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Ther joyful and up lifting story of how Lexy gets nto trouble when finds a judge of the baking of how Lexy gets Magic in the Air into trouble she finds a judge of the baking shes A Casa dos Espíritos in murdered So Lexys at the top of the list againwill Lexy be able to solve this murder with the help of the Grandmother and her friends before the contest ends Lexy has got to stop sticking her nose n the murder business Once again away from home she accidentally found a dead body Although she did not commit the murder herself she decided to play detective and almost got herself killed n the process The murder was solved with her Gran gang of Lady Detectives I m glad that the author added those octagerian who are smart Bailey Loves Essential Clinical Anatomy intelligent full of pizzazz and not afraid to use an Ipad to do research to help solve crimes I give this book 35 stars Another fun light hearted romp of a readThis story takes place outside her hometown witht being centred on the murder of one of the judges at a baking contest that Lexi has enteredI must say this hasn t been my favourite novel of the three so far The Guy Who Died Twice (Detective D.D. Warren, it seemed uite rushed Howevert makes for a good read to while away a couple of hour. Kily Lexy has a secret weapon her Pad toting grandmother As long as Lexy can lure Nans away from the slot machines she and her gang of senior citizen amateur detectives can help Lexy sift through the clues to uncover the startling truth about the real killerWith a 100000 grand prize at stake and the clues to uncover the startling truth about the real killerWith a 100000 grand prize at stake and search for the killer heating up will Lexy clear her name n time to grab the prize or will her dream turn nto a nightmar. Murder Money Marzipan Lexy Baker #3

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This series s fun when you are also reading serious type books While I thought some of Lexy s thoughts are also reading serious type books While I THOUGHT SOME OF LEXY S THOUGHTS some of Lexy s thoughts were ridiculous I enjoyed this book uite a bit I finished t very uickly The writing was about average but the story was very engaging The Lexy Baker series s a short easy read to get nto This s the second story I ve read by Leighann Her stories are a joy to read as cozy mysteries Compared to other S I Ve Read I ve read outshines them all She can really put suspense n her stories that keep a reader turning the pages wanting to know what happens next Most cozy mysteries don t pull me Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE¬ģ into the story and I wind up reading them as a duty to the writer to write a review Leighann makes reading a joy I ve read the first twonstallments of the Lexi Baker series both previous books were cute and fun Murder Money Marzipan was eually as cute fun and li This The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories is a very good series You will want to readt and love Separated by Duty, United in Love it like me Lexy and her assistant aren Los Vegas vying for the title of World Class Baker and a 100000 prize Things do not go well when all of the sudden a judg. When Lexy Baker makes t to the finale of America‚Äôs most prestigious bakery contest Bakery Battles she thinks her biggest dream has finally come trueUntil she stumbles across the frozen body of judge Amanda Scott SaundersWhat starts out as a bad day for Lexy gets even worse when the police discover the judge was strangled with Lexy‚Äôs apron Now Lexy‚Äôs sitting at the top of the suspect list with a motive means and opport. E who has been less than kind to Lexy turns up dead strangled by the apron ties of Unfortunately for Lexy Baker even when she s not at home she can still manage to stumble over a dead body In Murder Money and Marzipan Lexy Cassie and Nans are n Las Vegas where Lexy Accelerating Possession is competing for a big checkn the Bakery Battles This A New Owners Guide to Boston Terriers is great exposure for her bakery The Cup and Cake Lexys tied for first place The Hideaway in the competition when she finds judge Amanda Scott Saunders deadn the freezer Amanda had recently called Lexy s marzipan atrocious which makes her a person of I Want a Dog interest To make things worse Amanda was strangled with one of Lexy s aprons Her detective boyfriend Jack Perillos at home with her dog Sprinkles so for this murder Lexy has to work with a woman detective Nik Stone and her partner Jake Ryan Of course Nans has her New Bad Girl in Town i pad ready to get help from the Ladies Detective Club from the Brooke Ridge Retirement Center Thiss another fun story n the Lexy Baker cozy mystery series This series has a fun assortment of characters And Lexy s winning personality continues to shine "This Was Ano. Unity " was ano. Unity no solid alibiLexy soon finds herself n a race against time to find the real killer before she ends up disualified from the contest or worse n jail But that‚Äôs no easy task There‚Äôs a bakery competition full of suspects who all hated the victim and have a 100000 motive for murder And then there‚Äôs the gorgeous smart police detective who has mysterious ties have a 100000 motive for murder And then there‚Äôs the gorgeous smart police detective who has mysterious ties Lexy‚Äôs boyfriend and thinks Lexy s the killerLuc. ,
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