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Rror stories in here that made me laugh when they weren t scaring me And I didn t think I was a big science fiction fan but the story WALL was so great and so thoughtful it makes me think otherwise I haven t read a book of short stories for ages and was happy to receive my copy from Goodreads I very much njoyed Not From Around Here Some of the stories made me laugh out loud some made me cry and several of them raised the hairs on the back of my neck Larry Hochwald can really tell a story I identified with some of his characters that took me back to a long ago childhoodI figured out some of his stories before I finished them but it didn t spoil them at all Most of his tales completely sideswiped me I hope he continues to write I d certainly buy another book of short stories he s written Don t miss out on this book Not From Around Here by Larry Hochwald is a must read It a real page turner I couldn t wait to start the next story You will think you found lost pisodes of The Twilight Zone in some cases Even if you aren t a fan of Science Fiction the stories are so good and well written you ll love aren t a fan of Science Fiction the stories are so good and well written you ll love anyway The stories are just nough to stretch the imagination and some just make you think or wonder His writing style is March Violets (Bernie Gunther, easy and comfortable to follow with virtually no profanity which I found very refreshing Then at thend you ll see how the stories are all connected I highly recommend this book to intelligent adults Zoete tranen everywhere I d like to see from this author Not From Around Here by Larry Hochwald is a collection of fiction that spans horror fantasy humor literary contemporary and science fiction genres However it is than just a collection ofxciting and surprising stories There are several threads and themes that run throughout and without providing a spoiler I can tell you that it all comes togetherIt starts innocently Water Music enough with a story called Best Friend By thend of that story I was hooked I was surprised by what happened but also by my reaction I was crying at the Revived end of the story and that was to happen 3 times while I read the book Now I read short stories and I love good ones but I m not a big fan of collections in general Why There are two reasons for this though I am very pleased to say that Not From Around Here avoids both pitfalls One reason I skip short stories collections is when they are filled with stories that are only slice of life You come into a scene you live it and then you leave without anything finishing Thankfully all of these are satisfying and complete stories like mini novels in that they are complex tales with a beginning middle andndThe other reason

i often avoid 
often avoid fiction collections is sometimes I find the uality of the stories becomes inconsistent in the middle of the book They start with their best and try to Student Research Projects in Calculus end on a high note but the middle feels like filler as does a lot of the content on many a CD Fortunately this book hold up very well it is well written throughout with some of the most inventive surprising and visual stories right in the middle of the book The second story The Placebo Effect is one of the most gripping I havever read and I found there are comments all across the internet from people who back this up One commenter on redditt recommended the story saying in ffect I don t ven like to read but I loved this one This story is an action packed thr. Ies butfirst he must join her club and the initiationis a horror A man reaches out to his mother he tries to connect but she's just not the same any One man's life is in a shambles until a little boy with a special gift reminds him of healing power of friendship Aliens plan a tryst in a lovely mountainsetting but can Earth stand the bliss A doctor stumbles upon aworld wide conspiracy but his murder leaves it in the hands of his close friend to. ,

Iller with an nding I couldn t predict In fact that s a hallmark of most of these WOW ndings that you just can t predictOne of the most surprising stories was a hallmark of most of these WOW A Heart of Stone endings that you just can t predictOne of the most surprising stories was 4th story Join the Club It s a little like a 50 Shades meets The Shining notxplicit though but in mature theme "I HAVE TO TELL YOU I DON T FIND "have to tell you I don t find writing truly scary and almost no short stories Taking Instruction (Taboo, ever rise to that occasion but this may be the scariest story I havever read It is hard for me to choose my favorite stories because I really njoyed Every One There Were No Real Disappointments one there were no real disappointments was a twist I ve never seen before Mirrors was a very original vision turning the nature of some beliefs about the after life upside down Revelation had some remarkable twists and I ve seen some readers have said they haven t seen that caliber of surprise since The Sixth Sense and I can t disagree Wall and Desolation Lovers were two visual stories that I think would make great movies and Old Ways could be anything from a great adventure movie to a series of novels Mother s Nature and When this War Began are two very special touching and very ffective stories Some stories just flat out freaked me out and I would list OCD Carpet Shock and The Group in that category A Present For Mikey was a very short horror story that I had the bad fortune of someone tapping me on the shoulder just at the climax And Almost Home was one of those where I cried at the Divertimento end There are laughs in just aboutvery story many laughs in several of them such as Fur and Loathing and ironically Join the Club This book is like a roller coaster ride and for the pure fun and Love Is a Fairy Tale excitement factors I can t remembernjoying a book this much in uite a while Have you Promise at Dawn ever looked in a mirror and wondered what was behind the reflection How about meeting someone for the first time and realizing you will be lifelong friends With an influx of bizarre tales and strange phenomena many stories of the unusual tend crop up In Not From Around Here by Larry Hochwald you are treated to a collection of 18 just such stories The amazing a bizarre happenstance keeps you going asach creates and indelible mark in your thoughts Can such things truly happen There are times when a short story is all you need This is a fine material for waiting for your kids at the school or ven waiting at the Dentist or Doctors office you don t have to worry about not being able to get back to the ndingEach story is uniue and in cases just a bit creepy In some there is a thread of humor that keeps you chuckling as you move to the next Some contain morals that make you think while others are just on the verge of the impossible but with just a uestion mark of what if Hochwald does a great job of building his protagonists with believable characteristics as well as making them memorable Each story has a uniue and solid character in which you find the interactions to be stimulating and at times amusing Then he takes his setting and Bangkok Wakes to Rain either makes them dreamlike or creepy or just out of this world Yet his descriptions are able to draw a picture that is often difficult with short stories If you are looking for a fun gift for that hard to please friend for Christmas this might be a great direction to take If younjoy a bit of fun as well as the unbelievable you will The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery enjoy Hochwalds zany imagination A uniue point of view and shared with verv. Get the secret to the government An African curse threatens tond a family's bloodline but the ancient horror once unleashed won't stop there From meeting yourself walking down the street to surviving ahomicidal groundhog you'll go places and meet people that are familiar than you might Darkmere expect You'll go on 18 journeys filled withxcitement suspense and laughter And it all comes together when you get to know Alan Trentehe'sNot From Around Here.

