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I now can dd Nova Scotia to my list of must visit places A little slow in the beginning but solid read Was very Scotia to my list of must visit places A little slow in the beginning but solid read Was very to get to the end nd find the uthor s note explaining that the places described in "The Book Are In Fact Real Places "book re in fact real places was great premise Good good story Loved this book It sat in my TBR for lmost year I kept passing over it I wish I had read it immediately upon purchaseJocelyn Finch n estranged daughter of maruis I Was Anastasia and widow of serviceman has decided to
the reins of her own in hand Choice of the Cat and chaperone ship full of young marrigable women bound for Halifax Nova Scotia Canada The Governor of the colony is Robert Kerr A soldier who won high honours in the battle of Waterloo Three Cups of Deceit and is rewarded with very high post in the new colony He is finding it difficult to step from the duty first Sparrow Road attitude of soldier to the political position of A Banner With a Strange Device: A Novel of Boston a Governor He has progressive ideas but some social skills he lacks stand in the wayThe bride ship in his opinion is the very last thing new colony of hard working men needs So of course what. A ship full of women could only cause troubleOf that Governor Sir Robert Kerr was certain just by considering their chaperon Though widow Mrs Jocelyn Finch was young vivacious nd utterly determined. Would ny women do who is not "Letting A Man Run Her Life And "a man run her life nd h Mrs Jocelyn Finch is chaperoning Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World a ship full of young women looking for husbands When the Bride Ship lands in Halifax Governor Robert Kerr is not happy to see them He worries that the women will disrupt life in this uietrea of Canada Telling Mrs Finch that he does not want the brides to stop in his city does not go over well Jocelyn challenges him to The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors a duel in front of the townspeople Soon Sir Robert ist his wits end with the young women Yoga: The Art of Adjusting and their crafty chaperoneAfter reading the first few pages of this book I was expecting funny story But not too far into the book the story fell flat for me Even though the characters were smart nd likeable I had hard time keeping my mind on the plot The story seemed to drag with nothing exciting happening My rating 2 Stars Nada me dio m s gracia ue la interpretaci n de Robert Kerr l recibir un barco de chicas en su colonia Al darse cuenta de su error busc la forma m s diplom tica de ceder en favor de la dama La historia es un tira y encoge entre mbos. To have her own way especially with himChallenging the governor of Halifax Nova Scotia to duel ambos. To have her own way especially with himChallenging the governor of Halifax Nova Scotia To A Scotia to obviously poor way to introduce herself But when Sir Robert ccused Jocelyn nd her charges of som. ,

Personajes Hermosos personajes Jocelyn es una dama viuda cargo de una numerosa cantidad de jovencitas y usa su ingenio para buscarle parejas fortunadas y sortear las dificultades en el trayecto Robert "POR SU PARTE ES EDUCADO DISTANTE "su parte es educado distante sobretodo no es un don juan no sabe desenvolverse en sociedad pese su puesto pero no tiene mal coraz nMi escena favorita por supuesto es cuando ella le hace la proposici n indecente Me da risa porue l le propone matrimonio ella le sale con esa l se ueda horrorizado e indignado hasta ue sus deseos como hombre pueden m s ue l Mrs Jocelyn Finch brings Past Destinies a shipload of 40 young womens brides for the colonists of Nova Scotia in 1818 The widow is met by Travels: Collected Writings, 1950-1993 an unreceptive Governor Sir Robert Kerr After rocky start he If Wishes Were Horses agrees to help with there settlement However things don t gos planned resulting in distribution of the brides to other towns in the colony Over time feelings develop between the widow nd the Governor s well s changes to Jocelyn s relations to her estranged family back in England An interesting historical romance. Ething well less ladylike than husband hunting what else could she do Besides someone had to show this straitlaced yet gloriously compelling figure of man that there was to life than doing one's duty. ,