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By Any Other Name

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O be in Plus s "SURROUNDED BY DEAD BODIES EEK NOT "by dead bodies Not that but nearby a battle to the death is in ull swing between what Stiles swiftly deduces to be a witch and a werewolf He takes this all in stride very uickly having a holy shit werewolves and witches are real moment and acts on impulse by jumping into the ray to help the werewolf defeat the witch It s instinct pure and simple It turns out the werewolf Derek duh also has no clue Who He Is Or he is or they are but he trusts Stiles senses that he is amiliar and not a threat Here begins an awesome tale of how two guys who have no memory of their lives or one another instinctively trust each other and only each other in order to work together to solve their memory loss mystery while also kicking wiccan ass saving countless lives and in the process alling in love Naaww I really Ther does the werewolf he's on the run with But he's pretty sure they
Goodbye, Ms. Chips (Ellie Haskell Mystery,
Derek and Stiles lose their memories They just assume that they must "Be Boyfriends While Trying "boyfriends while trying igure out who they areIt didn t really drew me in and I ended up skimming some of it Sexy times were nice though 45 StarsI m currently in the midst of an epic Sterek streak It could be random luck but I like to think that I ve inally established my specific Sterek preferences paired with the Un Cadeau pour ma Femme fact that I ve also becomeamiliar with such a wide range of anfic authors that I m now able to identify which ones will effectively provide me with the kind of stories I want to read entanglednow is one of these authors This ic is essentially a double whammy memory loss tale and it doesn t dilly dally it kicks off with a bang Stiles wakes up in the woods with no recollection of who he is or why he s there It s uite a perplexing situation Sterek FanficHe doesn't know his name he doesn't know who he is and nei. .
Njoyed this Shadow Bound fic Inact it s one of the best I ve read I say this because it "s stuck with me I inished two days ago but haven t been able to "stuck with me I inished two days ago but haven t been able to it out of my head since That in itself warrants my praise It didn t possess the humour and constant snark that I usually enjoy so much but it had some major eels and some sweet sweet loving and it ended on such a hopeful *Note That I Can *that I can help but want 45 Stars A Well Written And Plotted Story Nicely Complex And A well written and plotted story Nicely complex and nice change of pace rom some of the Life at the End of thevTunnel fluffier nonsense Like a pornographic version of Supernatural only without the awesome soundtrack and the incestuous overtones Nuff saidWell except to say that s it s erotic than pornographic Still niceview spoilerAnd I would ve liked scenes with the rest of the pack at the end How did they react to this new relationship Etc hide spoiler. Unt monsters because they seem to be really good at itWords33090 comple.