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In Pursuit of a Princess eMixed with dark humor I wasntertained by this story but it Could Have Been A Bit have been a bit Li Kow s A Gift of Flowers was

"Another One That I Found "
one that I found The premise that a bouuet of flowers or some part of a bouuet could move its way around a community and have different Second Time Loving effects on those in possession was interesting I didn t understand the motive of the firstlast woman to go to thatxtreme That could have been xpanded But Kudos overallKiss from a Rose by Fadzlishah Johanabas was also weird but not so in a good way this time Most of the characters motives just didn t connect with me And the back story of the main character does not fit his actions at all Maybe I missed something big though At least it pushed into uncomfortable territory for someDina Zaman s After Dark My Love was OK It didn t really wow me but nothing compels me to complain about it ither The same was the case for Eeleen Lee s The Oracle of Truth But kudos to Eeleen for using the second person in her storytelling That s a rarity that is nice Dark Awakening every now and thenChasing Butterflies in the Night by Kris Williamson was alsontertaining I recently Hawks Way (Hawks Way enjoyed reading his novel Son Complex but this was a very different story to that But still identifiable as a Kris Williamson story I liked the subtlety and the twist at thendShivani Sivagurunathan s The Dualist was not one that I fully understoodI thinkor maybe I did I m not sure The writing is strong but not Family Men enjoyable Vanished is a story by Khairulnizam Bakeri that was translated from Malay I don t know who translated it but they did a good job The story itself is solidMegat Ishak s Cannibal vs Ah Long was predictable and offered no surprises But it wasntertaining for a short read I did get a strong image of the cannibal in my mind and his peculiar smile Kudos for that The in my mind and his peculiar smile Kudos for that The and Me by Dayang Noor was a little freaky actually But I give credit to her that she took the story in a direction or two that I did not Creative Participation expectAmir Hafizi s The Unbeliever was too long and did not seem to have any urban connection at all The writing was fine and the story would be better suited for a longer work I think it could bexpanded but not as a short story Mud by Brian Gomez was Sabina Spielrein entertaining and had me laughing but only at thexpense of cheap race based jokes I had hoped for substance But other than the clipped Cognitive Radio Networks ending it is consistent throughoutOverall I was pleased with the collection Most importantly it was varied and gave 15 different viewpoints I read that a fewditions of KL Noir will be released and am looking forward to reading those as well Kudos to the writers. ISS FROM A ROSE Fadzlishah JohanabasAFTER DARK MY LOVE Dina ZamanTHE ORACLE OF TRUTH Eeleen LeeCHASING BUTTERFLIES IN THE NIGHT Kris WilliamsonTHE DUALIST Shivani SivagurunathanVANISHED Khairulnizam BakeriCANNIBAL VS AH LONG Megat IshakTHE MACHETE AND ME Dayang NoorTHE UNBELIEVER Amir HafiziMUD Brian GomezBIOS. KL NOIR Author Amir MuhammadDsBriefly my favourites were as follows The Runner by Adib Zaini was the first story and probably my pick of the bunch It s a taunt little tale about a good Muslim girl who thinks dealing drugs from her local Internet caf is the solution to her problems She is very wrongMarc de Faoite s Mamak Murder Mystery deals with the plight of Malaysia s migrant workforce An Indian restaurant worker decides to investigate the murder of a
"Friend And Co Worker Another "
and co worker another and unearths a much bigger case than he Personnel Management in Government everxpectedKris Williamson s Chasing Butterflies in the Night is a brutal tale of a serial killer targeting prostitutes who has very good reason to be confident of his impunityShopping mall food courts are the focus for much of the action in this book The best of these is Vanished by khairulnizam Bakeri the story of a busker with a secretLast The Unbeliever by Amir Hafizi was a fascinating take on a modern Malay ghost story with a distinct Wicker Man feel to it I have a soft spot in my heart for short story anthologies There is so much variety in many short stories than in one single story of the same length And Out of This World even though the topic of Kuala Lumpur s dark side is the theme for all 15 stories in KL Noir there are still 15 distinct stories in this collection Kudos to the writers andditor for coming together in this way That said some stories were better written than others and a few stood out in my mind as very The Time It Never Rained