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O the tiny town of Wildflower Sheriff Eric #BUTLER MAKES HER FEEL SAFEUNTIL DANGER TRAILS HER PICK UP #makes her feel safeuntil danger trails her Pick up Worth's excellent Deadly Texas Rose and you'll be thoroughly ntrigued   RT Book Review. Secret Agent MinisterDeadly Texas Rose

Lenora Worth ½ 7 Summary

SECRET AGENT MINISTER Small town church secretary Lydia Cantrell has #LOVED HER BOSS HANDSOME PASTOR DEVON FROM AFAR #her boss handsome pastor Devon Malone from afar
Years But Her Feelings Put 
But her feelings put the test when murder and his past as a Ch. Ristian secret agent shake faith DEADLY TEXAS #ROSE How Much Did A Little Girl See #much did a little girl see hear of her secretive father's No one knows So widow Julia Daniels takes her silent daughter and flees ,
The Black Widower Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, The Learning Curve Goalie Interference (1Night Stand The Night Listener The Lights of Manchester

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