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After LOVING the first book nd being somewhat disappointed by the second one I had no idea what to expect but I still wanted to know how it will end But several chapters in I have to say I don t even care It s terrible makes no sense And seeing how the series deteriorated I m forced to believe that the uthor wrote the first book but fter publishing had no idea where to go with the series Huge disappointment eknu to takhle siln m to nebavilo tak jsem se do spoileru koukala co se stane d l zjistila jsem zeto nem cenu st d lprvn d lbyl s I really hated Fever but I MUST find out what happens to Linden nd CecilyThank you Goodreads First Reads nd Simon Schulster for my ARC of the book Wow I was not expecting to like this book so much considering I was not INFJ ISFJ’s Mad Love: Moon Meets Strength a fan of the last two booksRhine has finally gottenway from Vaughn but is she ever truly safe from his evil clutches Linden brings Rhine nd Cecily to Vaughn s brother who differs from him in so many ways nd llows them to take refuge in his home while they form plan Rhine is still hoping to find her brother Rowan Prolomení hradeb and reunite with Gabriel the servant who ranway with her from the start But tragedies fall like swift rain in the Chemical Garden trilogy Making Muffy (On the Leash: Petgirl Tales Book 5) and the last book is no exceptionLet me just take bit of discussion on the cover of this book real uick Now I know everyone hates it but it does have its significance once you read the book The irplane the Love, Loneliness, Abuse, and Murder apples old books jars globe old bedframell come into play True Born as you read Right down to the little I originally thought it was piece of candy like Denmark Vesey: The Buried Story of America's Largest Slave Rebellion and the Man Who Led It a June Bean but now that I look closer it might be ring Which would be even fitting to the story in the girl s hands I really despise the colors of the cover even though they Love, Power, and Justice: The Dynamics of Authentic Morality also come into the story But I willgree with everyone else on the fact that the colors Game Theory: A Very Short Introduction arewful This series calls for dark tones The Cat and the Coffee Drinkers and dreary settings not neon greennd vomit orange I may not be The Christian Writer's Coach: How to Get the Most out of a Writers Conference a fan of her worldbuilding or story concepts but Lauren DeStefano s writing is thing of beauty It s chingly sad nd sets such Your Patriarchal Blessing a darknd The Rights of Employees and Union Members, Second Edition absorbing tone that sucks you in It creates scenes of sadnessnd misery while making even the worst tragedies or landscape seem beautiful I have very lovehate relationship with this series I love the writing the dreary yet beautiful tmosphere etc But I hate the shitty unrealistic worldbuilding nd Gabriel SEVER is the last book in The Chemical Garden TrilogyRhine has finally gotten way from Vaughn but now she s not only searching for her brother but for Gabriel s well After reading the first two books I really wanted to know what happens in the end I enjoyed learning little Creative Feedback Loops: Practical Tools for Everyday Assessment about the world but still wished there was detail I was happy to find out what happened to some of my favorite characters but I was bit let down when I didn t hear bout some of the others At times the writing felt bit rushed Bess Wallace Truman: Harry's White House boss and I was bit confused s to what was going on For being young dult trilogy it seems to have lot of mature themes especially sexual themes At times it just seemed excessive Even though the sexual Rocks: Hard, Soft, Smooth, and Rough actsre mostly implied nd not lot of detail is given I still found it Jingling Daddy's Bells BDSM Menage (Holiday Whores) a bit disturbing While I may not have been thrilled with the trilogy it did have many good moments Some of the characters werebsolutely fascinating Champion and there were times when I was captivated by Lauren DeStefano s writing She can create scenes thatre so vivid nd memorable I felt the book ended on decent note nd was satisfied with how it ll came together I would definitely consider reading from this The Queens Resistance (The Queen’s Rising, author COVER REVEALOh boy It s probably my least favorite of the three I m sorry Lauren You know that I still love you But it s just not uniue enough The other covers were totally differentnd crazy nd this one just didn t live up to its expectations TITLE REVEALThe title of the third Wither book is SEVERYou right long with me might be thinking What the hell does the word sever have to do with nythingAre Gabriel s testicles going to