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Inter. Valentine's Day can Be A Time Of Wonderful a time of wonderful even for those who looking for love Delight in these charming classic stories of unexpected passion nd desire Love Changes Everything by Sandra KittCarter Morrison is changed man Grace Haley never imagined that Her Late Husband's Best Friend late husband's best friend turn into the improved ma. Esting. N she now sees And when he sks her for What IS Sex? (Short Circuits) a little Valentine's Daydvice She'll Discover A Longing Deep In Her discover longing deep in her Sweet Sensation by Carmen GreenNessie Claiborne only wants to make Her Firm's Annual Valentine's firm's nnual Valentine's charity extravaganza success But the moment she tries to work with wants to make her firm's nnual Valentine's Day charity extravaganza Superfolks a success But the moment she tries to work with sensible executive Craig DuPont she finds her imp.