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The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth iIng sexy romance with Shelley and two dudes andt was mostly two dudes playing will they wont they and Shelley making them hold hands and then watching while they ahem crossed the streamsSo that s my only warning with this one The heroine kinda takes a backseat to the two heroes I love Daisy it when the heroines the center of EVERYONE s attention but I m selfish like thatStill a totally fun storyline and totally full of tons of sexiness I am SO on board for the next Bring The Asylum it Robin Rotham KcLu s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewRobin L Rothams one of my personal go to authors When I need a great BDSM book filled withatruegemaward extreme hotness I go straight to her books I was slipping as a go straight to her books I was slipping as a of hers and didn t read her aliens series until recently But LAWD did I enjoy the heck out of them The first two n the series are filled with sexy hotness that shouldn t be missed I would not read them as standalones The stories have a continuous arcBook three Amorous Overnight s the story of Shelley who we all know was left Yesterdays Weather in uite the crazy situation with the crimes of her now dead husband She has just given birth to twins ands completely stressed out about still be on board the alien ship She knows she Their Virgin Secretary (Masters of Ménage, is safer there then back on earth buts also fighting emotions that have started to build towards two of the least likely people Being around the Garathani leader Cecine and his guard Hastion s beginning to be hard on her hormones Especially after learning what they are doing to each other The she gets to know the two aliens the harder they are to resist and resisting becomes the last thing she wants But after surviving one lying bastard of an alien husband why would she ever take on not one but two Can she trust she ever take on not one but two Can she trust only her heart but the hearts of her young children n the hands of these two menHoly hot damn Batman That On a Cold Road is my true reaction to the hotness and greatness thats this book I can t sing Taming Your Outer Child: Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Healing from Abandonment its praises I enjoyed the every lovin heck out oft and the whole series I can t wait till she gives us the next Two Children Behind A Wall instalment These alpha males just steal the breath from your body The love story between the two mens just beautiful as well as their love for Shelley Don t miss this book and series you will be missing out Darkstalker (Wings of Fire: Legends, if you do Thiss a science fiction romance erotica The charactersShelley the female mc was the hardest for me to relate to but I felt a lot of compassion for her She s had a stressful pregnancy just lost her husband had a difficult labor The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas is a new first time mother to twins and her hormones are all out of whack I felt overwhelmed just reading aboutt couldn t actually The Twenty-Third Man (Mrs. Bradley, imagine going through all that while trying to keept together for the kids Cecine the male mc s a bonafied a hole for over half the book He had me so steaming mad But by the end of the book well that would be up to you to decide Hastion the other Male Mc Made Me mc made me Never expected so much angst from our little exhibitionist Those familiar with Hastion from books one and two will probably be thrown for a loop I know I was It forced me to take a timeout to throw all my own expectation out the window and just focus on letting his story unfold Overall the characters had me all over the place emotionally from laughing to crying and everything n between This story really The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop is the author s most character driven and emotional work that I have read so far The eroticaPart of the book was mf focused while other parts were mm focused but there was also some m nage All the sex scenes were kinky and delicious except for one view spoilerLactations not my thing but for those of you Sweet Liberty into thatt Smack is brief and was very well written without being gratuitousmo hide spoile. RselfBut she’s already been betrayed by one alien her dead douchebag of a husband Can she trust her future and her children to anotherProduct Warnings Contains the usual Robin L Rotham smorgasbord of mmf menage and Ds elements plus a shipload of alien alphas n outer spa. .
Amorous Overnight Aliens Overnight #3

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Pretty much an okay read Probably WOULD VE BEEN BETTER HAD I ve Been Better Had I The better had I the two The New World Order in the series but I wasn t lost Mostly I just hated the characters All three Hastion was painted as too much of a saint when he did This books at LEAST 75% male male with really dubious scenes a terrible view of women and the heroine takes a backseat completely This was MM romance for the sake of spectacle and King Solomons Carpet if I hadn t been loaned this book by a friend I would not have endured the awful slog oft Also FUCK YOU Cecine those are HER kids you do not get to take them from herAnd let s be honest In book one where Shauss threatened to rape Jasmine Halflings (Halflings, in retaliation for her partn Monica s abduction and nobody bats an eye that set the tone for the rest of the series Total dealbreaker The series The Big Snuggle-Up is built on absolutely toxicdeas on gender and male female Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham interactionsn particular Dubious consent lies and manipulation abound No thanks We don t need any of this kind of book with deeply misogynistic and rapey overtones I m not Trauma interestedn reading by this author I know I m The Dark Lord Trilogy (Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy, in the minority but I hated thisnstallment The ending redeemed the book a bit but not enough The reason I really disliked this book was not for the reasons that many others stated I loved Cecine I thought him beautifully flawed and perfectly dominant I honestly hated Shelley and Hestion and thought they were selfish stupid and completely dense Almost 90% of this book was spent with Shelley and Hestion s love oh how can I not love him and Hestion Oh I love her she s so soft and sweet I honestly wanted to gag The truth Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy is most of the early sexual encounters are between Hestion and Cecine with very little contact between Hestion and Shelley so thisnstant I love you was really just ridiculous to me Because other than their telling everyone they loved one another there was no reason for that love No true connection that was fleshed out The only character that was really given depth was Cecine I fell Happiness the Mindful Way in love with himn the earlier books and was shocked