be severed offIs Rhine going to sever her connection with someoneAll I know is I can t freaking wait to find out Just to be up front with everything this will be of series review than Sever review because honestly not much ctually fucking happens in Sever It s boring review Because Honestly Not Much Actually honestly not much ctually happens in Sever It s boring plotless mess nd most of what s frusrating bout the characters reuires prior knowledge of the series s whole Th Wow You know you ve found n bsolutely beautiful series when you want book called UntitledUPDATEAlright cover reveal The model looks gorgeous WECANFINALLYSEEALLOFHERFACE but I don t like the color scheme What is that Green Bright Boys: The Making of Information Technology and Gold Ick But in my opinion everything else looks incredible This is honestly the worst fucking book I ve read in my life I made it through the first half without much issue but I was literally guzzling wine during the last half because I needed something to temper the rage furynd general disgust that was ctually making my blood pressure increaseLike where do I even begin This book is lesson in how to not fucking write dystopian fiction Or ny fictionSPOILERS TO THE MAXview spoiler1 Let s start with the complete helpless idiocy of our main characters We ll start with Linden who is possibly the stupidest character I have ever had the displeasure of reading Actually no Calling him stupid would be giving him too much credit because that would ctually be ssigning him distinct characteristic that dictates the way he cts He s simply puppet for moving the plot forward by whatever means necessary Like okay first he doesn t believe Rhine but he still wants to help her escape But then suddenly Badge 387: The Story of Jim Simone, America's Most Decorated Cop and with nodditional evidence he Cecily do believe her so they want to escape too But oh the moment Cecily tells him that she wants to go to back to Vaughn he s cool with that too Do you see what I m saying He doesn t Castle's Fortress act logically Theuthor just pushes him wherever she wants her plot to go It s completely unbelievable nd forced 2 Rhine is mindbogglingly useless fickle imless protagonist She wants to escape from Vaughn so what does she do She teams up with Linden who is loyal to Vaughn nd Cecily who has Dating by the Book a tracker somewhere in her body that ALLOWS VAUGHN TO LOCATE HERnd goes to the least obvious place possible Vaughn s brother s house Brilliant So not only does Vaughn know where she isvisit regularly but she just like stays there for while Chills out Cleans stuff Putters bout Eats pples Says hi when Vaughn when he swings by What re you doing What s the plan Rhine3 So Rhine has been planning to leave to go find her brother since like page one Literally half One Sinful Night a book laterfter imless hanging out with Vaughn s brother nd doing nothing she finally decides to leave Seriously though nothing Guess she just doesn t care Dirty Professor about Rowannd Gabriel enough to stop doing nothing nd go find them4 These dimwits drive for FOUR HOURS before they decide they re exhausted park nd then get kidnapped By the way they re trying to get from Florida to NY which is like t least day s drive And they make it four hours Like Jesus Christ on fucking cracker it takes than 4 hours for me to drive to the Grand Canyon nd I live in goddamn Arizona What Are You Doing With Your Life5 So the whole reason that Rhine ran way was so that she could find her brother nd escape Vaughn Okay get this Within like 2 pages of finding Rowan HE TAKES HER RIGHT BACK TO VAUGHN And like wouldn t you expect Rhine to protest nd fight Melville; Shame Evil Eye: A Psychoanalytic Reading and try to explain to her brother what Vaughn did to her so they could run screaming in the other direction Yes you would What does she do Firstly she doesn t bother to clue her brother in on single one of Vaughn s trocities nd secondly she just gets on Brody a plane with Vaughn to Hawaii Like without even flinching or saying no or protesting inny way What How does that even make sense6 So we ve waited 25 books to meet Rowan Brody (Circle Eight, and he had the potential to ben interesting character because he is 1 ANGRY or so we were led to believe His Voice, His Command and 2 has plot twist been manipulated by the enemy But Rhine just like doesn t care Vaughn is Rowan s herond Rhine s like well I could tell him the truth but he obviously looks up to Vaughn nd I don t want to take that way from him Is this some type of joke What the fuck re you doing What s the point of introducing ll these inter. With the clock ticking until the virus takes its toll Rhine is desperate for nswers After enduring Vaughn’s worst Rhine finds n unlikely Kid ally in his brothern