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The Dog Author Joseph ONeillThis is the story of a man who moves to Dubai to Work For A Company for a company incredible wealth but uestionable dealings While it seems like a decent capture of some of the uniue elements of the culture and feel of Dubai a city with 90 The Pearl Thief percent exats and money than they know what to do with I didn t connect well to the unnamed main character I think that s his Healthier Together problem in general he doesn t connect witheople well including his ex girlfriend and the many wives of a The Haunting of Sunshine Girl popular diverPart of it was the mispronunciation of some of the words in the audio Pedagogy asedagoggy niche was wrong and a few others that really jumped out Never written a review this early into a book but the writing is absolutely eye watering I ve never read a literary writer whose Routledge Library Editions prose looks so much likerogramming language and by that I mean lots and lots of nesting statements This is not a good thing When he s not nesting statements he s ualifying things that don t need to be ualified Or bludgeoning you with awkward similes Is there some kind of symbolism to this Some kind of awful writing device I don t know I haven t read that far He s also a fan of the run on sentence where sometimes an entire Crisis in Bethlehem page is just one long sentence Here is the opening sentence I shit you not PERHAPS BECAUSE OF MY GROWING SENSE of the inefficiency of life lived on land and in air of my growing sense that the accumulation of experience amounts when all is said and done andondered simply to extra weight so that one ends up dragging oneself around as if imprisoned in one of those Winnie the Pooh suits of explorers of the deep I took up diving The first thing that The Return of the Twelves popped into my head was Is he a native English speaker because that sentence is so disjointed as to be absurd And that metaphor Is it a metaphor Or is there some kind of fetishistic diving experience that marries scuba and Disney in some unholy fashion I m sorry but I moor like an inner city kid who s barely seen a Dizzy Jimmy pool You ll have to explain your fancy hobby jargon to me Then there s the French French this and French that with no translation in sight It s very alienating First the scuba now the foreign languages Plus he s a lawyer uitting his job over a breakup with his girlfriend to work for his billionaire friend s daddy who apparently runs Zombocom At Zombocom anything isossible The only limitation is you At Zombocom the unobtainable is unknown Welcome How am I to relate to this Locuras lejos de casa! (Serie Lady Pecas 1) pretentious wankeryI get that this is supposed to be satire but satire is generally you know enjoyable Pithy even I don t connect to this guy on any level and his ridiculousroblems fail to entertain Not even the insights he s supposed to be relating about the lives of the rich and douchey move me and I m generally a big fan of mocking the excesses of the one ercent Maybe it s because I know very little about Dubai and mostly don t care I m not made to care I d very little about Dubai and mostly don t care I m not made to care I d to think I m open to hearing about it but not from a narrator who conveys thoughts in a way that s all glass and no candy appleMost of the time I feel like I m just not getting the joke Perhaps I m not hip enough to understand his ost modern writing and how it brilliantly harkens to a bunch of dead author s works If I were well read I could high five myself for every obscure literary reference and maybe feel gratified by the masturbatory experience well enough to like this book As it is I just don t get it Amazing but how can I say this without insulting the general Grammar by Diagram public I can t not for everyone because it s too smart for mosteople Comically Murder Maker philosophical smart and minimally sarcastic it solidifies O Neill slace among the literary elite His sentence structure is a marvel in itself smart almost run ons that snowball into brainy legalese نشانی‌ها punch lines Heavy on anecdotal backstory soft onlot but constantly entertaining A New York lawyer immigrates to Dubai erhaps fleeing a traumatic breakup to work for the tremendously rich family of a college friend As the family officer in this bizarre desert wonderland our narrator navigates the strange conflicts signature to modern life Is his addiction to Googling and Facebooking and Wikiing any obsessive than all of ours Is his attachment to his Pasha massage chair so wrong Has vast wealth and technological development advanced or devolved society s morality and intellect The Dog is fantastically funny with deep heart Joseph. The author of the best selling and award winning Netherland now gives us his eagerly awaited stunningly different new novel a tale of alienation and heartbreak in Dubai Distraught by a breakup with his long term girlfriend our unnamed hero leaves New York to take an unusual job in a strange desert metropolis In Dubai at the height of its self invention as O Neill s The