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Marriage at a Price is Miranda LEE *S 40TH NOVEL COURTNEY CROSS *s 40th novel Courtney Cross the independent spirited owner of the Crosswinds horse stud farm But *40th novel Courtney Cross is the independent spirited owner of the Crosswinds horse stud farm But her mother s death she finds she is deep in debt and may ose the farm unless she finds a silent business partner When investment broker Jack Falconer says he knows just the man Courtney isn t expecting the deal that is offered Sparks fly between Courtney and Jack with each determined to get their own way The NINE - Curse of the Kalingan legacy that Courtney has from her single mother Hilary is not just the Crosswinds stud but her independence and her opinion of men however flawed that may have been Another great Aussie romance with a few hot sex scenes After the death of her mother Courtney Cross found out that her mother had done some creative financial accounting and at the time of her deatheft Crosswinds a breeding ranch in Australia in debt of about 3 million dollars Looking through several option and not really iking any of them Courtney made her way to Sydney for a horse race in the of finding a wealthy businessman willing to become a silent partner by investing in the only way of ife had ever known Coming off of a bad break up Jack Falconer could barely face the woman that had broken his heart After meeting Courtney at the horse races he had a new goal in ife if only Courtney would agree to itNothing out of the ordinary here a typical Harleuin presents Fun and fast good characters but not enough time to really get in to deep with them Kind of predictable but just enough humor to make me augh every once in a while As usual the drama wouldn t be there at all if people would just talk but that is romance novels for you Still a good escape into Australia and horse breeding In a Scenes from a Writers Life lot of ways Marriage at a Price is your typical Harleuin Presents with that precise amount of sex and romance But in other ways it is even than you might expect Courtney Cross is a strong and driven heroine who knows what she wants Unlike many heroines she is sexually experienced and boasts that the only reason she would marry is for the sex But what about when money comes into play and she needs to marry for financial reason That s ok by Courtney asong as the sex is good too Of course nothing is that simple and Courtney falls in Boy Swallows Universe love with her would be financial partner Jack a rich man who separated from his ex but is he still inove with her Courtney might be willing to marry Jack for money and sex but when she falls in The Secret Of The Cemetery love things get complicated I reallyiked the fact that Courtney wasn t the inexperienced bride She wanted Jack because she DK Life Stories Alexander Hamilton loved him eventually but she was also driven by aust that wasn t without sexual knowledge or experience She was also keen to maintain her career as a priority I also Vocabulario Figurado 2 loved Jack for respecting Courtney s work drive and wanting to support her to maintain her business He is an alpha for sure but he is also caring and respectful of Courtney Heoves her but he understands that for her to be happy she needs to keep her family stud farm up and running And. What did an independent spirited woman do when her stud farm was deep in debt Marry for money Never Courtney set off for Sydney in search. ,

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Sk his marriage proposal to Courtney as an arrangement whereupon he d give her money to settle debts and cover property maintenance for Crosswinds but she d have to bear him children Ugh hide spoiler It s not as good as I thought it would be children Ugh hide spoiler It s not as good as I thought it would be *Story S A Bit Less Dramatic And *s a bit Sex, Politics, and Religion in Star Wars less dramatic and want drama But overall I enjoyed it and Iook forward to read from this author It was different in that the heroine was not a virgin I wanted to Home Remedies like this book It had all the right elements semi brooding alpha male conniving ex strong yet vulnerable heroine a mysterious past etc It just didn t come together and also seemed a bit rushed in places Wow I didn t expect toike this book so much Written in 2001 I feel the oldies are goldies as in these Mills Boon written in the early 2000s were some of the best I ve read I started reading them in 2003 so I should make an effort to search out these old books Especially this The Australians series Hopefully my Defender for Hire (Heroes for Hire, library has the complete setIove horses but never really know much about the world of breeding race horses and the racing world Miranda Lee has brought the stud farm to Spots Fun with Friends life and my goodness that final race scene gave me goosebumps It was brought to me so vividly and I could visualise the horse gainingength by kengthAs for the characters Jack is a pretty great hero Smart sexy and sensitive with money he s willing to spend on Courtney Courtney is problematic because of who and what her mother was a man hateror really Things are not always Courtney is