eccentric inventor named Reed She takes refuge in his dilapidated house though the people she left behind refuse to stay in. Esting layers to Rowan if you re not going to use them For example he seemed so passionate Wait Till Next Year - A Memoir about what he was doing for her sake when he thought she was dead but he clearly didn t give fuck Venus in Sackcloth: The Magdelen's Origins and Metamorphoses about her opinion or experiences This could have worked in the novel s favor if it were illustrating how horribly Vaughn manipulated him but it s not even discussed Like literally no one cares that Rowan s shitbag And there Iced Under arell these passages bout how she needs to talk to Rowan privately nd they re kind of ble to communicate it through meaningful stares nd Rhine s ll like if there s one thing Rowan can do it s find way for us to talk privately So I m like oh Rowan s clearly going to do something clever nd Within a Captains Hold (Captains of the Scarlet Night, awesome so they can talk privately BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS Like it s just swept under the rugnd not Butcher acknowledgedgain7 Oh my god when Linden Cecily nd Rhine got on Reed s plane I was kinda tipsy nd laughing hysterically t the thought that it would probably be best if the plane simply crashed nd everyone died so that this bominable book would end And then it ctually did crash kind of nd then Linden ctually did die Like what the fuck yo what fucking purpose does this serve omg if you re going to kill Linden t least do it in way that services the plot not just lol he died randomly on One Last Kiss a joyride8 I was skimming by the time I finished the book but I really don t understand how this society functions How can Hawaii exist in paradise while the rest of the continental US is in shambles Like is the virus not there or were people not genetically modified It makes no sense And I don t understand introducing the society s history if you re not going to integrate it into the plot wasn t the whole point of the cure to control society Isn t that going to happen now The solution to this society s issues lies far beyond finding cure but this was not ddressed t fucking llAlso it s ABOMINABLE both scientifically nd in terms of dystopian fiction to call this condition virus for 2 books nd refer to the treatment No One Needs To Know as cure instead of Selections From Great Works of Mawlana Jalal Al-Din Rumi a vaccinationimmunizationnd then backpedal furiously in the third book to be like Lol it s not really virus but then fail to explain what it is At ll You shouldn t have called it Kisses Don't Lie a fucking virus to begin with Not to ben ss but the uthor doesn t seem to know nything bout science Murder at Morningside and the bio major in me diedn ngry death reading this book9 Also how does it make sense that Vaughn would try to destroy other research labs if he was so desperate to find cure hide spoiler Whyyyyyyyyyyy guys WHY did this happenSo yeah I really don t even know where to begin with my review of this book because I m just so danged confused I mean I LOVED Wither Freakin loved it raved on Dead Perfect and onbout it gave it 5 stars ll the way which I hardly ever do I lso really enjoyed Fever it wasn t uite Bones To Pick as intriguings the first book but the plot was still there the characters were still Clockworks and Corsets all likable for the most partnd Lauren s bsolutely incredible nd haunting way of describing scenes kept me totally hookedAnd then came SeverAlso known s The Monotonous Train Wreck That Will Bore You to Tears Because This Series NEVER Should Have Been Made Into TrilogyClearly I need to get job making up ridiculously long titles for YA booksNow I don t want to be mean here especially since I do think that Lauren D is n incredibly talented writer but I just wasn t impressed with this last book Like t ll For me this series started out New Girl on the Job as 5 star knock out Restaurant Weeks Are Murder and ended ups washed out flop that I could barely bother to finish I ctually had to FORCE myself to get through this book nd it took me bout three weeks I kid you not And here Her Wounded Warrior are my reasons why1 Rhine Honestly I don t have much to saybout her because she just fell totally flat for me s in devoid of nything close to resembling personality Not to mention she literally does NOTHING throughout the whole book I really can t understand why Rhine was portrayed s being so utterly vapid nd useless because LD proves that she can master characterization with Cecily Cecily was n AMAZING character One House Over (The Neighbors) and honestly she s the only one who managed to somewhat redeem the story for me Full of life yet still flawed she was lovablennoying nd endearing ll Between You and Me (The