entertainingAfter a tongue in cheek introduction the book starts with Adib Zaini s The Runner a story about a young Malay girl who started to mingle with the wrong crowds got screwed and decided to make it her life s mission to get revenge The main character s motives seemed very immature Appropriate to her age I guess But I completely missed any depth to her characterPreeta Samarasan s Rukun Tetangga is one of thexamples of good writing and good story put together The The Child of the Soul and Other Stories elderly man looking for meaning in his life after retiring is something that we can all relate toven if it is a long time before we get to that stage in life Really I meanit can be scary So her character s new direction in life was inspiring ven if it made others look at him funnyThe Mamak Murder Mystery by Marc de Faoite was a little slow for my taste It did have me worrying about the little slow for my taste It did have me worrying about the of the narrator as he tried to figure out who had killed his coworker Kudos to Marc de Faoite for giving the Mamak a stage of their own and not relegating them to the background Shaz Johar s Asian Angel was a weird one But not in a bad way It was like a television gossip show combined with an Indonesian drama and. Ce brutality cannibalism black magic creepy rituals political corruption and ven busking It's all totally fictional Well maybe the cannibalism isLine UpINTRO Amir MuhammadTHE RUNNER Adib ZainiRUKUN TETANGGA Preeta SamarasanMAMAK MURDER MYSTERY Marc de FaoiteASIAN ANGEL Shaz JoharA GIFT OF FLOWERS Shih Li KowK. .

A compilation of short stories about the dark side of the KL city I think almost all the stories are great and will satisfy your adventerous needs Few stories are so the stories are great and will satisfy your adventerous needs Few stories are so to be true that I want to make a movie about it Some of the stories are written in a very high level of English I think lah or maybe my nglish sucks There are many types of stories in this book including drugs prostitution killing and ven cannibalism and much Will find the other 3 volumes I was left pleasantly surprised by this collection of short stories Favourites Include Mud By Brian Mud by Brian A Gift of Flowers by Shih Li Kow and Cannibal vs Ah Long by Megat Ishak The mehs include The Dualist by Shivani Sivagurunathan which left me The Soviet Union extremely confused someone pleasexplain it to me and Vanished by Khairulnizam Bakeri To be fair Vanished was translated from Malay and it could be the slightly awkward translation that I found a turn offThe vigilante theme also surfaces periodically in the book but I didn t find all the stories Gods and Heroes eually awesome Rukun Tetangga by Preeta Samarasan is the story of a strange uncle that starts draggy andnds sort of hanging in the air In constrast Chasing Butterflies in the Night by Kris Williamson hits the ground running and stays xciting all the way to Night by Kris Williamson hits the ground running and stays xciting all the way to No Beast So Fierce end KL Noir is a mix of highs and not so highs beginning andnding with bangs If you need further proof there s no better vehicle than crime fiction for shining a light into the crevices and cracks of society the powers in control don t want you to see check out a new anthology called KL NoirThat s KL as in Kuala Lumpur the capital of MalaysiaKuala Lumper may not seem like the most obvious place to set an anthology of noir fiction On the surface at least it has a reputation as an orderly well behaved cityBut if this book is anything to go by a lot is going on under the surfaceKL is a city crawling with horrendously xploited migrant workers and angry ghosts a place where breakneck conomic development and rampant consumerism has left many of its citizens with no other social outlet than wandering shopping malls and which is governed by a highly authoritarian ruling party that has clung to power for over half a centuryHow Asian writers interpret crime fiction in general and noir narratives in particular fascinates me KL Noir is first of four volumes about the city s dark side by independent Malay publishing company Buku Fixi I didn t like Last Chance Bride every story in the collection par for the course for any anthology But there are some great tales and collectively they re a great insight into what noir means in this particular neck of the woo. KL NOIR Red is the first of 4 volumes about the Malaysian capital city's dark side There are 14 short stories and onessay about the seedy the sinister and sometimes the spooky You will find murder drug dealing kidnapping sexual depravity prostitution celebrity secrets suicides academic rivalry gangsters poli.