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Meets him in a conference "Room Flanked By Lawyers And "flanked by lawyers and She dismisses everyone else and speaks to Jack privately accusing him of embezzling funds and threatening prisonShe then gives him another choice He ll be demoted and report to another manager and he ll wear what the company sells to work Anita tells him that she ll choose his uniformJack agrees Courtney is promoted to manager and both women feminize and humiliate JackIt s a good story He one employee he cannot stand She has plans for him plans that involve good story He one employee he cannot stand She has plans for him plans that involve heels and a good deal But what is really going onT. .

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Jack the manager of a "Women S Shoe Store Has "s shoe store
#has employee named #
employee named who was foisted on him by the corporate office He thinks she s lazy and he can t fire her but he treats her contemptuously He s written to the corporate office on a number of occasions seeking to have her firedJack gets a call from Anita Howard the CFO of the company telling him that he needs to get to the Butler Street office right away or he ll be fired When he gets there Anita. Jack is about to learn the hard way that mistreating employees is a bad idea when he finds himself demoted and at the mercy of Shoe Store SissyUt it really would have *Benefited From Being Longer Jack Is Obviously Set Up To *from being longer Jack is obviously set
#up to blackmailed #
to blackmailed he s never shown any actual evidence of wrongdoing and he doesn t ask to see any It feels as though the author is rushing to get to Jack s humiliation by Courtney and that there really isn t enough room to fully develop the storyThe author has a talent for writing humiliating scenes and shows real creativity This is a short read but it s worth checking ou. His 8000 word story "Includes Femdom Forced Feminization "femdom forced feminization anal spankingpaddling erotic humiliation cbt and For adults only. ,

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