Harrisons, at the same time I loved Cecily because she had depthnd she was multi dimensional In fact she s getting one out of the two stars I gave this book because without her it would ve been Cinderella and the Ghost (The Cursed Princes, a total disaster However Rhine the MAIN PROTAG OF THE BOOK was just one big wishy washy smudge on the page She wasn empty shell who we observe things from but never get to know in ny particular way None of her emotions seemed real nd she cted like n never get to know in ny particular way None of her emotions seemed real nd she cted like n lump of oatmeal throughout the entire book She had no intensity no spark no nothing She comes cross s being weak nd powerless to do nything nd her internal thought process was extremely dull nd lacked ny kind of passion And because the whole freaking book is written through her boring perspective I was snoozing before I even made it halfway through2 Linden It takes talent to conceive of character s limp washed out nd mind numbingly boring s Linden Talk bout Killer Physique (Savannah Reid Mystery, a wuss Sorry that s really the best word I can think of to describe him because he had no backbone whatsoevernd just came cross s being totally pathetic I could not for the life of me take him seriously nd forgot bout him completely whenever he wasn t being me take him seriously nd forgot bout him completely whenever he wasn t being mentioned in the story So there Amish Homecoming are our two main characters who were so gosh dang dull that I could barely keep my eyes open to find out what happens to them The secondary characters stole the show I just don t understand how Rhinend Linden ended up being so lifeless Enticing the Earl and boring3 Rowen We ve been waiting in suspense for TWO books to see this long lost brother of Rhine s Well guess what He turns out to be total jerk wad who doesn t give crap bout Jewish German Revolution anything but himselfnd blowing shit up FAIL4 Gabriel If you re fan of Gabriel you re bout to be sorely disappointed the guy is randomly tossed into the last 5 pages of the book nd the ending with him is so convenient it s laughable5 That whole thing where Rhine never had sex OK So This ctually was point made by wesome reviewer Christina from A Reader of Fictions Money Makin Mamas Collection and by the way you should read her reviews for this series because theyre effing BRILLIANT but I had to make mention of it because it is just SO TRUE And the uestion is HOW is it that Lauren D created this ENTIRE WORLD Bound To Love Her (Zebra Debut) around the horrific concept of girls being sold into sex slaverynd becoming breeding machines but then NEVER gave Hard to Handle (Fortis any remotely believable explanation for how Rhine ends up still virgin First Comes Desire (Pirates Prize at the end of the bookfter placing her in situations where she OBVIOUSLY would have lost it Let s look t this In Book 1 Rhine becomes sister wife to Linden What Lies Between Lovers and is expected to give him child It was totally OK to mention in the book that bunch of girls were SHOT TO DEATH in the back of truck because they didn t meet the right ualifications to become wives but somehow Rhine is chosen Rebel Yell (Savage Texas, and is now supposed to become baby maker for Vaughn s son But nope Apparently mass murder is OK to put in A Matter of Some Scandal a YA book but God forbid our main character become tainted by having sex Linden says that he wants Rhine to fall in love with him before he makesny moves so Rhine stays virgo intacta Alrighty I can sort of buy that especially since we know he was lready banging Cecily nd Jenna nyways nd let s be serious here Linden isn t exactly Worth The Trade (More Than A Game, any Don Juan But then in Book 2 things get super duper ridiculous Rhine isctually captured by PROSTITUTION CIRCUS Yeah those exist nd is drugged out of her mind by the crazy madame who owns the joint to ZOMG make out with her boyfriend YEAH RIGHT Are you kidding me You ve Got To Be Kidding Me to be kidding me is supposedly world where girls re treated like sex objects nd baby makers Rhine is in whore house on drugs The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime andll the customers want to pay for is to watch her make out with Gabriel I DON T THINK SO And of course by the end of Book 3 Rhine is still the model of pure virginity fter everything she want through Sorry I m not buying it this is completely unbelievable given the premise of this story Look uthors Either write YA book that s PG or write n edgy dystopian with The Closest Possible Union adult themes YOU CAN T DO BOTH Not unless you. The past While Gabriel haunts Rhine’s memories Cecily is determined to bet Rhine’s side even if Linden’s feelings Lottie Tomlinson's Rainbow Roots: are still caught between themMeanwhile Rowan’s growing involvement inn underground resistance compels Rhine to reach him before he does something that cannot be ,
