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Pack Up the MoonI ove this book I keep rereading it and I will be really sad when I put it backThe main character is Emma and she ives with her ongtime boyfriend John In the beginning of the book John is hit by a car and killed After that the reader witnesses how people grieve after College Apologetics (with Supplemental Reading losing aoved ONE AND THE MANY DIFFERENT STAGES JOHN VISITS EMMA and the many different stages John visits Emma her dreams whenever something important or ife changing happens to "her He acts ike her guardian angel I think Anna McPartlin Did an excellent job with the ending She balances out "He acts ike her guardian angel I think Anna McPartlin Did an excellent job with the ending She balances out emotions in the book The reader starts out sad

and ends up 
ends up by the endThe main character is Emma and she is twenty six by the start of the book John is her boyfriend and has been since they were sixteen He is hit by a car after a partyThe story takes place in Dublin Ireland in the ate 1990 s and early 2000 s over the course of three yearsThe themes of the story were moving on picking up the pieces and acceptance of things that you cannot change The reader witnesses Emma pick up the pieces a few weeks after John s death by going back to work and trying to keep herself busyI would recommend this mostly to high school girls and up because some parts are a Dark Intrusions little graphic I highly doubt any guys wouldike this book all that much Anna Mcpartlin s novel is a very realistic interpretation of a person having to pull themselves out of the grip of grief Emma ooses her ong time Decade of Despair love John and is forced to start herife over again with the help of great friends who attempt to show her the great parts of What Was Lost life and then push her toet go and move on This novel was interesting because rather than telling the story of a woman getting over something Go-Go-Go! like this uickly easily and happily McPartlin shows that the grieving process is not always uick and far from easy This fact is evident in the bottom paragraph on page 216 when Emma finally frees herself from her parents Christmas gathering to go home and drink alone at which point she opens a bottle of wine and toasts Happy Christmas to John who has been gone for over a year and then continues to wonder about and miss him pensively Iearned from this novel that a rising and falling plot is not necessarily the same for all novels one can write a story with no seeming pattern of rising and falling action but rather Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook let the story coast along and come to its conclusion in its own time This ideology is risky because some readers would get bored of it however it is an interesting techniue and makes me curious as to what kind of stories I could tell using such devices PERSONAL RESPONSEThis book dragged on and on for soong it was not very appealing to me at all The plot was so boring and just dragged The characters I felt were flat and boring. There's A Big Life Ahead Of Her But Can She Find The Courage To Live ItEmma is twenty six pretty intelligent and happily Reine Mädchensache living with her childhood sweetheart John in a cuteittle Dublin apartment Her biggest problem is that her mother won't stop nagging her to get married already Emma and John feel Animal Babies like the perfect couple their future alive with possibilities But out of the blue a tragedy throws herife into disarray and Emma is suddenly incomprehensibly alone As sh. As well I had a really rough time finishing this book Which is too bad because I was ooking forward to reading itPLOT Emma is qasas-ul-quran living happily with her sweetheart John until the accident As they wereeaving a pub John gets hit by a car and dies in the hospital Everyone who knew John grieves but not as badly as Emma Emma and her friends eventually help each other out of their sadness and move on A year ater Emma decides to start dating again Months ater she finds herself falling in ove with John s best friend Sean WHEN SHE ADMITS HER LOVE TO she admits her ove to he admits that he has been in Hear the Wolves love with her for many years They start to date and they eventually start a new family togetherCHARACTERIZATIONThis book focuses on Emma s choices and events in herife Emma is a young twenty six year old teacher who was widowed suddenly Her best friend is Clo they are always there for each other in the story Emma is very witty sassy and can be bashful at times As you read the book you can see how Emma deals with her Valors Measure loss and sorrow She always finds a way to get herself back onto her feetSETTING Pack up the Moon takes place in present day Ireland This is significant to the plot of the book because it shows tragedy can happen anywhere There are many cultural references throughout the book that can be associated with Ireland RECOMMENDATION I would recommend this book to anyone who wouldike an angsty romance novel I would also recommend this book to women over the age of 15 because characters in the book talk about mature things I think this book would be appealing to women because it is a BFI Film Classics love story Another fab fluffy uplifting read shall be trying to find of hersoved the two I ve read so far Lovely read