problematic because of who and what her mother was a man hateror really Things are not always they seem and it was great of Jack to try make Courtney view her mother with sympathy in view of what s revealed after her deathCourtney was raised A Kiss To Change Her Life like the boy her mother never was and never had so she s really abrasive But Jack was able to appreciate her directness which must be refreshing after his experience with his nasty ex girlfriendThe chemistry and heat between Courtney and Jack was sizzling That scene after the horses mated WOWLove the book The horse bits enhanced and gave depth to the story not detract I feel When the hero and heroine met and found out each others story it wasust at first sight Then the hero found out about the heroines mother dying and Their Convenient Amish Marriage (Pinecraft Homecomings leaving the heroines horse farm in debt When he offered to pay off theoan it included a clause that she marry him and have his baby The heroine agreed but had some own personal issues to work out but the hero wasn t giving up on herMiranda Lee has done it again with this novel I completely adored it Passion and horses who could go wrong The storyline was pretty simply however there were some twists in the book that had your eyes popping Miranda Lee is known for writing sexier ModernPresents and she ives up to her rep here The heroine is uite bold a bit of a man izer and even brags about her sexual experience I can see readers who would prefer the coy virgins in their Presents not iking her muchThe book is set in the world of horse racing horse breeding and I think too much of it diverted from the romance Also there was no Hero POV as you find in Lee s other works. Ly to find that Jack was that man and he had a deal to offer He'd clear her debts if she would do something for him in return have his ba. He helps her achieve that The downside of this story was mostly personal I m not at all interested in horse racing or stud farms and found the whole concept a ittle boring The scene where our hero and heroine become turned on when the horses are mating was also a Divine ecstasy, the story of Khajuraho little gross Possibly if I was interested in horses I might haveiked it that bit I was also a Carrying the Greeks Heir little unsure about Jack s motivations Unlike many Harleuin Presents titles there is no PoV for Jack and while I prefer it when the point of view stays the same throughout a book I found myself confused by Jack s motivations For example we know he wants a child enough to arrange a marriage of convenience just for the purpose of having a child but it isn t clear why he is uite so desperateAll in all this was a good title from Harleuin Nice to have an Australian setting as well I read the Audiobook so what about the Narrator Unfortunately the narrator of this book Suzanne Toren was American I don t know why Harleuin did it this way as with an Australian setting it meant that the American narrator put on incredibly painful Australian accents It was a bad move to say theeast Luckily the narrator was not that bad in her general narrative but you have to earn to ignore the accent issue to enjoy this audiobook This story was not an entertaining story But a very un HP type book This should have been under the Desire heading It was so chocked full of sexual innuendos that it made reading not pleasant I do read Desire and am wanting that type from that this was not what I wanted The story revolves around a young woman who never knew her father Her mother was older in age when she had her and very brisk in attitude so raised her daughter as a son than a daughter Yes I am not a feminist in this But the man who comes to help out the home and the horses that are being raised for racing in the outback He is a man who gossip has it was broke and still reeling from a broken heart Can these two come together and put fresh blood ie money and family into their ives How weird that I couldn t post a review on my phone AnywaysI had into their Call Me Dan lives How weird that I couldn t post a review on my phone AnywaysI had read the manga adaptation of the novel and I rather enjoyed it so when I had found a copy at myocal opportunity shop or thrift store I snapped it up Shame however that there were some elements that I hadn t enjoyedCourtney the heroine of our piece was a single vivacious gorgeous young woman seemingly unaware of her good Triple Dare (The Art of Seduction, looks Ioved how headstrong she was and how certain she was of her own sexuality What I found a bit gross of her instant abelling of her rival as Superbitch someone she had only *HEARD ABOUT AND HADN T EVEN *about and hadn t even beforeJack the hero was painted as being all too perfect Perfectly macho good ooks Semillas de Conflicto lean form knows his mind etc etc etc but there were so many things that he kept under wraps and didn t immediately admit to Courtney a woman he claimed heoved Granted he didn t have to be open about everything but surely as a thirty plus year old man you d think that he d be communicative view spoilerAnd then to ma. Of a silent business partnerHandsome investment broker Jack Falconer said he knew the right man for her Courtney jumped at the chance on.