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Her Little White Lie

Maisey Yates Ñ 4 Read & Download

Possibly my favorite HP ever I just LOVE what Maisey does with popular category tropes here The dialogue is funny and freuently unexpected the heroine feels fresh and interesting to me ordinary but so centered and working so hard to maintain her centered ness despite all the Frisbees of WTFery the hero lobs her way and the hero s wound goes deeper and works better than most It s just a cut above my favorite of Maisey s books that I ve eadCurrently only available through Mills Boon but you can buy their ebooks outside the US if you e willing to put up with their horrible form And the ePub re willing to put up with their horrible form And the ePub And the DRM All I can say is that it was so worth it PAIGE HARPER IS DESPERATE TO GET Harper is desperate to get of the daughter of her Liar, Liar recently deceased best friend and when it seems like the adoption agent is likely to turn her down because she s a single woman which I m fairly certain isn t allowed she makes up the lie that she is engaged to her billionaire boss Dante Romani Somehow this white lie makes it to the media and is all over the newspapers Paige is doubly shocked when Dante unexpectedly agrees to go along with theuseOne trope that this book deals with is that of the hero who believes he is doomed to turn out just like one of his no good parents usually a drunken violent father Normally the trope drives me batty because I can t get into that headspace Who on earth eally thinks that way outside of omance category fiction Usually in this genre the hero will use his bad apple heritage to think he s no good for the heroine and skip out on her for the black moment However I felt Maisey Yates handled the trope much better than usual for a category Dante actively work. DANTE ROMANI’S SHOCK ENGAGEMENT TO EMPLOYEEPaige Harper can’t believe her little white lie has made the headlines The only way to secure the adoption of her best friend’s daughter was to fa. .
S against turning out like his father view spoilerhis father killed "his mother hide spoiler I ead this a couple of weeks ago I should have eviewed it straight away but at "mother hide spoiler I ead this a couple of weeks ago I should have eviewed it straight away but at point it would have been all OMG and lots of aving about the authors brilliance Okay so nothings
changedsometimes you come 
you come an author who writes exactly what you want to ead For me Maisey Yates is that author So far she has a hundred percent winning strike ate I ve loved everything I ve ead that comes from her laptop Can t say pen these daysWhat makes this particular book special Can t say pen these daysWhat makes this particular book special the interaction between a very special heroine and a very dark tortured hero I love a man who has suffered and love it when he meets the woman who can love him unconditionally and make it ightDante is a very damaged hero a Maisey special and he is adorable Especially when he s trying so hard not to be When little Ana sneaks into his heart and when Paige puts glitter on his oh so impeccable suit This is an amazing story of an unexpected omance with two people who at first glance are totally unsuited but are exactly what each of them need We all tell little white lies from time to time to make situations bare able to prevent a person from being hurt you name it the easons used by us all are endless But imagine the lie being that you are engaged to you very sexy boss and him then storming into you office eady to fire youWhat a way to start a bookbut my what a book it wasI was hooked from page oneMaisey Yates writes the most exuisite books about the sexiest of hero s and love found in the most outrageously unexpected places But this time she added a little mystery and damage to her hero. Ke an engagement with her boss Now she can hear him marching down the corridor to fire herThe press have spent years cultivating Dante’s devilish persona but now he wonders if this ‘engagemen. ,
Dante and WOW What a incredible character he turned out to beBoth the characters of Paige and Dante are eady to
fight was what 
was what wantin this case Dante wants Paige in his bed and Paige wants custody Of Her Best Friends Adorable DaughterAnna What her best friends adorable daughterAnna What truly loved was the emotion the author packed into the scenesand using little bits of past and present information here and there to add to the mystery of Dante and his damaged soul For me as eader I loved how the author pulled back layer after layer to let us inside the mind of Dante letting you know there is much to him and the suffering he is going throughand with the ight woman to break through his defences the book is sure to be magical The dialogue was strong and powerfulletting me as eader know that when written the author eally thought her characters through and left no amount of depth and emotion unwrittenThe office omance has been done so many times yet written by this author you cannot help fall in love with the idea all over again A truly memorable eadand Maisey has proven without a doubt she will let her characters not only take your breath away but fill your omance eading heart with joyExcellent work Maiseykeep them comingExposing the boss s secrets one sexy lie at a time55 star eview And one of the most important things I hope to teach her is through example he said his voice getting ough I hope to show her what love looks like every day By loving her as a father should love a daughter And I hope to show her the kind of love that should exist between a husband and wife by loving her mother every day as long as we both shall live Dio I loved both Dante and Paige And little Ana too. T’ could be an opportunity to change that Paige will wish he had fired her when she hears his terms if she wants his ing she’ll have to play the part of devoted wife in public and in private.