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The Baby BeuestOnce again Lyn Cote keeps us n the edge Bases Loaded ofur chairs with fully dimensional characters facing dilemmas as they Try To Live Their Lives to live Their Lives Book Is lives This book is must read Loved itLyn Cote did another excellent job with this novel I enjoyed following the journeys Have A Good Night, Volume 1 of both Kurt and Ellen Their uniue backgrounds enlightening the prejudicesf the past and causing their love story to be even special This was such a good read by Lyn Cote It was also special to me as it is about a schoolteacher who is going to teach in a town that would schoolteacher who is going to teach in a town that would be far from me This book also talks about the problems that the barges have with the freezing f the Mississippi and that is doesn t run business as usualLyn when she writes she writes truly from the heart and it goes straight to your heart somewhat like an arrow and it is such a nice feeling when you are done with the book Why do i keep reading these books Ugh I wouldn t had picked it up but I read the first ne a few months ago and didn t HATE it so when I saw that this was also part f a series I picked it up But this book had far too many bstacles that they made Ellen When You Lose Your Job overcome the foundling measles her brother visiting her sister visiting the German widow etc and it put her relationship with Kurtn the backburner And I m sorry but a town that was so prejudice at the beg would not be kay with her marrying Kurt End f story The Baby Beuest is the second book in the Wilderness Brides series It does not disappoint Ellen Thurston moves to Pepin Wisconsin for many reasons Her cousin Ophelia lives there A schoolmarm position is also available However the primary reason Ellen has left he. Baby Isabel the Queen: Life and Times on Her DoorstepSchoolteacher Ellen Thurston never expected to find love in Pepin Wisconsin But the moment she discovers a baby boyutside her door it's love at first sight While the townsfolk don't approve f Tim Crouch of Germanr Deutsche as it is said in their homelandEllen faces prejudice f a different kind when someone leaves a baby n the doorstep Drawing the Human Head of her uarters behind the school When Ellen announces that she plans to keep the baby everyone has anpinion about a single school teacher trying to care for a babyKurt and Ellen are both drawn to each Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics other but will they be able tovercome past hurts and truly start fresh in PepinI won this book through the author s blog and was not reuired to write a review but happily do so Series Wilderness Brides The Baby Beuest by Lyn CoteThis book had gotten lost in my shelves but story is good read anytimeSchoolteacher Ellen Thurston has moved to Pepin Wisconsin after her beau chooses her sister to courtshe now thinks she will stay single and teach children far from home and the gossipy tonguesThe story also tells f a German immigrant Kurt Lang and his charges a brother and a nephew he is raising alone Trying to fit in and become american as the days go by He is a lonely man and though he knows this teach This is a very enjoyable book that dealt with prejudices. Llen as a single mother what worries her most are her feelings for the handsome farmer who defends her decision to keep the childEllen is far above the reach f a German immigrant like Kurt Lang Especially ne weight.

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Romance and family difficulties that cause distance between family members i enjoyed the historical setting and members I enjoyed the historical setting and Cote seems very careful to keep attitudes and actions appropriate for the time period she is writing about If you enjoy historical fiction this is a good ne Excellent Ellen Thurston comes to to be the new school teacher and to get away from her familyKurt Lang has come Across The To Get Away From His Demons When the cean to get away from his demons When find a baby at the schoolhouse door everything changes Through hardships and trials they become closer and finally they forgive themselves Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, of the unwarranted guilt they ve both dragged around for years This was a great story and I m looking forward to returning to Pepin Wisconsinnce again I thoroughly enjoyed The Baby Beuest the familiar Midwestern setting relate able characters and riveting plot made the book hard to put down I love it that Lyn Cote s characters are guided by their conscience and not what people think f them I like the strong women who are willing to buck society and the conventions and prejudices f the era and follow their hearts and God s leading in their lives I also liked watching how the antagonistic characters eventually came around and started to adapt their viewpoints because f the good example set by the main characters A very good read and highly recommended Definitely not my favorite by this author though as always the writing is very good There just wasn t anything happening that kept me invested in the story and whatever bstacles existed became repetitive I really enjoyed reading the first Pontius Pilate one in the series but thisne not so much. Ed with responsibility Kurt knows how hard it is to raise a child alone but he will do whatever it takes to help make Ellen's dream Livin de Life of a family come trueWilderness Brides Finding love and a fresh startn the frontie.

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