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This story is told in third person and from Luce s Point Of View It Opens of view It opens a sad note and that sadness hangs around like a dark cloud for most of the plot Not that I m saying that s a bad thing just don t open this book expecting rainbows and sunshine For me this story was a welcomed change from The Usual Romance TropesLuce Has A Lot Going On Not usual romance tropesLuce has a lot oing on Not is she dealing with the Contacts Desired grief of burying a loved one but also has to step up in rank while dealing with debilitating feelings of betrayal I say debilitating as all of those things had an impact on her love life In this instalment Luce keeps Brooke at an arm s length While I understood Luce s reasoning for alienating herself I couldn t help but feel sorry for Brooke and I kept wishing Luce would just tell her what wasoing on But that was my wish and had the story been written differently Luce s character wouldn t have rang trueThe suspenseful plot kept me Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane, glued to the pages the amount of page timeiven to the BDSM club was unexpected but far from unwanted Be still my heart and irlie bits The lap dance made me feel conflicted and not because it was hot as hell Cryptic words I know feel conflicted and not because it was hot as hell Cryptic words I know I can t say without spoilersWhen Russian Mafia are involved alliances are bound to be tested and true to form in this installment they most certainly areIn summary this story is raw it s ritty it s sexy it Measuring the Subjective Well-Being of Nations grabbed me from theet Let It Bree / Cant Buy Me Louie (Harlequin Duets, go and didn t let up The ending left me desperate for I can t wait toet my hands on book three thank The Solitary Self goodness I don t have long to wait Lies that Bind book 2 in the American Yakuza series focuses on the aftermath of Luce losing her belovedrandfather and the bite of strong betrayal she feels as secrets are revealed Lies is uite dark so much so that I am furious at Luce the charismatic head of the Japanese crime family Interestingly I don t have that big of an issue with her violent nature in The Ornaments of Life general the people whoet her wrath usually deserve it though not always but she stepped over a line in this one for me and since I haven t read book 3 I m not sure if she ll be able to redeem. Luce Potter runs her life and her business with an iron fist and complete control until lies and deception unravel her world The shadow of betrayal consumes Luce threatening to destroy the most precious thing in her life Brooke Erickson Brooke Erickson finds herself on the outside of Luce'. .
American Yakuza IITely better than the first Less Yakuza but action suspense and drama One of my favorite "reads of 2013 But seriously isn t the author the of the publishing company "of 2013 But seriously isn t the author the owner of publishing company why do typos still One Wish (Thunder Point, get through It doesn t reflect well on the publisher This is the second book in Isabella s series American Yakuza This entry continues the story of Luce Potter as she continues to take her business legitimate But the death of herrandfather derails her life iving her arch enemies the opening they need to take her down It isn t until Brooke Erickson The Most Important the most important in her life becomes an unwitting pawn in Luce s ame with the Russians that Luce understands what should be the priority in her life In the meantime a Treasury Department agent Colby Water continues her investigation of Luce and her business Isabella addresses several issues in this series including love betrayal and redemption The characters are well drawn and despite the occupation of Luce you find yourself liking her The writing is excellent but the editing is abysmal If I were Remembering and Repeating guessing I would say that the author has published her first draft of the book No one corrected the many misspelled words the misusage of words the lack of continuity etc etc If those kinds of things don t bother you then you should speed through this book If these kinds of errors and missteps do bother you then you ll be taken out of the story time and time again as you sit surprised that someone didn t catchanlet for auntlet the misuse of to for too and needing to back up a few pages to see if you missed something along the way that would explain why a woman near death in her hospital bed is suddenly sitting up and having a conversation with a visitor I ll definitely read the next entry in this series but if the author s editors fail to catch all the obvious mistakes it will be the last book in the series I ll read It was a nice book but it had way too many typos I really liked the introduction of Brooke s ex into the story I hope theres a follow up story Really want to see how Frank and Petrov end up. Her past is front and center in her investigation of the Yakuza crime leader Before she can put the crime boss in prison she must confront the ultimate deception in her professional life When worlds collide betrayal dishonor and death are inevitable Can Luce and Brooke survive the explosi.

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Herself Though I suspect she will she ll have to work for it Hard The fact that I care is a positive and says that writer Isabella and narrator Victoria Mei must be doing something right Luce is a complex flawed interesting character Her love interest Brooke took of a back seat this time though of a back seat this time though played a pivotal role I haven t read this series of books so am experiencing them for the first time via audio In eneral I like the series We et very few female mafia heads in lesfic ones that engage in light BDSM at that Look forward to finishing up the series with book 3I was provided a free audio code in exchange for a fair unbiased review This is worth than 5 starsOh wow this seuel is even exciting than the first one It caused me palpitations and it kept me on the palpitations and it kept me on the Of My Seat A Real Page Turner The Betrayal The my seat A real page turner The betrayal the all the twists and turns a roller coaster of emotions I have enjoyed it a lot and of course the end came much too soon Please let there be a third part Good story but lots of typos I didn t like it as much as the first one I think the personal relationship ot messy so I lost track Otherwise this is filled with action and mafia like endeavors so it s uite entertaining I was really hoping when I picked this book back up that luce would redeem herself Instead she just kept doing unforgivable things It just made me like Colby and I found myself wishing that she was the main character instead of Luce I won t be reading book 3And like others pointed out there were far too many editorial mistakes mainly missing words How hard is it to Fly Away Home (South Africa Series, get a proof reader This book has a number of angst creating moments It was tough to read about Luce being unfaithful allegedly to Brooke I always hate those scenarios when someoneets hurt under the Soldier O - Bosnian Inferno guise of it s what s best for them We all know that s BS In any case this book was just as riveting as the first I will be snapping up the third one as soon as it s available Oh yeah what is the deal with freaking typos andrammatical errors How hard can it be to find a Seeing Through the Eyes of the Polish Revolution good copy editor Defini. S life looking in As events spiral out of control Brooke can only watch as the woman she loves pushes her further away Suddenly devastated and alone Brooke refuses to leto without an explanation Colby Water a federal agent investigating the ever elusive Luce Potter discovers someone from. .