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E years including her husband After the "Shop That She Works At Closes For "that she works at closes for season Sarah is stuck at home trying to keep her thoughts occupied and away from the dreaded memories When Grace her next door neighbor is unable to make up her mind about marriage due to her "unmarried brother levi sarah comes up with a "brother Levi Sarah comes up with a After sending her friend away for a couple of days to Grace s grandmother she spends time helping out Grace s brother Levi Beachy find a wife Of course Levi was her own late husbands best friend and a boy that she had embarrassed years ago at school He doesn t talk much and has no idea what Sarah is brewing behind his back After she comes up with a short list of eligible ladies she finds ways to send them to his buggy shop When Levi finds out about her doings he sends the Hope Spring eligible man to Sarah s houseThis book was wonderful and surprising so I loved Levi and there were times that I felt my heart aching for him He fancied Sarah for a few years but she married his best friend instead He doesn t really know how to talk to women or other eople for that matter and has Sarah help him run the business while Grace is away Levi also has his own dreams dreams of leaving Hope Springs and go to the Rocky Mountains He was absolutely adorable and Private Elisha Stockwell, Jr., Sees The Civil War probably my most favorite character of the story Poor Levi did not know what was going on and on top of that he had to deal with therankster brother s of his Though I had to admit one of the Past Lives, Future Lives pranks that theyulled had me gigglingOf course Sarah doesn t believe that love and happiness is Love with Every Beat part of her future but can Levi mend her broken heartA sweet story beautiful writing and a wonderful romance I liked the chemistry between these two they are friends who came a long way It was great to be aart of their adventure I have not read the other books of the series sadly but I hope to someday revisit the others that I have missed I love Patricia Davis Amish books This story told so much about Amish Ways And How Most and how most there for each other during any crisis Very heart warming love story What s not to like about this book There is drama humor and a bit of romance too I am not a big fan of Amish fiction but do occasionally read one This book was very good at drawing you into the story and keeping you interested I gave this book 55 stars I liked the Her handsome shy neighbor Levi Beachy find a wife But once the single ladies of Hope Springs start visiting his buggy shop Levi sends the town'. I always enjoy the Brides of Amish County series books This time A Hope Springs Christmas introduces us to Sarah Wyse She is a widow who has lost her job during the Christmas Season She seems to always have losses during the holiday season She lost her husband arents and sister Sarah believes because she loved them they were taken from her and she refuses to marry again for that reason Levi lives close to her and has ran her husband s carriage SHOP SINCE HIS DEATH LEVI PROMISES HER HUSBAND HE since his death Levi Arcana Mundi promises her husband he look after Sarah until she found a husband Levi s daughter Grace is Sarah s best friend She runs to Sarah when she wants to marry her beau but she feels she can t leave Levi her brother and their twin brothers who they have cared for since the death of theirarents Sarah tells Grace to go to her grandmother s house for a visit and she would take care of her brother s while she was gone Grace asked Sarah to به سوی زبان شناسی شعر play matchmaker for Levi while she is gone so when she gets back she will be able to leave Levi and the twins so she can get married Will spending time help Levi and Sarah to overcome their fears and realize that they love each other You ll have to read A Hope Springs Christmas to find outI really enjoyed this book Twoeople getting over their fears to trust God enough to find true love I also loved the twins in this story They are uit a mischievous bunch of kids There was a little bit of a mention of Christmas in the book but I really did not feel Christmas when reading this book It could have been anytime during the winter season except for the fact that we know Sarah has lots of losses during the Christmas season I also enjoyed briefly meeting old characters in the story At the end of the book Patricia Davids gives hints as to who she might write about next in the series I will be waiting for that next book as her reads "always uplift meI recieved a copy of this Galley through Net Galley and Harleuin and was not reuired to "uplift meI recieved a copy of this Galley through Net Galley and Harleuin and was not reuired to a Genesis positve review Courtesy of Harleuin through Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Honestly I have not read much Christian Romance but I am always open to something new and that was how I approached this book and I was glad I did It was aerfect clean romance for the holidaysSarah Wyse dreads Christmas as she has lost everyone that she loves during the season through th. Amish widow Sarah Wyse does not see wedding bells in her future Still she can't think of a better way to spend the Christmas season than helping. ,

Haracters and thought they were well developed and easy to enjoy Sarah was likeable and you could not help but cheer for her The main male character was Levi He too was enjoyable and you root for him right from the start I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Amish fiction Christian fiction and short easy to read romancesI would like to thank the ublisher for "The Of This Book I Enjoyed Reading I Gave "copy this book I enjoyed reading I gave honest review based on my opinion of what I read SUMMARY Amish
Widow Sarah Wyse Does Not 
Sarah Wyse does not wedding bells in her future Still she can t think of a better way to spend the Christmas season than helping her handsome shy neighbor Levi Beachy find a wife But once the single ladies of Hope Springs start visiting his buggy shop Levi sends the town s eligible men Sarah s way Neither expects to find love but with help from the close knit community they just might mend each other s broken heartREVIEW An enjoyable Amish book with a bit of a twist as Sarah and Levi both lay matchmaker for the other without knowing that the other is strongly interested in someone but too shy or hesitant to approach I have read many Amish books and read them heavily when I first discovered Christian fiction but I have found that most of them follow the same story line which tends to make them less interesting to me I did like the focus on second chances and that some times good friends can make the best marriage A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry partner FAVORITE UOTES i understand fear I understand regret It understand that it is hard to trust that God knows bestbut to think God wants you to spend your life without love is to say that He doesn t love youPapa why can t we haveretty trees like the Englisch He said that when our Lord and Savior was born no one decorated a tree for him No one Six Days put fancy lights on the roof of the lowly stable Jesus came to us uietly in alain and simple way We have no need of glowing lights to remind us of His coming for His light is bright and strong in each of our hearts And when Jesus looks down from heaven to see how we are celebrating His birth He looks for the simple light that shines from inside us where it counts All those of us who keep His light in our hearts make a beautiful display to His eyes than any English tree Thought this was a very interesting explanation of why the Amish focus on lain and simple. S eligible men Sarah's way Neither expects to find love but with help from the close knit community they just might mend each other's broken hea.

Summary A Hope Springs Christmas

A Hope Springs Christmas

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