Want to leave out totally obvious plot points nd have your story end up making ZERO sense If you re writing dystopian world like this one you have to follow through with it Lost Princess and make it believable even if that means having shitty things happen to your main character otherwise it ends up failing completely And it did because Lauren or the editors or whoever didn t take itll the way to make it real for the reader Fail fail fail dystopian fail6 Plot holes galore And discontinuity in characterization For example Rhine has never been on Postcards from Last Summer a plane beforend there Hot Shot are noirports left in her destroyed world for normal people to use yet when she gets on Vaughn s plane The Industrial Revolution at one point in the story she very casually refers to the tarmac How pray tell does she even know what tarmac is Yes the Rock Bottom author does but Rhine would not Then therere convenient plot points that make no sense even in fiction nd especially not in dystopia which is supposed to t least somewhat connect back to the real world s it is nd make statement bout ctual society Example When Vaughn is explaining how things got to be the way they re in Rhine s world he says that t one point the government deactivated everyone s cell phones Peace of Me and prohibitedccess to the internet he then breezes by the fact that there were some hiccups of protest Umm OK I don t know what planet LD is trying to describe here but if this ctually happened in real life do you really think there would only be some hiccups of protest Eff no there would be nother American Revolution for crying out loud I m sorry but you can t just conveniently brush My Soul Then Sings aside major details like thisnd expect your story or world building to come Wildwood acrosss being even remotely believable to your reader I would go on bout some of the other ridiculously HUGE plot points that re revealed but make no sense nd re never explained but I don t want to give way ny spoilers I ll just say that these things made the overall plot seem sloppy shoved together nd not well thought out t Raiding with Morgan all7 The title of the series I can count on one hand how many times the Chemical Gardensre ctually mentioned nd they ren t even deuately explained So why the heck is the entire trilogy named Lethal Licorice (Amish Candy Shop Mystery, after them Answer it sounds cool8 The Cover Oncegain I m going to have to voice Purses and Poison a very strongnd resounding meh Wait scratch that the cover of Sever is just Rogue on the Rollaway a totalnd complete mess First that shade of green is bsolutely horrendous Seriously whose decision was that Second the garish lighting on the model makes her look terrible The model on the first cover looked gorgeous nd I m not sure whether this is the same model or not but she looks positively dreadful And then the rest of the cover design looks like some cheesy still life that was thrown together by n intern or something t the last minute Like the story this cover is t best lackluster nd uninspired nd t worst contrived nd sloppy disaster It s lmost like it s forcing itself to try nd chieve the greatness of the first gorgeous cover but fails pretty bad t even coming closeSo ll in ll I just feel like LD lost steam with this last installment of the Chemical Garden series And it really is shame because she IS n extremely talented writer But I think that some YA stories re being forced into becoming trilogies because they make money that way but not ALL stories were meant to be told in three books I think one or two could have sufficed for this series instead of imlessly drawing the plot out for three books because by the time I got to the third one Haunted House Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery, a lot of what I had lovedbout the first had unfortunately been lost What started out Sweet Southern Hearts (A Willow Hill Novel Book 3) asn mazing story with wesome characterization nd incredible world building ended on tired nd uninspired note It s hard to say that bout Daddy's Girl Series: A Taboo Erotic Collection a series you originally fell in love with but the sad truth is that marketingnd failing to take your world building to its logical conclusions killed n otherwise good story 7413 Thirty five likes D Aww shucks Thank you everyone81712 No No NO I really don t like how Rhine is holding her ring off her finger on the cover And the bird is free nd her face kind of looks happy And I have very very bad feeling that sever might mean cutting herself off from Linden completely Team Linden C mon Who wants the servant guy Gabriel He s so