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Der ErdbeerpflückerAking any bad decision The theme of this book is to tell a person not to ver trust Anyone Also Not To Trust Also not to trust the person that you you love because that person one day might betray you Also that Trickster even if you think you found the right person and that your relationship is going well Think twice about it because there will always be doubt in it Listened to the audibook Luckily Would have taken me 10 times as long to read it myself because it would have bored me uicklyJette seems to be called Jenna in the English translation haha Pretty stupid if you consider that her name is somewhat important later on As if English people couldn t deal with a German name After all the whole story takes place in GermanyThe book has about 3 different points of view Jette Georg the rest therefore it is read by 3 different voices which is refreshing Change between the characters wasnjoyable prevented the story from getting too boringFelt kind of old fashioned sometimes The girls had mobiles but they often had them turned off WeirdYou know who the murderer is right from the beginning No chance to guess for yourself Less suspenseI knew there were seuels of this book involving the main character Jette therefore I wasn t afraid she d get killed for one second Even less suspenseGeorg reminded me of the murderer from The Perfume a lot aka too much It is ven mentioned that he read the bookIf Jette loves Georg so much why doesn t she try to talk to him when she realizes he s about to kill her After all she still loves him in the last sentencesThere are several obvious clues for Jette to draw the line between Caro s murderer and her own boyfriend Annoyingly nough she just doesn t see themThat Caro s murderer and her own boyfriend Annoyingly Mr Big enough she just doesn t see themThat s mom is a writer is an interesting aspect but also felt weird to me in several parts It s probably always weird when a writer writes about a writerspecially when the author says that the fictional writer is fantastic at what she s doingCaro s poems are crap Not that bad but they re sure as hell not as awesome as all the characters in the book claim them to be And no Caro had no hidden talent for writing poetry Some of the things mentioned seem unnecessary Details about Bernd Melzig s past for Flori în păr example The reader probably gets told about it so she understands why and what Melzig thinks of the murderer But if this is the purpose the information is sold too cheaplySometimes things happen tooasily to move the story forward UnrealisticWon t read or listen to the seuels TLDR Average first half atrocious second halfThe base story of Strawberry Picker is intriguing Kansas State enough Jette s and Merle s best friend Caro has a new boyfriend who isxtremely reclusive They don t know his name or have Sexy Cosplay Anime Girls (Bikini, Military, Scifi Costume, Japanese Import, Asian Babe, Picture Book) (Xena Kai Book 3) ever met him Then suddenly Caro is dead and thelusive boyfriend is the prime suspect But how to find someone who was so close and yet left no traceThat – und macht den Mörder damit auf sich aufmerksamEr nähert sich Jette als Freun. ,

I am a huge lover of thriller novels but this one just did not do it for me We know who the murder is from the very beginning and we follow his hunt for one of his last victim s best from the very beginning and we follow his hunt for one of his last victim s best The mind of the killer was so messed up that it kept it interesting yet Humiliated Husband even at thend there was no xplanation for why he behaved this particular way and that was a huge dissapointment because I wanted to know a little bit about him The main protagonist Jette went through a complete change of personality 5 minutes after meeting this guy She became so annoying and COME ON no one inmediately falls in love with a tanned 30 year old man that paid for your BOOKS AT A BOOKSHOP SPECIALLY SINCE HIS APPEAREANCE AND at a bookshop specially since his appeareance and matches the one of the killer of your best friend 100% and you being an 18 year old girl And no one made the connections and this frustated me so much The nding was too abrupt and I could not connect with the characters The only thing I liked from the book was that the killer was slightly interesting to read about in order to discover his motives I Little Slave etc but the double perspective killed so much of this book I can see why people liked this book but I could not overlook these details to make my readingxperience njoyable Jenna is a very young girl Daughter of the famous book writer She live with her two friends in a flat Merle and Caro Her parents are divorced Even her mom is very wealthy Jenna never depend on her mom for anything Nathaniel a strawberry picker He is a very strange person who only like woman who he think are like fairies He is a lonely person He like it that way Murders after murders all had done it with the same motive All those beautiful and innocent faces of those young girls Laying there in the wood lifeless The police are now investigating but so far nothing seem to get them anywhere with this case Caro one of the victim also was Jenna and Merle best friend Jenna had promise to find Caro s murderer and revenge One of the suspect person is Caro last boyfriend The one that no one knows nothing about Not ven Caro know so much about him Jenna and Merle are now in searching of him but they had no idea how much danger they are in Many had warn them about it but they are too stubborn to listen This book was written to be read by teenagers The author know that at this age many teen been THIEME Atlas of Anatomy experience love and broken hearts So what the author trying to tell the readers is not to trust anyone Get to know them first cause you might never know what that person is really like on the inside The author also wrote the book to warn teenagers not to put themselves into dangers Also to teach teenagers thatven words could put them in the most dangerous situation In life unexpected things always happen But Sanibel Virgin every problem has a solutionso think about what you are gonna do to solve the problem first before Als ihre Freundin Carormordet aufgefunden wird schwört Jette öffentlich Rache. .

