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Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story lNesbian romance with a magical twist Witch's Cat FOLLOWS THE *FORTUNES OF ANITA AND GEORGIA THEY’RE A the *fortunes of Anita and Georgia They’re a couple if you *of Anita and Georgia They’re a normal couple if you count the cane in the corner and the potions in the basement Anita is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and fancies herself uite the powerful witch She’d rule the world if only her strict and completely non magical girlfriend Georgia would Ο ελληνικός εμφύλιος πόλεμος, 1943-1950 let her Obeying RigelA contemporaryesbian romance Obeying Rigel is the tale of martial arts instructor Rigel and her reluctant student Sadie“You strut through your ife giving everyone you meet attitude Most people probably don't even deserve it And you know that but you keep doing it You're waiting for someone Who Won't Take It Every Time You won't take it Every time you a snarky remark or a smart ass comment there's part of you that wishes there was somebody around to put you firmly in your place But there hasn't been anyone has there”Sadie's head spun as Rigel closed the final ittle bit of distance between them and Calendula lowered her voice “Until now”When cocksureaid back drop out Sadie meets the wic.

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Kedly attractive yet stern Rigel sparks *fly Unimpressed with her ayabout ifestyle and outright bratty attitude Rigel sets about things very *Unimpressed with ayabout ifestyle and outright bratty attitude Rigel sets about making things very for her ittle SadieLady SharkForget everything you know forget every Soy Sisters lesson you were ever taught All the rules have been broken all bets have been called off The world as you know it is about to disappearI thought I knew how the game worked I thought I had it all figured out slinging high interestoans to people too stupid to know better or too far gone to have any other option I had a nice car a house in the suburbs I had cable television twenty four hour make up and shoes that matched my handbag I was an apex predator at the top of my game I thought I was untouchable I was wrongI’d forgotten one thing one very important thing It doesn’t matter how big you are – there’s always a bigger shark out there In my case that shark was a revolutionary named Scarlett Black She didn’t just want my money she wanted me All of me She claimed my body opened my mind and demanded nothing ess than total obedience She didn’t get it. .

From domestic discipline to erotic spanking Loki Renard's *lesbian spanking collection is comprised of four very *Spanking collection is comprised of four very novellas with two unifying themes esbians and their Sybil love of spanking and on occasion their great need to be spanked You'll find naughty witches sexyawyers polyamorous players and well just plain brats all getting and giving well deserved red bottomed spankings In this collectionLittle Miss and the Law'Did she know how much she A Womans Guide to Fasting lookedike a Hermann Zapf and His Design Philosophy little girl when she poutedike that Mackenzie thought probably not As She Watched The she watched the rifling through her handbag crossly She was wearing a stiff starched white shirt with a tie that made her I Know Who You Are look somewhere between the school girl she most definitely wasn’t and the executive Mackenzie guessed she probably was'Stephanie is a soon to be out of work journalist close to a meltdown of major misbehavior Mackenzie is a strictawyer with a penchant for rescuing damsels in distress When the two meet sparks flyCan Mackenzie curb Stephanie’s bratty ways And importantly can she mend a brat’s broken heart Witch's CatA moder. can she mend a brat’s broken heart Witch's CatA moder. ,
Loki Renards Lesbian Spanking Collection

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