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The Widow's SuitorNice story but a little flat The conflict was obvious and easily resolved The romance was leasant but not deep I really enjoyed this story as it told just how strong one woman could be not only in The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate proving her land up without her husband but mostly her very strong faith in the Lord This was a nice short read that I didn t want tout down If you like Christian Historical books I m sure you will enjoy this one Thank your Rose for doing such a fine job I will be looking #for of your books I won this book through the Heartsong Treasure Hunt #of your books I won this book through the Heartsong Treasure Hunt on GoodreadsThe story starts with Cora delivering her son That s when she meets Luke Cora is widowed She lives with her mother in law and now with her newborn son They re running a laundry business to get by and Cora lans to rove UP HER LAND BUT WHEN SHE REALIZES THE MAN her land But when she realizes the man mother in law wants her to "marry isn t the one everyone thinks he is Cora has " isn t the one everyone thinks he is Cora has fight for her land no matter the costThis book is a sweet romance between Cora and Luke Form the moment they meet they both start falling for each other Unfortunately Luke isn t a Christian and Cora can t grant him courtship rivileges if he doesn t believe in GodThis book is a uick but great read I would recommend it to anyone who likes inspirational romanceI m looking forward to reading Hearts. CORA ANDERSON ISN'T LOOKING FOR LOVEThe young widow is just trying to make a life on the rairie for herself and her newborn son When handsome newcomer Luke Dow shows up at her cabin door. ,

Ong Presents and Love Inspired books This was a wonderful read Luke was drawn to Cora from the start and was there for her to help and support her in what she was going through he had all the charecteristics you d expect to seefind in a good Christian God fearing man caring considerate helpful compassionate sympathetic giving supportive rotective etc and yet he wanted nothing to do with God or the Christian faith because of his ast experience with it Thankfully he wasn t chased away by her faith or her utter dependence on God and determination to see that God s will dependence on God and determination to see that God s will done in her lifealso thankfully God was able to break through the shell around his heart and show him what REAL Christianity is like how it s lived through real Christians God never gave up on him and in the end was able to welcome him into His fold The ending was over the top From the minute I read the spoiler first few ages I was hooked I could not wait to get this book After finishing it I certainly wasnt disappointed Immediately I was drawn into the story it was just like being right there Wanting to share their food their trials their fears and their love It was an amazing story for those who enjoy books that they can t ut down until it s finished Luke lost his faith as a young man when hypocrisy was all he sa. She soon relies on the man's help with her homestead and dares to dream of the futureLuke came to the small South Dakota town to build a hotel and make his fortune But he never expected.
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W in Off 13 people whoreached about a God He s decided there is no GodCora knows the only way she s made it through life is GodCora knows the only way she s made it through life is faith She lost her family and then her husband When Luke shows up at her door while she s in labor both of their lives change Through struggles and hardships they become close but Cora can never be yoked with an un believer Very emotional story A nice but rather stiff inspirational story with a strong Christian message Cora Anderson is a widow who delivers a baby boy She lives with her mother in law on a sheep farm Luke Dow is a bit of a Western dandy who came to town to build a hotel where the train was going to Amata Means Beloved pass through Cora is very attracted to him but he is not a believer Luke loves her but has a badast in regard to religion There is a stereotyped bad guy Character development is weak but it was a nice story Rose Zediker has written an intriguing love story based in a small South Dakota town in the 19th century I was routing for the characters from the first few ages Her book has an accurate glimpse I believe into the hardships eople incurred to settle our great country The strong heroine and her reluctant hero face daily challenges and a vicious opponent I learned a lot about the mind set of time Juice period and am looking forward to reading from this autho. To care for anyone let alone the beautiful Cora and her baby boy When Cora's land claim is challenged by a neighbor Luke will do all he can torotect her and her home and claim her heart.

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