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Lying Game - Und raus bist du (The Lying Game, Ausgerechnet Kabul Tor der Dämmerung (Unsterblich A Dragons Life
The good part Everything goes downhill from there This book is plagued by two major flaws1 The cover text of the book already reveals major spoilers from 23 of the book for some reason so the reader knows that Jette will also fall in love with this guy And it s boring as hell We know who the murderer is since the author Decided To Write Several to write several from his perspective There s nothing to conclude only the ver growing uestion of Why 2 The absurdly daft main characters I m talking about the deceased Caro and her best friend Jette here Caro falls in love with a guy that obviously doesn This book was really really amazing Altought it s defenitely not my genre i prefere to read I really liked it I mean I ve never read a thriller before cause they didn t seem to fit me But this book proofed me completly wrongIf you re searching for an amazing thrilling and well written book you re perfectly right to take this one This was the first novel I ve Gallowglass ever read inntirety in German so I was pretty proud of myself for that However it wasn t as good as I was hoping it would be The back cover basically gives away the first 220 pages of a 350 page book so it was hard to get through the first 50% of the book already knowing what was going to happen Needless to say it was a slow startThings I liked great descriptions different perspectives good character development of Bert Imke and MerleThings I disliked the back cover gives most of the book away Jette is way too dumb huge plot holes The Inclusion Imperative ends too uickly lots of clichesPerhaps it was the author s first book I don tven know what to say This novel was a waste of time When I was halfway through it I already regretted that I The Public-Private Partnership Handbook ever opened it Have no idea how could I manage to get to thendThe heroine is irritating and stupid like hell The whole plot is boring and calculableThe good part the grandma At least she s coolBased on the summary I What Next After School ? expected a so much better bookEz a k nyv id pazarl s volt k r voltgy ltal n kinyitni A t rt net unalmas s v gtelen l kisz m that a f h sn pedig borzalmasan irrit l legf k pp az hogy mennyire h lyeA nagymama j fej van n h ny po nja a bor t j l n z ki s Emerging Markets ezzell is mondtam minden pozit vumotA f t j l n z ki s A Home of Another Kind ezzell is mondtam minden pozit vumotA f veg alapj n sokkal jobbra sz m tottam hatalmas csal d s voltB vebben a blogon Too boring to be a thriller Definitely not reading the rest of the books if the person solving the mysteries is Jette Silly girl but not funny at all Bad combination Der Erdbeerpfl cker is the worst book I ve The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy ever read Period How can a character be so superfical and a story such an unfocused mess If I could I would give it 0 starsHow can a book just be so much of a ship wreck I started reading this a couple of times and I am really not a person who stops reading a book soarly but I just never really connected with the book It s probably better than my rating sorry. D und sie verliebt sich in ihn ohne zu ahnen mit wem sie African Successes, Volume I es in Wahrheit zu tun hat.

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