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Morable work in the pack "BUT I DO KNOW IT DID JOB AND "I do know it did its job and for a dayDates are approximate as I am reviewing after fact 3 StarsThis was an OK read nothing terribly memorable It was an instalove story and I did find Melissa to be a little to flightyNote that this story also contains mentions of spousal and child abuse so plea. Ly of fugitives she found hiding out in an abandoned cottage on Gregory's farm They needed to stay hidden and she was the only one who could help Playing nanny is the perfect cover for Melissa UNTIL SHE CAN BE SURE THESE THREE LOST. she can be sure these three lost. ,

What fun fast read I haven t read a Harleuin in years Now I Can T I can t why I stopped reading them An oldie from storage that I must have read years ago before I joined GR In this read I njoyed it though the heroine is relatively frivolous I can t recall too much about it since I read it last week which suggests it is not the most "Me. She'd Been Looking For Something Big To Change " She'd been looking for Something Big to change lifeBut playing nanny to Gregory Finch's daughter wasn't xactly the Something Big Melissa had anticipated And she would've turned down his job offer if it hadn't been for she would've turned down his job offer if it hadn't been for fami. character. Souls are safeExcept Gregory can never find out what she's doingAnd she can never let herself a man she has to lie to Besides she can't find Something Big if she's busy taking care of Gregory and his sweet little girl Can she. .

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Nanny Makes Three

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