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checkFilicide or fraticide Gosh what to have in a romanceNot one nice person in the book unless you count poor dead NathanThe hero has sex with the heroine on the dge of a bayou no in the bayou where anyone could and oh yeah actually does seem them Precursor to some of the stupid crap authors are churning out nowMa admits to the hero she was the one who sent anonymous letters that the heroine was having an affair with is half brother Looks to Medea for adviceAfter struggling to do her art could care less once the H comes back to her and she s pregnant cause it never matter much anyway I m done hide spoiler paperback great review here the fact dat Cole did not trust his wife and married Sammy Jean after the breakdown of his marriage wid heroine condemned him irreparably for me it was like he let his parents win and was really a mama s boy i disliked the book as Joanna was treated badly and Cole was cold and cruel and never asked her to justify herself i think he shud have told her long ago dat he received anonymous letters in which it was mentioned she was being adulterous wid Nathan and asked for an Rodeo Daughter explanation Perhaps this was meant to be a second chance romance If so wouldn t that mean that the H and h had resolved their differences and wereually working on their HEA Thought so It would not include the H s allowing himself to be manipulated by mommy dearest and dumb father It would not include infidelity It would not Include Taking Everyone S taking My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze everyone s over the h s The h kept her agent who was a member of this toxic family Right The h slept with the H to payback the H for sleeping with the OW when they were married Not because she loved himno that would have been tooasy The H never told h he was divorcedanother Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses example ofxcellent communications Not a good book unless you are into stereotypes cliches misuse of geographically specific terms t. Ina home Whatlay between them in the past was surely smashed beyond repair He hadanother woman in his life now But it seemed that Cole's desire for Joannawasn't dead at al. Re Tidewater Seduction Anne Mather s picly and too rotten to My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, even be culticly bad attempt at a Southern GothicMelodrama is nothing short of an utter angsty bitter trainwreck in an avalanche wrapped up in a typhoon smouldering mess This one starts with the 26 yr old artist h taking her first holiday in a long while in the BahamasShe is having fun in the sun when the H shows up He is herx husband who is a good ole Southern Boy with a plantation family heritage from South Carolina He wants the h to go back to his Family Home With Him home with him his cancer ridden dying father is asking for her The h right off tells him no Tho please note that what is commonly called the Tidewater area of the US is actually in Virginia along the C in this tale the vicious OW was his btch of a mother and a hateful father and a looming Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, ex girlfriend a shocking death but as the story was coming to and i had high hopes for the hero which he killed on page 208 with a confession that had i been paying attention The Baby Album earlier and realized he had told the truth about this situation not just lying to hurt her so the book went from 3 to 2 stars too many unredeemable people in itjust wanted the heroine to tell them all to GTH and grab the next plane back to England 2008 Review AlrightMY THOUGHTS Ok the story is that Cole and Joanna were married and had a passionate relationship but because of mistrust and thevil "machinations of Cole s parents they separated and got divorce But now Cole s father is dying and he asks Joanna "of Cole s parents they separated and got divorce But now Cole s father is dying and he asks Joanna come back to help mend the fences with his son Cole Anyway I was a bit SO SO in the story because god the first half of the book was full of bitterness anger from both sides I guess it was understandable since they were divorced but I felt that pain and anger overshadowed the love they supposedly had And I can t believe Cole married someone lse too by the way so as usual I don t like it when the hero supposedly does another girl when he s alre. Joanna had loved Cole MacAllister with a passion which had taken hercompletely by storm And she'd thought he felt the same Theirs was amarriage made in heaven But that did. ,

Ady met the heroine tc I guess the only saving grace for me is that they saving grace for me is that they divorced so its not like he cheated or anything But to me he s a tainted hero And Cole s parents are kinda Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., evil too Basically Cole s father actually had a secret son Nathan and Cole s mother hates Joanna and lets Cole believe that Joanna and Nathan had something going on Aaah the only good thing about the book is that at least Cole does beglowered his pride and says he loves her do anything for her and has learned his lessontc As you can see I still can t forgive Cole for marrying another woman I want my hero untainted and true to the heroine I also liked the fact that they give you an pilogue that s cool I m glad I read the book but I don t think I ll re read it again Otherwise I recommend Mather s other books Can t remember much of the book but my ratings have always been based on fairness and likability
me so the book have on of those on the fence type novels for me As I usually rate them three stars Certainly because they are njoyable but something always holds me back from four staring it Oh My God I didn t know Anne Mather smoked crack I don t know what she was on but whatever it was I never want any of itWhen Boogenhagen gives a one star Listen I didn t I am troubledBoogehagen s rundown if this nightmarehttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowRandom Thoughts view spoilerOn a scale of one to ten with a snuff film being a ten this is a hundred Maybe a thousandHero is blondeHero is cruel and stupidMean Jethro hero calls his parents Ma and PaMa is now an Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, extra with The Walking DeadPa is a racist and probably a rapistSad state of affairs when the hero s marriage to the other woman is a mere minor offense in comparison to all the other crapola he s done The heroine ain t no prizeither The hero is jealous because the h sketches HussyWho killed Nathan the H s mixed race half brother A clear line points that the dad did it but Mistress of Evil Mat. N't stop it all falling apart amid atangle of accusation and suspicion Was Joanna completely crazy to let Coletalk her into returning with him to Tidewater His South Carol. ,

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Tidewater Seduction

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