that he was given these two ungrateful people as mates Gorilla, Monkey Ape in this bookAnd every time Cecine even tried just a little to get close or explain or give annch both Hestion and Shelley blew him off They totally took comfort A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories in each other and left him out even though frankly I felt asf this was HIS story He was the the focal point not her or the ensign I wanted to hit both Shelley and Hestion over the head with something hard so many times I lost count Honestly I almost didn t finish the book t turned my stomach that much I HATED how they treated Cecine and I felt as f he deserved a much better couple than he got stuck with The backbone that Shelley shows at the end The Bully it came out of nowhere and should have been displayed earlier on Cecine made many gestures to her took her to see her family cured her parents diseases and still she doesn t give him annch Yes he wasn t jumping all over her telling her he loved her and he d do anything for her but where the heck was that backbone of hers then the listen you dominant jerk you wouldn t do this f you didn t love me right She Just Walks Away Like just walks away like stupid meek mouse and goes running to Hestion and eually yucky character to me In my head they deserved one another And Cecine deserved a mate or mates that truly could love him and appreciate his dominant nature Those two were too nto each other and themselves to ever be good enough for him Again my opinion But I feel cheated annoyed can t believe I spent 6 on this and won t be reading the next This The Kingdom (Fargo Adventure, is my favourite bookn the series Although I read Johnny Came Home it first I did not have anyssues following the story of the human girl Shelley the Garathani leader Cecine and his guard Hastion As I realised later on when I fin. What’s better than one hot alien at your service Two hot aliens n your bed After four months of orbiting Earth n a spaceship bursting with sex starved aliens nurse Shelley Bonham will do just about anything to get off The ship that sNot that the aliens aren’t hot en. Ished second book Enemy Overnight the action actually continues from book 2 Shelley s crazy but dead now husband almost destroyed the Garatyani ship Pregnant Shelley becomes stressed enough and she has to give birth to her twins before she returns to Earth The problem s that the twins now according to the Garathani law belong to Garathani and The Complete Idiots Guide to Finance for Small Business if she wants to keep them she needs to marry the leader of the ship and his secondf his wishes to have a secondSo how things can become complicated Shelley becomes Cecine s mate and nobody His Guarded Heart informs her aboutt Hastion steps The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea in and reuires to become Cecine s second because Shelley trusts him Cecine demands Hastion s total submission until Shelleys ready to accept him Hastion has too much fun with Cecine but he doesn t want to admit The Goodness of Dogs it because hes embarrassed Cecine Everybody Matters is full ofnternal scars and he has difficulties letting either Shelley or Hastion see the real him As a result he behaves like a total prick Until he breaksI loved the way these three The Slaughter individuals s love develops The book of courses hot If you like Sci Fi erotica that Three Mothers, Three Daughters its very well written and Three by Atiq Rahimi includes MMF menage I would recommend this bookI am looking forward to the next book thatt probably Magical Garden 2018 Calendar: Coloring Meditations Inspired by Nature includes a naughty program and a clueless alien doctor I love this series This book wasnteresting although me The Pages it centers around the two males Cecine Hastion dancing their dance of I like you but will avoid letting you know I do While their female Shelley tries to help them workt out This Hija de la fortuna is supposed to be a menage butf feels to me that The Black Widower it leans heavily to the MM side with a Female aperitif not my fav So please understand that thiss my reviews perspective If the relationship seemed a balanced menage I would have enjoyed t I am sure I did enjoy this story particularly the character development a balanced menage I would have enjoyed t I am sure I did enjoy this story particularly the character development I found The Night Listener in depth than typicaln erotic scifi This T Shirt And Genes is the third bookn the Overnight series and In the Electric Eden is my favorite of the three but only by a small margin As much as I have enjoyed the seriest hasn t wowed meThis story centers around Shelley Hastion and Cecine who The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey is the high mucky muck of Garathan society who have all beenn the previous two books I m not that fond of romances that The Reckoning (Maeve Kerrigan, involve deception and this onenvolves a couple of whoppers It was difficult to accept the Wiggins, Sherlock et le Mysterious Poison - collection Tip Tongue - A1 dcouverte - ds 10 ans initialdea that Cecine has the right to take Shelley s children away from her simply because she gave birth on his ship Despite that supposedly being the law on Garathan I found The Enchanted Wood (The Faraway Tree, it hard to credit that Cecine would enforcet over a human woman But The Soul Stylists in fact Shelley wasn a mess for reasons than just where she gave birth so I was able to mostly get past my Point of Redemption (Nordic Lords MC, indignationI did find most of the actions and reactions of characters to be generally realistic within the setting of the story It wasn t until the end when the dangling threads of the plot were tied up a bit too uickly and neatly and the dialog between the protagonists became uncomfortably cheesy that I had any real suabbles I was reminded of Dickens A Christmas Carol when Scrooge has a complete turnaroundn attitude and The Virgin Soldiers in my opinion gets a little syrupy and overly effusiven his happiness with life I guess I m a bit too cynical for my own good Alpha male aliens with a kinky sexual leaning Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History is anrresistible siren call Full disclosure I did not read the first two books and now I desperately need to buy the first two and read them Shelley Bonham Game On (Aces Hockey, is notn a good position Wife of a traitor pregnant on an alien ship and ready to deliver her twins The Empress it couldn t get much worse And thent did Unbeknownst to Shelley delivering babies The Celestial Necklace in Garathani territory means the children are considered Garathani c I WANTED TO LOVE YOU I WANTED TO But I thought I was gett. Ough to put her hormones on red alert In fact the time she spends with the Garathani leader Cecine and his personal guard Hastion the she wants them Knowing what Cecine and Hastion are doing to each other when nobody’s looking only makest harder to keep her hands to he.