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Review this nowno spoilers written from Bryce s pov it is somewhat differentit fills the gaps and makes you understand things clearer not that you didn t really understand them originally it just paints a much fuller PICTURE IN YOUR MIND WELL WRITTEN BY A FEMALE in your mind Well written by a female a male s perspectiveonce againlaughing at the narrative A job well donefelt totally satisfied Bryce Edward Clark you are something alright Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls looking forward to many books from KMGolland I just know without doubt I willove them all Really enjoy being inside Bryce s head This Novella 35 in the Temptation series is completely from Bryce s POV but its not a rework of the series of his perspective this book fills in some of the gaps The Soul Of A Thief left from Fulfilment and takes the story furtherI reallyiked this book from reading the others in the series I always enjoyed the chapters from Bryce s POV and this didn t disappoint we get to hear his thoughts on becoming a father the conseuences of a recent death his marriage and Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights life afterHis POV is funny cocky arrogant and at times shows his vulnerable side and KM Golland s writing of this in excellent she truly gets inside a blokes head and there are some reallyaugh out Secret Baby, Surprise Parents loud momentsI alwaysook forward to the epilogue in this series this is the best one yet it shows us what Mystify (Mystyx, life isike for the Clark family seven years The New Baby laterThis has been a fantastic series ofife s ups and downs and i m truly sad to say goodbye to them these people have become friends ones I will return to time and time again Go in to miss creepy research This was a perfect way to end Alexis and Bryce s story I ve been dying to get into Bryce s head so getting his "Pov Was Just What "was just what needed He s is a very sexy cocky alpha who is so protective of the ones he Wild Streak loves Yes it s ail over bearing at times would you want to kill him ye but I wouldn t want him to change The ove he has for Alexis and the kids it so strong and he will do anything to protect them The way he is with Brayden was so cute again super protectiv. Til Alexis came alongAlexis Summers a breath of fresh air blown in for Bryce to inhale allowing him to once again breathe; and ive She ensnared his heart mind body and soul She consumed him completelyInseparable from the moment they first met Bryce.

K.M. Golland Ð 8 Read

E but adorable You have got "To Love This Man Alexis Deals With "love this man Alexis deals with with herself in this book after having the baby and what happened when she had Charlotte Alexis confidence was a Say Youll Stay And Marry Me lilow it was hard to see her Rafaellos Mistress like this I m so used to seeing her strong and confident but I understood why she was feelingike she did Alexis was still very strong so don t think she turns into a weak woman she doesn t it s just a The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, lil bump in the road Again these two are super hot for each other and can t keep there hands of each other I don t thing these well ever get enough of each other It just shows how these to meant to be together After everything they went through it just made them stronger as a couple and family I would highly recommend this book I enjoyed every part of it and getting into Bryce s head made this book great Bryce and Alexis s story is so good it is full of drama andots of hot sexytime The story is very addictive and made me want and The characters were so good as well the kids are the cutest thing ever and Alexis and Bryce s friends are funny great and some even sexy I m dying to know about the other characters in this book and I m delighted there is I Rascal love this serie Attainment is reached as a result of experiencing fulfillment Get ready The time has come to finally find out what it sike to be inside Bryce s headI must admit I never had any intention to write this novella My intent was to release bonus content via my website which was to fill the gaps I purposefully eft in Fulfillment Let s just say there are gaps I purposefully eft in Fulfillment Let s just say there are very persuasive people out there So when I did finally decide to deliver you a small chunk of Bryce s point of view in the form of a novella I knew I did not want to rewrite the story as such Instead Attainment is a detailed version of the bonus content I had planned to release and to be honest a much better way to give you all closure to Brylexis What Would You Like? love story I had an absolute ball writing this So thank you for asking me to do it I m glad IistenedK. And Alexis are now engaged and expecting a baby Bryce has everything he has ever wanted; wealth the girl and to become a father Will he finally achieve his ultimate attainment Or will the guilt of what he deems are his mistakes his sins ruin everythi. I absolutely devoured this novella in Bryce s point of view I Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, love KM Golland and I am utterly devastated that this is the end of Bryce and Alexis In this novella written in Bryce s point of view we get to understand what he sees what he feels Weearn that Bryce is one funny guy I mean really funny He oves Alexis with everything that is in him and same with her children who have now become his own We get to see Bryce s thoughts on becoming "A Dad Dealing With Gareth "dad dealing with Gareth death and his marriage to the woman who stole his heart It was very insightful and very woman who stole his heart It was very insightful and very written I ve always been hesitant to read books that are written in the opposite character s point of view afraid that it s just the same story being told in a different perspective I don t want to read the same story twice This was not one of those It told us stories that were not in the first three novels KM Golland I WANT MORE BRYLEXIS Really I really really do Five stars once again Very well written very humorous and very sexy I ove it Can t say enough about the author She is just amazing Loves it Hilarious sexy absolutely perfection Great ending to this fantastic Brylexis Friend Foe love story epic I haveoved all of the books in this series but This Book Attainment Is book Attainment is there with the bestI The Longevity Diet love how KM Golland could write this from a mans point of view and it pulled all the books together Iaughed cried and fell in Grassroots Innovation love with Bryce Clark the main male character What a witty refreshing story teller KM Golland is and cant wait to read of her booksHighly recommend the whole series As per usual Bryce and Alexis has me completely and utterly captivated Excellent job writing the book from Bryce s POVOnce again the story evoked so many different emotions in me it had meaughing and in tears what seemed to be at the same timeI can t get enough of Bryce he melts my heart at every turnBRAVO to KM Golland Fantastic job I can t get enough of your work and I definitely can t wait for Attraction Having received an ARC I am able to. To be read AFTER Fulfillment For most of Bryce Clark’s adult ife he had been plagued by guilt over what he claimed was a wrong decision; a apse of better judgement on his part He hadn’t Architecture and Utopia lived theife he wanted to ive or thought he deserved un. ,

Attainment Temptation #35