Dog arrives trailing clouds of glory from his revious novel Netherland which was longlisted for the Booker Prize won the 2009 PENFaulkner Award and managed to make cricket cool in America Set in the aftermath of Sept 11 Netherland told the story of a depressed financial analyst estranged from his wife but that lot was from his wife but that Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances plot was than meal What the book really offered was O Neill s reflections on New York relationships ambition and especially cricket all spun in sentences so clever that the destination hardly matteredSachin Tendulkar one of the greatestlayers ever once said Life without cricket is unthinkable and now O Neill seems determined to Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten prove that fiction without cricket is unbearable This time we re in Dubai with a depressed lawyer estranged from his longtime girlfriend and once again the storyline has been beaten to airy thinness Even the narrator s name has been radically attenuated reduced to the single letter X which as a symbol of evaporated identity is about as subtle as getting whacked in the face with a cricket batWe re dealing with a man who introduces himself by claiming that the accumulation of experience amounts when all is said andondered simply to extra weight Given that disparaging opinion of what non depressed Boneshaker (BA 43-500, people might calllot it s not surprising to find a novel that feels both weighty and inconseuential an addition to that genre of stories about adrift disaffected middle aged men X is a comically absurdly and finally maddeningly digressive narrator a human Internet of hyperlinks that lead everywhere but have no real A Star Is Born purposeYou don t mind at first because nobody choreographs aas de deux of wit and despair uite as elegantly as O Neill In the wake of a soul crushing breakup with his girlfriend in New York X accepts a job in Dubai from a longtime acuaintance who thinks mistakenly that X is a friend of Donald Trump As the new trustee of the Batros Group X is charged with supervising a 500 million fortune that supports a CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition profligate Middle Eastern clan The Batros Group is obviously a shell corporation composed of legal and illegal enterprises and X s job involves nothing than sitting in an office for a few hours a day rubber stamping documents he doesn t understandDespite its exotic goldlated setting The Dog belongs in that The Ornament (Ornament, putty colored file cabinet of office satires that stretch from Bartleby the Scrivener to Then We Came to the End O Neill s innovation is to assure us that meaningless work is just as mind numbing at 500 an hour as it is at minimum wage X spends much of his day composing mental mail fantastical e mail messages that he s too cowardly to send or even write He s an ineffective chronically ruminative man who thinks of himself as a supererogatory weirdo Mine is the inevitable fate of the overwhelmed fiduciary inextinguishable boredom and fear of liability The location of his new job only aggravates X s deepening sense of disassociation Awash in cash Dubai is a land of signs to nowhere alace divorced from the rules of ordinary life even from the laws of hysics In that indefatigable voice that seems to keep speaking as a last ditch act of survival our narrator describes an abracadabrapolis in which buildings flopped against each other and skyscrapers looked wobbly or were rumpled or might be twice as tall and slender as the Empire State Building a city whose coastline featured bizarre man made eninsulas as well as those already famous artificial islets known as The World so named because they were grouped to suggest to a bird s eye a Rant physical map of the world a city where huge stilts rose out of the earth and disappeared like Jack s beanstalk three hundred meters up into a synthetic cloud For X though this wonderland was the same as any other humanlace it boiled down to a bunch of rooms He goes on to tell us I had a theory or two about rooms In fact X has a theory or two or 200 About Everything One Way everything One way sum up the stupidity of this Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM phase of my life he says would be to call it thehase of insights And insights are what we get a breathless rush of insights about architecture labor law toenails teenagers gossip Challenged to Win pornography immigrants and scuba diving Insights it seems are all that are left of this bright but ruined man While fantasizing aboutlaying the hero in strangers lives he takes great interest in a bigamist who abandoned his American wife in Dubai He Futuristic Shangri la he struggles with his new osition as the “family officer” of the capricious and very rich Batros family And he struggles even helplessly with the “doghouse” a seemingly inescapable condition of culpability in which he feels himself constantly trapped even if he’s just going to the bathroom or reading e mail or scuba diving ,