blandBut if she decides to break it off with both guys nd live the rest of her short life with her twin then I won t be that mad I do hope Rowan plays lead role in this one 9112Okay so the little blurb for the storyline is making me crazy Linden has n uncle She knows her twin is Dark Tides (Dark Tides alive Yay Reunite please Ohnd I really wanted Celily or whatever her name out of the dang picture But pprantly she knows how to get herself back into the main focus storylinesuck At least Linden is mentioned if apprantly she knows how to get herself back into the main focus storylinesuck At least Linden is mentioned if ends up with ANY guy then I want it to be Linden Or no one t Wrong for Me (Motor City Royals, all21513Note There will be tonsnd I mean TONS of spoilers for the story in my review below Also I m writing this lso right fter reading it straight Also I m writing this Fiddle: One Woman, Four Strings, and 8,000 Miles of Music also rightfter reading it straight in one sitting So I might come back nd edit this out or change it once I have time to think on it But I really just wanted to get off ll my first reactionsemotions of itFirst off I didn t like how many mixed signals we got s readers Let me explain first with the relationship between Rhine nd Linden I m not sure if it was romantic love or friendship Linden seemed to be uite upset with her in the beginning then towards the end it seemed like he was falling for her Downright Dead again Though he did take the ringway from her nd never did ccept her back gain He kind of chose Cecily over Rhine When Rhine was lmost on death s doorstep because of his father he didn t turn his back on his father Even when Rose told him Left Fur Dead about the father he chose not to believe it But with Cecily he believed her when he had believed no one else Herlmost death caused him to finally turn his back on his father Which leads me to believe that she was the girl he loved the most Also on Rhine s side I wasn t sure if she was in love with him or not She made point of telling him that she still had her virginity nd hadn t been with Gabriel She made point t saying it wasn t love that made her run way with him but that she didn t want him to spend his enitre life Enslaved Plus She Mention That Plus she mention that he showed Cecily his houses that no one else would ever understand those houses on level that he Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls, and her did Also the freuent mentions of her jealously over Cecily when she was with Lindensot the end I m not sure what to make of it Not to mention that she was so depressed over his death nd she didn t seem to be really upset when Gabe was in coma Sure she cared for Gabe but not in By Way Of A Wager a romantic senseCecily I have lovehate emotions with her There were parts where I liked her fiery personality Then the times when she was with Linden I got nnoyed on Rhine s behalf I honestlyas cruel s this is wanted her to die t the one scene so that Linden nd Rhine could be together with no one else in the way Though when she killed Linden s father in the end I had to dmire her on that It was interesting to see that she had that in her when no one else really couldThere were LOTS of good twists The part bout Rose s mother being Madameprobably not how you spelled that When Kingdom Comes andll of the terrible secrets that Linden s father had Rhine s parents About how the rest of the world was completely fine Only US was the only place to have the virus We never really understood the specifics of the how the cure ctually cured them but I didn t really care that much bout thatIn the end I was torn Linden s death The Wayward Bride (Besotted Scots, affects Rhinend Cecily much too badly It was like he was their everything Even though the entire time Rhine was trying not to love him nd yet she was so depressed over his death That didn t make sense I did enjoy the mention of Silas maybe ending up with Cecily However I didn t understand Rhine s relationship with Gabrielhe has no personailyshe doesn t seem to really love him like she did Linden or does her brother or even her sister wifeI will never understand that whole thing I would have loved the ending if she didn t end up with Gabriel I would had liked her to find someone new Have fresh new start without Such a Dance any reminders of the past Sigh Whyre ll the books I want to read now come out in over year D Please come sooner. Ndone But what she discovers long the way has larming implications for her future nd bout the past her parents never had the chance to explainIn this breathtaking conclusion to Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Garden trilogy everything Rhine knows to be true will be irrevocably shattere.

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