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R than its predecessor This was a waste of and time though I decided not to waste too was a waste of money and time though I decided not to waste too of the latter on it No need or spoiler warnings since I didn t Mastering Gephi Network Visualization finish this thing Couldn t even gourther than The Canadian Regime four chaptersI don t know than the premise in a bit detailThe two heroes are Adan and Lyan They re notrom Earth but rom aplace called Belizair I assume it s the name of the planet but I assume it s the name of the planet but wasn t clarified in part I read They are only on Earth on a mission to retrieve their mate a woman who according to scientists rom their home is genetically compatible with them bothThey have to do this since enemies of their race the Hotalings used genetic weaponry and re Aliens come to earth to locate their mate that their scientist have somehow identified through genetic testing She s on the run rom rich powerful bad guy There are a lot of gaps in this story explanations not ully detailed I think I would have enjoyed this story much leshed out In saying that we have two hunky hot guys wanting to protect and see to her pleasure in bed After getting her to accept their claim the show her who they really are men with wings woot. Ves of Earth For the warriors it's a simple uest go to Earth bind their mate to them then return homeThere's only one catch Krista is on the run and she's afraid to involve anyone else in her life. N races is interesting and I d love to learn about how exactly the race split what it involved whether there was war etc but as Un Cadeau pour ma Femme for the story itself it kind of lacked The connection mentioned between Lyan Adan and Krysta is basically pure erotica in itsorm and the way it s put across Instead of having emotional involvement and entanglement it seemed mostly physical to the point that when they actually DID profess their love I was left going How You don t even bloody well KNOW each other The stamina in all of them apparently knew no bounds which was also a point of rustration or me I cannot see one woman being able to keep up with both men to such a degree Granted I also like my men to play with each other as well as with the woman and if with each other as well as with the and if and LYAN HAD GOTTEN TOGETHER TOO WOULD HAVE MADE had gotten together too it would have made so much better From what I read of the Shadow Bound first book and what I eventually ended up just skimming through I probably wouldn t proceed to read the next in the series The intro to the next mate pair though between Savannah Kye and Draigon just seems too spicy to miss So I ll be heading to that one next and crossing myingers that it s bette. Ncil rules Krista must be willing and the binding must be done immediately before she is brought back to their world because once she accepts the bond she will know that Adan and Lyan are not nati. This is a steamy paranormal menage a trois story Adan and Lyan come to earth to claim their bond mate Due to a virus the Mapapansin Kaya? females on their planet are infertile The scientists match the single males up to humanemales who have compatible genes so they can have their babiesKrista is on the run Buntus Foclora from her boyfriend She witnessed him killing a police officer and now she has to hiderom him She runs into Adan and Lyan at the casino and later has a threesome with them The next day she leaves them because she does not want them to get hurt Since they marked her they does not want them to get hurt Since they marked her they ollow her and and always locate her Now they just have to convince her that they her Now they just have to convince her that they together and that they will keep her save Krista has no idea that she is attracted to aliensThe book was very short but the character development was good The sex scenes were steamy Rating 4I so love the idea of alien Angel and Demon dominance This is the type of story that I want storyline and the same amount of sex I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good alien テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] fuckest Not exactly the best Beginning To A New to a new the concept behind the Vesti the Amato and the Fallo. For Adan d'Amato and Lyan d'Vesti only a shared bond mate will ensure the continuance of their race The Council scientists have ound a match in Krista Thomas a genetically compatible human By Cou. ,

Binding Krista

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