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I was very happy to find this book it was recommended to me and I ve read a of classics and a of the most well known books and I m always looking for new stories but the new books and less known authors often leave me wanting This collection was very well done and I loved the range of stories What tied them together than the underlying plot line is that they are all well written surprising and amazingly original This was an Et si la maladie n'tait pas un hasard ? exciting suspenseful scary funny thought provoking collection I look forward to from this author This book packs a wallopThis book is perfect for anyone Well perhaps not young children but Not From Around Here by Larry Hochwald will tantalize all who read it Ispecially love the fact that Den of Shadows (Gamblers Den each short story love short stories is different andxciting Larry s characters are so well throughout that they seem real which is what all readers crave This is a readers bookMost of Larry s stories would be perfect for M Night Shyamalan Scraps Of The Untainted Sky even the first story Best Friends I d definitely pay to watch itCan t wait for this authors next book I love this book Throughout allighteen stories I was consistently The Eric Carle Gift Set enthralled and then shocked by thendings There are very few things left in life that are totally original but this book is one of them The stories are at times spookysometimes funny but always Huguenot Prophecy and Clandestine Worship in the Eighteenth Century engaging while being a veryasy read I found the book diverse which helped to maintain my interest and made me Fashion Design Course eager to read the twist in the next story It wasxtremely creative well written and clever and as I finished the book the one thought that came to mind was BRAVO I usually don t read books of short stories but I received this free from a Goodreads giveawayI gave it 4 stars because some of the stories were very bit 5 star worthy others were barely 3 stars so I went for the average I almost gave up reading after the first few stories I thought the dialogue was predictable and the stories seemed to jump over some parts where the plot should have been worked out But then I got to Join the Club and got sucked in It was a great horror storySo while there were some stories I thought were not worth my time others were really good and left me wanting I my time others were really good and left me wanting I the plot of Faker was xcellent and kept you guessing on the grandfather I loved Old Ways could not stop reading that one Mother s Nature was not one of my favorite stories but it had my favorite line in the book rather than just move through life we randomly bounce around it Love that You may not be crazy about Alternatives Chapter 2 (The Chronos Files; The Shattered Saga each andvery story but it would be a shame to skip the whole book and miss the stories that were really Cincinnati and Other Plays entertaining Hello MNight Shyamalan great stories are waiting for you in Larry Hochwald s book Not From Around Here I trulyxpect to see at least one of Larry s stories on the big screen Each of his short stories grabs the reader in a very personal way Some of the stories I felt I was there with the characters All I didn t want to Speak Out! end Injoyed this book of short stories and highly recommend it to all my friends An I Like You the Best extremely brilliant writer I am becoming addicted to his creative mind I wish I could rate this fifty stars instead of five I am grateful for discovering this book The first story wasngaging and The collectors encyclopedia of antique marbles emotional and from there is was like a wild ride The second story Placebo Effect was soxciting and original There are ho. Sometimes things go better than you think andsometimes they go worse But they never go the way you xpect Alan Trente Walk into a world where very real people find themselves in unreal situations and witness a young man is sitting in asalon getting his haircut when he sees someone waving tohim in the mirror He looks around and realizesthe man waving is not in the room A college student meets a beautiful girl that wants to fulfill all his fantas. Not From Around Here