Loved following the Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan lives of this wonderful group of people and I don t care that it got the ending I hoped for And I don t care that it was kind of predictable It was funny honest and sweet Loved it After a tough few days this book was the perfect thing for me It made meaugh in public and it made me cry A ight read but with extreme depth in its subjects I highly recommend it A wonderful "heart warming tale about death grieving ove friendship family and all the "warming tale about death grieving Fiend love friendship family and all the and downs ofife Laugh out Voice of Conscience loud funny at times and tear invoking at others Anna McPartlin has a gift for telling stories and making youove the characters she creates As a habit I tend to research a book before I read it Nothing serious but I PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) like toook the reviews up on Goodreads or for my Kindle This book was recommended to me by my The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, local book store I thought it could be a niceight read so I bought it I read some of the Goodreads reviews and I didn t really see any rave reviews of this book which is understandable because it is chick Marvins Room lit. E emerges from grief Emma has to find a whole new way ofiving and her Roberto to the Dark Tower Came loyal friends rally round in an attempt to help Clodagh Emma'sifelong friend with whom she's shared everything from mud pies to dating disasters Anne and Richard or ess happily married and debating a move to the country Emma's brother Noel the young Catholic priest finding his own faith tested even as he tries to comfort Emma Sean the gorgeous bad boy of a thousand one night stands uncomfortabl.

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After all No offense to chick Pink Ribbons, Inc. lit I admit that I am a chickit reader go figure Anyway while the authors style of writing was shorter and to the point other than detailed or Star Cookies Comfort long winded it was nice and I still enjoyed the book The actual story was something you could visualize because it was either so relatable or you ve seen a movie that is almost exactlyike it I swear there were times when I thought I could just turn on the TV and it would be playing out right in front of me It s about a girl in her mid twenties that has established a pretty good Mail Horror Bride (One Nation Under Zombies life is very comfortable in it She has a group of friends that has been together for what seemsike their whole Doros asin mga Anghel lives for the most part and they are all extremely close This group includes her with 2 other girls and 3 guys one of which is herong time child hood boyfriend Their world is shattered when her boyfriend is killed in an accident and you journey with each of them through the grieving re building process I especially iked how she summed the book up as a type of tell all journal to her daughter Sorry for the spoiler but I had to mention it because it s something I can relate to as I also have a journals that I write in off on for my own children Life just goes by so uickly and it s so "easy to forget the things that make you smile augh cry etc It saddens me to know that the "to forget the things that make you smile The Inside Text laugh cry etc It saddens me to know that the that mean so much to me at this time will thanikely be forgotten And besides they re in Ireland and I oved that I think Europeans are just cool in general That was a seller of its own D Oh And it also reminded me of Cocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickham which I HATED and was a huge disappointment because I LOVE Sophie Kinsella Pack Up the Moon was better written making the story so much enjoyable At first I found the narrator s artless conversational tone engaging Then as the book dragged on progressed would be inaccurateI realized that there was nothing resembling a plot just events following after Each Other With No Dramatic other with no dramatic or suspense The ove interest was blindingly obvious even for a chick Mills Factories of Ne lit book Also the summaries of certain scenestelling rather than showing were amateurish and cliche infested they wentike this They talked all night ong He realized that he would have to make a hard choice if he wanted to keep her In the end they cried together and decided to make their marriage work Yuck It wasn t hard to read though that s the main reason I finished it When a night that was supposed to be filled with aughter and celebration ends in the tragic death of her boyfriend John Emma wonders how she will get her Darkest Night (Birthright, life back on track Emma has friends and family to rally round to help her with her grief though Trouble is they all have probl. Y aware of his and Emma's growing connection Witty acerbic and sometimes downright shocking Emma documents the stories of her friends and her own recovery from grief with a candor that engages the reader from the very first page With an amazing insight into the power of friendship and a wry irreverent humor that considers no subject offimits talented new Irish writer Anna McPartlin tells a heartwarming story of the courage it takes to move past SEXBOT - Antología cubana de cuentos eróticos de ciencia ficción loss andearn to iv. .