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At Nome s If you had asked me if I had read this before today I would have said I had I now realise I probably read Truckers which if I see a cheap copy of it I would read againSir Terry was to me an author without eual He transcended genres and was one of the funniest authors to ever live Some would argue the funniestThis is an early work of his and it doesn t uite have the rhythm of the Discworld novels I also found it to be serious despite Discworld novels I also found it to be serious despite plot that leads itself to farce It is a different way to look at the world which Terry excelled at and one that deserves a readIt isn t Discworld It is its own world A good fun follow up to TRUCKERS Essentially this trilogy is the Terry Pratchett version of THE BORROWERS told in his own inimitable style and of course with plenty of humour along the wayI m not the ideal target market for this book unlike the Discworld novels it s clearly aimed at younger readers but nevertheless it s a uirky and exceptionally fast paced read I had it polished off after only a couple of sessionsThe story picks directly up from DIGGERS and as far as I can tell the events of this seuel occur concurrently with the events from the third book in the trilogy WINGS Pratchett achieves this by splitting up his from the third book in the trilogy WINGS Pratchett achieves this by splitting up his sending half one way and the other half anotherLots of winks and nods and wordplay just as you d expect from the author The reference to GULLIVER S TRAVELS with the security guard is well achieved and the bits involving vehicles are thrilling A great climax too which takes the story to another level The trouble with having an open mind of course is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in itSecond part of The Nome Trilogy is just as fun as the first one I loved reading again about this character and this world Pratchett created I also loved that Diggers focused on Dorcas character because he s currently my favorite character of the series And the only reason I m giving this 4 stars is because I feel like the overall story of the Truckers was a bit better than this one But nonetheless I love this series and I cannot wait to read the last part to see how is it going to end. Ayuda de una impresionante máuina tractor cavadora llamada Jekub ue abarrotada de esos minúsculos seres causa pavor a los hombres uienes miran espeluznados cómo el inmenso tractor se abre paso por los campos sin ue aparentemente lo conduzca nadieCavadores es el segundo volumen de la serie El éxodo de los gnomos ue sigue haciendo las delicias del lector con las divertidas y jocosas aventuras de sus protagonist. Enjoyed this one too The Nomes find themselves living in an old abandoned uarry but they realise it isn t going to stay abandoned much longer because the humans want the rocks to build new roads Masklin Gurder and a few others go off looking for Grandson 39 in Florida juice you ind of need to read it to get the reference but also because Masklin nows he will be flying

on a plane 
a plane The Thing has told him they originally came from out space The last we see of these fellows is heading off towards the airportThis story is then picked up in book 3Meanwhile the other Nomes begin to listen to a rebellious none cammed Nisodemus not Nicodemus LOL but the parallels are fairly obvious Unfortunately he is a bit crazy and this does not bode well for the welfare of the whole of Nomekind so Grimma and Dorcas and a few younger nomes choose TO DISOBEY HIM WITH DISASTROUS CONSEUENCES AGAIN THE THEMES disobey him with disastrous conseuences Again the themes resilience and reciprocity run through this book but there is freedom in this book with Grimma giving other nomes a choice When the nomes shout for something to happen she suggests they do that if it is what they wish and the nomes begin to start thinking individually rather than as a collective They start to understand the conseuences of the choices they are making rather than blindly following the person who shouts the loudestThe ending is interesting because it makes you want to read the next book to find out exactly what did happen because it makes you want to read the next book to find out exactly what did happen Maskin and Co when they disappeared off to the airport A good book that picks up from the first of the trilogy Truckers six months down the line Characters have developed some are smarter and are teaching others how to read others are less than happy at the shock of how the outside world works This had some good moments the one that really stands out are that some of the nomes who came from the store still believing in Arnold Bros est 1905 and that he will guide all nomes to a safer way of living This was clearly Pratchett s way of portraying religious zealots and pointing out to them that maybe their way of thinking isn t always the best way As I ve said many a time before Pratchett s YA books are that in name. Ante la demolición de la Tienda miles de gnomos llevan a cabo una atrevida y dramática fuga en un camión robado un camión diseñado para los humanos ciento cincuenta veces mayores ue ellos y así salvan la vida por los pelos De este modo llegan hasta una cantera abandonada ue parece un hogar acogedor y en ella se instalan ¡Por fin los gnomos están a salvo ¿O tal vez no Pronto empiezan a suceder cosas extra. .

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Only the only difference between them and his adult work is the inclusion of chapters The character moments were good the message behind the story was well told but sadly this feels exactly how it is The middle part of the story and not the most interesting part Truckers set everything up Wings will give us the conclusion Diggers sort of feels like filler and it suffers a little because of this It s not a bad book but it s not one of Pratchett s best Another great book in the series what can I really say that was not started with Truckers but I will say this the story is a little maturer this time characters seem to have grown up as well as the storyline they inhabit The tale is still enthralling to young and old and still has the sense of mischief that Pratchett is so famous for Book two in this trilogy about the Nomes and it was absolutely delightfulThe Nomes have now relocated to a an old uarry where they happily start to rebuild their lives until the humans decide to reopen the uarry The fight is on and a lot of very entertaining scenes take place including a rampaging JCB and a train wreckJust as it seems there is nowhere left for our heroes to go something wondrous happens but we have to go to book three to find out what Can t wait This was a fun read I love Pratchett s wit I enjoyed seeing these characters again and their crazy interactions with the bigger world Based on the ending though I can t wait *To Read The Final *read the final I think they have uite the story to tell A fitting seuel to the first book I thought it was just as engaging and interesting Number two in the Bromeliad trilogyAnother great read from the pen of Terry PratchettBy this time the Nome s have left the store and in so doing have left their God Arnold Bros Est 1905 behindThey have taken up residence in an abandoned uarry and seem to getting used to their new environment All that Is With The Exception with the exception Masklin who is determined to find out just where the Nome s are fromIt s not long before the Nome s peace and tranuillity is destroyed when humans decide to reopen the uarryDorcus comes to the rescue when he find and repairs a neglected JCB digger th. ñas la superficie de las charcas se vuelve dura y fría el agua ue cae del cielo se transforma en trocitos helados pero todavía ocurre algo peor los hombres aparecen de nuevo y la cantera entra en funcionamientoEntonces Masklin decide emprender una misión desesperada ue si tiene éxito tal vez los lleve a su hogar definitivo Mientras tanto en la cantera los restantes gnomos se defienden de los intrusos con la. Diggers author Terry Pratchett

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