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Ong time I am so glad I finally picked it upThis is *An Engaging Look At How * engaging look at how doctors confer with veterinarians which doesn t happen as often as it should The chapters are divided into various ailments and diseases and the connections made sense It seems the tides are turning and these doctors confer and If you love animals and our connection to their world I definitely recommend this one This book was good enough but could have been so much better The overall theme is that there are significant parallels between human and animal health that have been overlooked due to the bifurcation of human and veterinary medicine this is explored through chapters on problems like cancer substance abuse heart ailments and self harm It turns out that some recent discoveries in human health have long been nown analogously by vets so we should look for connections to improve health for members of every species So far so good The book was written by a doctor collaborating with a science journalist and the dumbed down additions to the text stand out so much they may as well have been printed in a different color In other words a common genetic blueprint instructed the embryos of Shamu Secretariat and Kate Middleton to grow different yet homologous limbs steering flippers thundering hooves and regal waving arms I probably don t need to uote the sentence that came before to make it obvious that this gloss is unnecessary for comprehension Now multiply that across the entire book And yet the paragraphs that I assume were written by the doctor are perfectly pleasant to read and don t reuire this Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, kind of dressing up unless you assume the audience consists of recalcitrant 10th gradersI m not entirely sure this book deserves to be damned with two stars instead of three or my magazine article as book tag The central thesis is worthwhile and lots of the examples are interesting But the presentation borders on Natalie Angier ish and the examples pile up in a way that tells you about horses oroalas than the developing field of one health It did make me impatient and seemed less thoughtful than Spillover which deals with similar material They had me at stallion with erectile dysfunction Couldn t put it down and I m not a big non fiction person Also bought it for my parents and then found my eleven year old reading it So there you go I honestly cannot think of anyone who wouldn t benefit from reading this book Natterson Horowitz is a doctor who was asked to do cardiovascular surgery on a tamarin While trying to reassure the monkey pre surgery she learned about the risks of a condition called capture myopathy found in animals She s shocked to find this condition well studied among vets bears a striking resemblance to an emerging heart condition in humans This gets her thinking What else do vets now all about that could help humans The answer it turns out is uite a lotWith the help of a science journalist Natterson Horowitz has created a compulsively readable entertaining and enlightening book about the intersection of human and non human medicine She has fascinating chapters on cardiology cancer sex addiction fear obesity mental illness sexually transmitted diseases and adolescence She finds endless unexpected corollaries and begins to ask how studying these issues in animals could teach us about humans The results as I mentioned are riveting The information she so smoothly conveys opens up all source of captivating ideas uestions and avenues for investigation and collaboration The only small flaw with this book was her obsession with coming up with new terms Zoobiuity for instance which I m not sure is really going to catch on or a syndrome called FRADE *which stands for fearrestraint associated death events and is than a little forced *stands for fearrestraint associated death events and is than a little forced don t now perhaps all doctors do that Regardless it s a tiny flaw and I suspect many of my friends and relatives will be receiving this book as a gift So far this is not going well She s acting like she discovered something new then leaves an incorrect impression about how when animal human medicine diverged so much It s really a topic worthy. Mushrooms stallions self mutilate and gorillas experience clinical depression Natterson Horowitz and science writer Kathryn Bowers have dubbed this pan species approach to medicine zoobiuity Here they present a revelatory understanding of what animals can teach us about the human body and mind exploring how animal and human commonality can be used to diagnose treat and heal patients of all speci.

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ZoobiuityThe heart of this book and concept Our essential connection with animals is ancient and it runs deep It extends from body to behavior from psychology to society forming the basis of our daily journey of survival This calls for physicians and patients to think beyond the human bedside to barnyards jungles oceans and skies Because the fate of our world s health doesn t depend solely on how we humans fare Rather it will be determined by how all the patients on the planet live grow get sick and heal Though I loved every chapter my favorites were Roar gasm yes all about sex Scared to Death and Fat PlanetThe Bad I wish it was longer Disclaimer I am a veterinarian so I loved everything about this book Many of the topics presented in this I use every single day as a zooauatic vet and I find it interesting how novel many of these theories are to human MDs A bit frustrating that vets have had this zoobiuitous philosophy and comparative approach forever yet people seem to respect it much when it comes from human MDs You need to be interested in these topics andor a fan of non fiction to enjoy this readFavoriteIntersting uotes When women buy a box of plastic ovulation predictor sticks they are purchasing fertility detection technology that a stallion s nostrils can provide for free In a world where no creatures are truly isolated and diseases spread around as fast as jets can fly we are all canaries and the entire planet is our coal mine Any species can be a sentinel of danger but only if the entire planet is our coal mine Any species can be a sentinel of danger but only if the array of healthcare professionals is paying attention Preventive medicine isn t just for people Keeping animals healthy ultimately helps eep humans healthy Of course all animals have different things to learn while traversing the arc that takes them from sexually immature vulnerable child to reproductively capable developed adult In our case those include advanced language skills and critical thinking But there s one feature that defines adolescence in species from condors to capuchin Monkeys To College Freshmen to college freshmen s a time when they learn by taking risks and sometimes making mistakesModern parents can take comfort from the fact that most of our teenagers come through adolescence too perhaps a little bruised maybe a little humiliated but stronger for the journey One thing you can say about meals in the wild they re never boring Every bite reuires a life or death focus on two things getting food and avoiding becoming food *If an animal cannot find and secure consistent meals he will die of starvation If he *an animal cannot find and secure consistent meals he will die of starvation If he not vigilant he will fall to predation In nature eating is drenched with danger risk taking stress and fear So certain were experts that neonates felt no pain that through the mid 1980s major surgeries on newborn babies were sometimes performed without anesthesia These included major cardiovascular procedures reuiring prying open rib cages puncturing lungs and tying off major arteries Though provided with no pharmacologic agents to blunt the pain that cracking ribs or cutting through the sternum might have induced babies were given powerful agents to induce paralysis ensuring an immobile and undoubtedly terrified patient on whom to operate Jill Lawson s remarkable story of her premature son Jeffrey and his unanesthetized heart surgery provides a heartbreaking account of such a procedure After Jeffrey s death in 1985 Lawson s campaign to educate the medical profession about the need to treat pain in the young literally changed the field And likely led to improved awareness of pain in animals too bA techniue called clicker training pairs a metallic tick tock with a food treat every time the animal performs a desired behavior Eventually the animal comes to associate the sound of the clicker with the feel good neurochemical rewards of the food When the treat is discontinued the animal will continue doing the behavior because Natterson Horowitz a cardiologist psychiatrist draws a distinct link between shared conditions and diseases in all of the animal ingdom I liked this as a chaser for Frans de Waal s books I ve read on animal intelligence I ve had this on my TBR for a Rdiologist Barbara Natterson Horowitz embarked upon a project that would reshape how she practiced medicine Beginning with the above uestions she began informally researching every affliction that she encountered in humans to learn whether it happened with animals too And usually it did dinosaurs suffered from brain cancer Sailor Moon Episode Lists koalas can catch chlamydia reindeer seek narcotic escape in hallucinogenic.

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