Written By Author Kathryn Springer I written by author Kathryn Springer I t so sure about Carter at first Art especially how he held himself apart from his family including the siblings he d grown up with And with his duty towards Savannah he came across as slightly overbearing Though he did mellow out so that s goodI liked Savannahspecially that she clung to her faith and the good things her grandmother had taught her God Is in the Crowd even in the difficult times I particularly loved the advice to count to 10 when we re frustrated but instead of just numbers count blessingsI feel like the romance was a bit rushed Perhaps that s a product of my age but I am finding I don t like the meet and sweep them off their feet within a month trope as much anyI did appreciate the little hints we were given if what I m reading is actually a hint rather than me just reading way into something than the author intended about what happened to keep the familystranged for so many years but my GOODNESS You definitely need to have the next book in GOODNESS You definitely need to have the next book in series ready to read right away after this one because that was a pretty big cliffhanger upon which to nd this one35 #stars 35 starsThere were a number of things that didn t add up in the book and ven some #35 starsThere were a number of things that didn t add up in the book and The Matriarchs (The Family even some issues with words randomly missing from sentencesbut somehow it was heartwarming anyway It was a bit of a challenge to pick up near thend of a complicated series but I managed to figure out what was going on and will definitely consider reading of the bookspeeve warning really don t look at the cover It is not representative of the story or the character. Ts and siblings he hadn't known about await him Now the marine who never needed anyone suddenly needs Savannah Will opening his heart be the bravest thing he'll ver.

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The Soldier's Newfound FamilyBook to bring outhttpjustjudysjumblesblogspotcom I d just read Springer s Tested by Fire and absolutely LOVED it So much so that I drove all the way to New Salem at Halloween time and it s skeery When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) enough there with the witches the REST of the year to get six of her books Because in Tested by Fire for the first time in the history of EVER the Bible was an intricate part of the story Verses weren t just platitudes they were LIVED they were woven into the characters they meant something And I wanted MOREWhat I got was completely freakin disappointed There were NO verses lived and woven into the characters The Bible wasn t an intricate part of the story it was all 100% churchianity instead And worse the story suckedLet s start with the basics WHO comes up with these covers Carter has wheat blonde hair buzzed Marine reuisite short in the book The weirdo on the cover has thick non regulation black hair SO completely wrong it s not funnyThe we move to the story This is book five of a series and while some writers are able to write series in which the individual novels can stand alone this is NOT one of them It s a convoluted MESS of too many characters with too much back story from too many previous messes with too many still partially on going situationsBasically Carter comes home from Afghanistan to find out that his sister has a long lost identical twin Oh and his brother ALSO has a long lost identical twin And as if that wasn t totally absurdnough the father of the twin brothers may or may not be his father And the mother which is not his mother is in a coma from some previous book ad nauseum so nobody knows WHAT the heck is going on And no the insanity doesn t stop there because his sister s fiance is now No Biggy! engaged to her identical twin and his brother isngaged and his sister is Crush It! engaged and there are children in the mix that we re supposed to keep track of on top of all of this And thentire convoluted disaster is all happily congregated at the ranch of coma woman R somethingBut that s not the story Oh ho ho no The story is about Savannah who s husband knocked her up left her a week after they got married fast acting sex apparently joined the Marines told his buddy Carter about how wonderful his marriage was and how awesome the white picket fence would be when he gets home only he gets dead and Carter is supposed to go convey the dude s luvvv to his wife Who was abandoned by him is about to be victed and is REALLY jaded about men At which point Carter drags #Her Back To His #back to his at the coma chick s ranch to add a little screwball to the mixed drink from hellBut THAT S not all ither Noooo we have to add in a psychotic church secretary who may or may not be related to coma chick but is hiding something and btw the young pastor has a thing for her which we only find out about thru the CHURCH GOSSIP instigated by the heroines of the novel and how deplorable Is THAT And Don THAT And don forget the church fun Because it s a COMMUNITY church aka social hour where we get to have basketball games in the gym work on cars in the parking lot have social dinners and never ONCE actually Deep Listening edify a single gall durned person Yes why yes the author regressed from impressing me to being EXACTLY LIKE EVERY OTHER PLATITUDE WEILDING feel good crap christianity peddler SO disgust. H Black pregnant and alone shares a different story with Carter one that testsverything he believes He brings Savannah back to the Triple C ranch where family secre. .