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Sweet Liberty iLfilled election promises bribes natural disasters damaged roads cricket child labor and everything under the sun that ails an Indian common man In my opinion naming this collection as The very best of the common mans misleading These 100 panels only scratch the surface of Common man s legendary run and some of the panels presented here repeat Smack itself like old winen a new bottle I would ve loved to see a diverse collection Also I thought Night of the Living Dead Christian it would benteresting to know which year each The New World Order individual cartoons were originally published but thatnformation was missing too Nevertheless This small book contains the bold legacy of India through the eyes Laxman s common man which reminds us to look at everyday affairs without prejudice and manipulations the two factors which populate our current day media. Ing King Solomons Carpet in contemporary India From politicalnstability to economic crises from the deeply entrenched corruption to the woes of householders Laxman PORTRAYS EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS TO LIVE AND EXPERIENCE exactly what t means to live experience real IndiaThe book presents some of the best cartoons The Common Man n all his mute gloryThis edition featuring The Common Man n all his mute gloryThis edition The Very Best of the Common ManDates on which the cartoons were originally Published f provided would have Reading Experience Much reading experience much An nteresting book of the cartoons by RKLaxman for the everyday newspaper They make fun of various things that happens Trauma in politics the economy etc and at the same time make you think about whats wrong with them I picked up this book The Dark Lord Trilogy (Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy, in Delhi airport to kill time and completedt Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy in one hour Thiss a selection of great works of noted political cartoonistspolitoonists Late RKLaxmanI must confess I am a fan of his work and his cartoons were the First Thing I Read thing I read the Times of IndiaComing back to the bookits left leaning but Happiness the Mindful Way is awesomeThe main targets are politiciansbureaucracy and education system and are relevant even todayIts a book for all readersSinceI don t think I have The Very Best Of The Common Mans a tribute to one of India's best loved cartoonists R K Laxman It presents a collection of some of Laxman's cartoons based on The Common Man a character that appeared n Laxman's daily cartoon strip titled You Said It for the Times of India publicationThe Common Man an average man ,

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T n me to criticise RKLaxmanI am giving t FIVE STARS I NEVER HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF READING stars I never had the privilege of reading daily political cartoons of the excellent R K Laxman when I was a kid simply because my family never subscribed to Times of India newspaper which published Laxman s cartoons and that delayed my ntroduction to his Common Man I still remember my first Common man A simple penciled cartoon of a family staring blankly at an empty wall with the caption running along the lines The television s n the repair shop and the family just don t know the caption running along the lines The television The Bully isn the repair shop and the family just don t know else to doI read that one about 12 years ago and The Regiment it stayed with me ever sinceThis 200 page collection contains 100 single paneled cartoons Laxman drew during his long career His satirical panels presented here hits hard on the evergreen hypocrisy of politicians unfu. Epresenting the hopes and fears of the massesn India remains one of the best characters The Kingdom (Fargo Adventure, in the history of Indian cartooning andllustration He Johnny Came Home is depicted as a silent witness to all the socio political happenings that are presentedn the cartoonsThrough the Common Man cartoons Laxman explores every aspect of liv. .
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