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Criers Kibitzers Kibitzers CriersOries and a penchant for charity Get the rich boys in your sights and Push is victorious in some ritualized playground circle when e resits finally Williams who must please all but never PushCousing Poor Lesley and the Lousy People is Williams who must please all but never PushCousing Poor Lesley and the Lousy People is 40s Bronx nostalgia tale of bizarre losers telling dirty jokes to ugly girls at City College parties Eugene Lapransky s a sort of stupid guru in is exile in the apartment above is mother s ouse and is Black Matt ramblings They all end up locked up or sleazy or dead like Poor Lesley who never got to fight only to maneuver Perlmutter at the East Pole is a little dis to New York as the last place you d look for meaning and the last place you d find it Perlmutter s pliable New Yorkers Depress And Disappoint Him From Cabbies depress and disappoint im from cabbies Rose Gold and the Union Suare Park nest of vapid speakers Stanley Elkin s stories are set at the borderline of realism and postmodernism but Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet he always remains freshighly original and scathingly sardonic Would a crier listen to another man s complaints Could a kibitzer kid a kidder But it didn t mean anything Arise he thought Not the jokes not the grief It didn t mean anything They were like birds making noises in a tree But try to catch them in a deal They d murder youThat s a portrait of modern society Guest is the beat generationeroics turned inside "out On a Field Rampant is a postmodern fairytale of the prince in exile Cousin Poor Lesley and "On a Field Rampant is a postmodern fairytale of the prince in exile Cousin Poor Lesley and Lousy People is a nostalgic trip through the alienated coming of age scenes Perlmutter at the East Pole is a mocking treatise on the meaning of lifeThe most perfidious instrument in all uman language is the uestion There is no room or time in life for uestions uestions are the breeding ground of dissension atheistic pestilence and war Look at your tragic secular literature Faust is punished for asking uestions Oedipus is Hell is a uestioner s answerSo get you ideas from a popular song That s where the ideas are. S nimble comic antic imagination a dedication to the value of form and language and a concern with a single theme the tragic inadeuacy of a simplistic response to lif.

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No other story in this collection uite matches Push in style or execution of concept but there s plenty of umor and jazz to be found in several of the better ones particularly the closer which seems less beholden to naturalism than do some of the less exuberant attempts I m not sure when Elkin wrote which of these pieces but the way they re assembled ere Allows To Gain Momentum As The Reader Pages Through them to gain momentum as the reader pages through are wonderful full of the umanness of people just trying to cope with life Humorous touching and all that They are beautifully and meticulously written Some stories remind me a bit of Malamud Regardless they are stories that are worth the time to be familiar with These are some of the most eart wrenching American tales of disease "And Death And Isolation And Despair But "death and isolation and despair but the same time they burst with life and language that no other author can provide Critics often label Elkin as a comic writer but these are not comedies They are perhaps umorous tragedies certainly not dark comedies in that Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, hope is lost for any sort of redemption for any character found within But the stories and the language show so much of the intricacies of the stuff of life that one gets the sense that Elkin s message above all else was that this world is shit but it s good and interesting and pleasing enough for one to be crazy to stop fighting for life Elkinimself chronically unhealthy Educating for the New World Order had to fight every momentIn Criers and Kibitzers Kibitzers and Criers Elkin gets at so fully the state of mind of a man mourning the death ofis son the awkward embarrassment jealousy and vengeful rage all set in a small town grocery with its sad depths of social strata and its paranoia in its tiny profit margin The man Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock holds up the memory ofis son above all reproach and finding the note which The Character Of An Upright Man has so much meaning toim but says nothing at all strikes a resonant chord with meI Look Out For Ed Wolfe an orphan s tale of losing. These nine stories reveal a dazzling variety of styles tones and subject matter Among them are some of Stanley Elkin's finest including the fabulistic On a Field Ramp. And selling everything reducing a man to is cash value shows a clinical American Psycho where life is confined
collections sales aggles and bids the end Ed Wolfe a white boy enacts some craziness at a black juke joint puts a girl up on an auction block and GURPS Conspiracy X holdser Just One Golden Kiss hand which is vital thanis ever could be Among The Witnesses the tale of a Catskills resort cheapo shocked by a little girl s drowning under the watch of an underage lifeguard follows Preminger a flat man droning on to lay Norma Everything is else is an inconvenience Everyone wants an excuse to be scared The Tyranny of Guilt home including Bieberman drunk on Schnapps on the porchThe Guest is a drug riddled multiple personality rant of a bum jazzouse sitter in which Elkin gets the cadence of being alone and talking to yourself thinking to yourself exactly right on perfect Bertie s rebellion is selfish wasteful and lazy He will always be looking for a patronIn The Alley the story of a man with a death sentence from Phantom Encounters his doctor who just won t die shows the awkwardness and alienation and complete loneliness of dying He s never fought the disease only worried thate Eat Your Way Through the USA hasn t died and thatis diagnosis as not "been fulfilled like Norman Mailer walking through Harlem at midnight but getting beatOn a Field "fulfilled like Norman Mailer walking through Harlem at midnight but getting beatOn a Field is a forcefully vague story about a young man beueathed fine clothes and a medallion who vaguely travels the world apart from Khardov the watch repairman father duping plebes into thinking e s royalty In the end Stories from Spain / Historias de España heas built up a rage against these people the dock workers and whores Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos he belongs with like someone trying to climb out of The Dubliners or suppressing their Jewishness in Roth or Bellow to live as a HabsburgIn A Poetics for Bullies Pushas got the whole neighborhood Broken Bear his world figured out ande knows Enna Burning his damage but John Williams is too perfect to fit into that world and we can all relate to Push s distaste for a boy with such nice clothing and st. Ant the farcical Perlmutter at the East Pole and the stylized A Poetics for Bullies Despite the diversity of their form and matter each of these stories shares Elkin'.

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