Rets about the reputation of his apartment building vis vis a neighboring apartment building As a bulwark against suicidal depression he gloms onto brand names and marketing lingo with religious fervencyWith this ever mutating monologue X is engaged in a futile act of talking himself into existence roving his worth by his carefully documented sensitivity and accountability The sentences many stretching to hundreds of words form a glittery arody of legal rose crowded with exceptions and explanations and The Color of a Leader parenthetical asides sometimes nested six deep Aedicure inspires his disuisition on his clients responsibilities to freelance laborers He donates large sums of money to charity He hounds the maids to accept tips He s so self conscious about behaving ethically that he assures us that so self conscious about behaving ethically that he assures us that Internet orn He S Watching Involves Only Respectful Husband s watching involves only respectful husband wife actorsThere s no denying that every age of The Dog is a little masterpiece of comedy erudition and linguistic acrobatics The uestion is How much of this can you endure How long does it take to feel the full import of X s harrowing loneliness Arthur Phillips made this work with his brilliant debut novel Prague But Dog is closer to the kill me now tedium of Jonathan Lethem s Chronic City When I started reading a chapter of The Dog to my wife she thought I was being far too critical but as the Dusk (Rosales Saga, pages wore on she felt an urgent need to check on the laundry I envied her This review appeared in The Washington Post First I have to admire O Neil for taking uite a risk after his successful and engaging novel NETHERLAND which not onlyut him on the map but established him as a fine author in the theme of dislocation and alienation Here too his themes are largely about the displacement of foreigners In this case the rotagonist and unnamed narrator a New York attorney was born in Switzerland and raised in the US A bit of cheeky irony we don t know his name but we do know his alter ego or alias He was hired by an obscenely wealthy Lebanese family to move to Dubai and act in the role of fiduciary and legal overseer Family Officer of their funds They also ask him to keep a close eye on and mentor one of their 17 year old family members an indolent boy that lacks ambitionO Neil s urbane ostmodern writing is both sardonic and sad yet there was no escape from the increasingly foul funk of it At its best he echoes a combination of Kafka Thomas Pynchon and even George Orwell in his auguring humor His depiction of the class system and byzantine legalese of Dubai is nothing short of brilliant for the non national the emirate is a vast booby trap of medieval judicial erils and Johnny Foreigner must especially take great care in interactions with local citizensbecause de facto there is one law for Abdul Emerati and another for Johnny Foreigner However his turgidity combined with the relentless repugnance of the narrative was wearying he is a olished writer but of tasteless contentO Neil uses shock value at the mid The Caretaker point of the novelerhaps to resuscitate it from flat lining The narrator enjoys his afternoon Internet Clara After Dark - 01 porn following his noontime bathroom constitutional However the lurid vileness that he added to theorn disengaged me from the character On the other hand I have to hand it to O Neil he bravely ushes the envelope of human depravity Butwhy It s deeply superficial he is teasing the reader to be hip enough to accept his brand of urposeless vulgarityThe narrator s break up with his girlfriend a of Over the River Through the Wood purposeless vulgarityThe narrator s break up with his girlfriend a he met in the Manhattan law firm he worked out is detailed in theroblems that drove them apart O Neil did a stellar job of making the reader uncomfortable observing very rivate things behind closed doors He adds on a little mystery with the case of the missing scuba diver Ted Wilson and then urposely turns us off with the narrator s interactions with Wilson s wife And then there is a Kenyattas Jiggers place he refers to as Project X a buildingroject that he desires to know about As far as the attempted levity related to his Coupage (Blood Nation periodicedicures it was thoroughly lost on meIf you are looking for a In Search of Julien Hudson plot you won t find it here It is largely a Kafkaesue study of the labyrinth legal and social system of the UAE as well as a soul stripping story of our hero s loneliness Too it illuminates the crushing of the humansyche and dignity And not least of all the depths of debasement and Raintree (Raintree, pathetic vacuit. Comic andhilosophically The Bachelor Takes A Bride / Coming Home To A Cowboy profound exploration of what has become of humankind’s moralrogress The Dog is told with Joseph O’Neill’s hallmark elouence empathy and storytelling mastery It is a brilliantly original achingly funny fable for our globalized timesA NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOKLONGLISTED FOR THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE 2014 PWs Best of the Year 201.