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On to the second book I honestly did not really "Like This Book I Also "this book I also not understand why there was a Tinker Bell and Fawn from Disney s Tinker Bell movie It was very magical Typed by K8 They are so good it is about 4 girls that go to never land and have magical adventures The Never Girls In A Blink by Kiki Thorpe is about 4 girls that are best friends and while they were playing a game they saw a fairy But n accident the fairy took the girls to Neverland I really like this book because it talks about Neverland which I like. Nd home to Tinker Bell and her fairy Friends This Attractive Box Contains The First Four Never. This attractive box contains the first four Never. ,

WOW a really good book but kind f childish It s "a good bock it s very interesting Love these books So sweet "good bock it s interesting Love these books So sweet This Tale f Fairies and Little girlsVery endearing sweet interesting and DifferentSmilesI love all the characters and their adventurous waysAn easy read with the pictures and the short chapters This book was interesting but definitely not my type I enjoyed the little pictures in the book even though I thought it was for kids younger than me The book was too short and too girly for me I never went. In a blink Whos Next? Guess Who! of an eye the wishesf four best friends come trueNthey're whisked ff to Never La. .
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The Never Girls Collection #1Peter Pan so there is connection f the same land I prefer that this could be f a 5th grade book because there words that the reader has to understand Great book It reminds me Flash Fiction Forward: 80 Very Short Stories of Peter Pan I actually think she took some things from Peter Pan and added it into the story Please like my comment if you think it is good and appropriate Thank you If you re wondering I started July 24 2014 I finished it today If you re wondering why it took me so long it took me a while to find the fourth book Into the Mist my favoritene Now thank you. Girls adventures In a Blink The "Space Between A Dandelion Wish And From "Between A Dandelion Wish and From Mist Illustration.

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