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Reading ebooks but I also love reading an actual bookLaura s story was great I get so sick and tired of the I got pregnant because I wasn t a so sick and tired of the I got pregnant because I wasn t a story As a single Mom who made a similar mistake As This Christian I Was Happy To this Christian I was happy to that Im not alone There are other Christians who sin The shame she felt about going to church while pregnant out of wedlock made me remember those days and the author hit it right on Finding romance while carrying somebody else s twins was an interesting concept There were ust so many aspects to this story that I enjoyedDavid of course was a sweetheart I loved how he didn t let Laura Необыкновенные приключения Карика и Вали just wallow and walk away He fought for her The only part that wasn t very appealing to me is the easy fix in the end Iust don t see things like that happening in real life Perhaps they do but reality is that usually it would not work out like that I loved the character that was responsible though and thought he was a sweetheartOh by the way the Christmas stuff is pretty light so I think even those who like to read Christmas stories only at Christmas will enjoy this one in the summer This was incredibly sweet I love it This book was great It was heart warming and sweet The way the story is written keeps you interested I enjoy a romance novel that doesn t ust base around sex This book was a great addition to my library and look forward to read others by this author Yuletide Twins was the perfect holiday Christian romance read and it was the most touching heartwarming and inspirational Love Inspired Novel That Inspired novel that ve ever read The story line was incredible and one of my favorites so far The characters were incredibly easy to fall in love with and I mean all of the characters I couldn t have asked for a better story for the holiday season and I m so sad that it s over I will treasure and hold Yuletide Twins close to my heart forever. Inances he offers her a ob When they work together to help boost business Laura begins to see that the friend she's always depended on could be the husband she's always prayed

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Yuletide TwinsA Secret Santa a college friendship and a family that needs put togetherDavid and Laura were friends in college but she chose his friend Jared Now months after Jared got married to someone else she shows up at David s door pregnant needing a La libertad primera y ltima (CLAVE) job a place to live and most importantly a friend Though he can t really afford to David gives her aob at his bookstore arranges a place for her to sta This a really nice Christian read Again it s one that because of the title And The Harleuin Label the Harleuin many people will pick it up to "Read But It S Not A Mushy "But it s not a mushy romance book Far from it A young woman pregnant with her twins want a better live for her and her babies so she goes back home To friends that she used to know and she hopes are still friends And they are This book is about second chances and renewal of friendships Of a woman s faith that had been faulted and she thought God had left her but she soon finds that it s she who has went away from Him But she finds that no matter how far away we feel we are away from God God is always there with us and it s up to us to believe that This story gives us a great feeling at the end due to the different storylines within the story An elderly man that had lost his wife a few years before but he still wants to give back to the community and helps spread himself with what little he has A couple who had been married for 20 years and the wife never really realizing what life would have been like had they not been pregnant when they married so her husband finally realizes how she feels after all these years and they find one another too This was ust a good book I will be finding it for my own library and if I can t find it to purchase I will be checking it out every year to read Over look the title and pick it up and read it if you would like to be reminded of God s gracious love for us Very touching and cut. A Family For Christmas Alone and pregnant with twins is not how Laura Holland wants to spend her holidays So she seeks out the only person who's never let her down old college fr. ,

E This was the first book that I have by Renee Andrews I got it for Christmas I that I have read by Renee and I got for Christmas I enjoyed this nice Christmas Story I plan to read books by her I loved this book on page 52 it says it allDavid says he wants to help Laura with the two things she needed mosta friend and a Savior I would only hope that anyone anywhere were in the situation that Laura is in they would have a friend like David I love the ending You should make this your MUST READ book for the Holidays You will definitely be inspired Yuletide Twins by Renee Andrews was a very good book Touching sweet and romantic Laura is pregnant with twins with her college boyfriend He doesn t want to anything to do with the babies Her mother has issues Laura doesn t want to go to her parents house Her mother was pregnant with Laura when they got married Her mother didn t think her dad chose her because of her she thought he married her because of the baby Because of feeling unwanted the mother would ust up and leave from time to time for twenty some years In the end Laura s father buys his wife a new engagement ring and ask her to marry her They get remarried on Christmas day Laura being alone goes to the only person she felt was her friend David owns a book store that isn t making money He gives Laura a ob He watches over her and protects her He has always liked Laura when they were in college but she liked someone else Laura returns to her faith David and Laura end up falling in love and making the book store a money maker Claremont ALBook 7This was another wonderful story I especially loved it being about a bookstore in trouble and trying to find ways to revive it As a librarian I dream of owning my own bookstore and being surrounded by books and readers every day but I m afraid what David suffered in his bookstore is happening everywhere The e book market is taking over I love. Iend David Presley David now runs a bookstore in a small Alabama town but he's never stopped loving Laura since he first laid eyes on her in school So despite his store's shaky