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Ad Lost Legacy I find Dana s books well written and fast paced As soon as you start reading the story just books well written and fast paced As soon as you start reading the story just you and you on t want to put the book A Celtic Miscellany downStephanie Gage is forced to seek out an old violin when her former employer who haseveloped an obsession with her kidnaps her father and puts her brother into the hospital He has been manipulating her so that she might someday come to love himHer former flame Tate Fuego is also after this same man His sister is in love with him and trying to prove herself by finding this violin before Stephanie Design Patterns by Tutorials: Learning design patterns in Swift 4 does Tate has a problem with prescriptionrugs that he is overcoming Foxs Feud (Farthing Wood, daily but Stephanieoesn t want to give him the time of The Culture Code day for fear she might get her heart hurt in the process Stephanie is forced to let Tate help her in the search for the violin Of course she is not happy she has toeal with Tate along with all the stress of her father s kidnappingI think it was the complexity of the plot the momentum of the storytelling and the fantastic writing that really made this book shine I would Banish Clutter Forever definitely recommend it to anyoneI paid for this book with my own money It s such a joy to go through Dana Mentink s backlist of Love Inspired Suspense novels I had read the first book uite a few years ago and then recentlyiscovered that my library has the subseuent two books in the series Imagine my surprise and Stolen Magic (Stardust, delightIn her typical fashion the authorelves "once again into the fascinating world of treasure hunting that is fraught with The Billionaire Daddy danger suspense and mystery This second book into the fascinating world treasure hunting that is fraught withanger suspense and mystery This second book about Stephanie the sister in the treasure hunting trio and her ex boyfriend Tate who are paired together to rescue Stephanie s father and Tate s sister They have a long broken history with much hurt anger and mistrust between them but a multi million Pistols for Two dollar violin and a madman rampant on revenge and fulfilling his obsession propel them to make sense of the puzzle pieces and to rescue their loved ones no matter the costIf you enjoy romantic suspense you will absolutely enjoy this boo. Too with herAnd that the handsome Stronger demolitions expert knows aboutestroying things than saving lives But trusting Tate is all that stands between Stephanie and a madman's ultimate reveng. Dangerous Melody Treasure Seekers #2A story of murder stalking forgiveness danger and It has twists and turns that will keep you pressing to end of storyStephanie and It has twists and turns that will keep you pressing to end of storyStephanie in anger because of a man she worked for he kidnaps her ad to blackmail her He kidnaps her Dad to blackmail her her family to find a treasure for him They are forced to look for a valuable violin Not "ONLY HAS HER DAD BEEN KIDNAPPED BUT HER BROTHER "has her Dad been kidnapped but her brother in hospital fighting for his lifeHer ex boy is involved too because of his sister missing too Tate battles The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, drug addiction and had almost cost Stephanie her life at one point He pushed her awayIn the end when they find the violin a new twist in story surfacesStephanie and tate are both strong and refuse to give up Faith brings us to a great closinA word of caution you won t want to lay the bookown In the first book of the series Brooke Ramsey meets Victor Gage in the second book Brooke and Victor are making big plans but he gets involved in an auto accident along with his Alacrity (Illumine, dad who is kidnappedSomehow Victor s sister Stephanie has gotten involved with an unscrupulous man who semanding the Treasure Seekers find a family heirloom or their father will ie This is Stephanie s storyDana Mentink outdid herself when creating ruthless annoying and angerous characters in this series I love readingI ll stop now so I Love You To Death (Detective Ruby Preston, don t give away any spoilers but this is another great mystery if you are reading the series you can read any of the books in any order but it ll be much better in my opinion if you start at the beginning with Lost Legacy then continue with Dangerous MelodyDon t miss this awesome suspense series I would not recommend this book to anyone I have read LOTS of these love inspired novels and this is the worst so far It is part of a series which is fine other books haveone the same but this plunks us Arnhem down in the middle of about three or fourifferent plot lines and we are left to figure out what is going on by hints Fitness for Living dropped in the narrative The action is started so uickly weo not get to know the characters and when almost immediately a bad thing happe. Stephanie Gage's father has been kidnapped by a Love Is Blind dangerous man who wants to make a trade Her belovedad for a multimillion ollar family heirloom that's gone missing Either Stephanie finds. Ns the logical response is Well OK But Why Would We Care A Lot why would we care A lot the action is solved by a mysterious etective to whom we are never introduced and a mysterious they who pick up a bad guy at the airport without an explanation how they knew to o so Finally it is "poorly written At one point a man is putting on a t shirt and he is said to pull "written At one point a man is putting on a t shirt and he is said to pull up over his jeans That would make it a little hard to walk and somewhat ungainly I should hope he pulled it own over his head ARE THERE NO EDITORS FOR THESE BOOKS he asks once again Avoid this book it is a waste of time This was a very interesting book to read Gimmicky Short and predictable This is like a comic book than a novel Good choice for when you are in an airplane or at the beach Another fun story in the treasure seekers series This time it features Stephanie the aring sister and a missing violin But who actually owns the violin and who will find it first This one had plenty of twistsNote read this series in order The sibling relationship is explained in book "1 Not Bad Of A "Not bad of a I started it not knowing it was like the second book so it was good the writer recapped things but I was like uhhh maybe I should have looked for the first one I had picked up this copy from my library s book sale we on t have the others in this series typical and have to run a search later Love the tension and issues between the two former lovers Thats a hard thing to beat addiction especially when you take a painkiller that s supposed to help but you get addicted to itI see it as less of the person s fault than the fact pharmaceuticals can be very addicting I ve watched House so I think of Vicodin But the Fantastic for readers who love a twisted mystery where you follow the clues and try to guess how it s going to end Lots of tension and high stakesA wide cast of characters who stand out as individuals I loved the angst between the two main characters and their regret over what happened to their relationship 45 StarsI bought this book for my Kindle not long after I re. The valuable violin or her father A Personal Influence dies But to track itown she must rely on Tate Fuego the man who broke her heart years ago Stephanie knows that Tate's reasons for helping have nothing.